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Pendragon Achievements

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I was recently reminded of a fun little post from (I believe) the Pendragon Google Plus group. With that site now consigned to the memory hole, all I have left is a print-out, which I transcribe below for posterity. My print-out does not include any information on who first wrote this post; if you recognize it and can provide attribution, please do so!

Unlocking Achievements in Pendragon

Each of the following achievements is worth 100 Glory the first time a Player-knight or lady qualifies for it. Each achievement can only be awarded once in the course of a campaign.

A Wonder to Behold — During battle, roll three consecutive critical hits while in the Killing Zone.

As Two Lions — Score three consecutive tied Criticals in combat with another knight.

Borrowed Glory — Be mistaken for a knight of at least twice your Glory, for whatever reason.

Castle Batesmotel — As lord of a castle, institute a strange custom that all guests must satisfy.

Choking It Down — Accept the surrender of an individual for whom you have a Hate Passion of 16 or greater.

Devil Take the Hindmost! — In the Boy King Period, take part in every one of Arthur's battles.

Dunroamin — Obtain or build a castle and give it an evocative name.

First Sight — In the Romance Period, generate an Amor Passion for someone whose name you don't know.

For Jesu's Sake — Defeat a major (typically named) opponent while inspired by Love (God).

Horseflesh — Leave a battle riding the horse of an enemy knight.

Indestructible Bastard — Survive a hit doing 12D6 damage or more.

It Wasn't Me — Perform a heroic, chivalrous deed unrecognized and claim no credit. Glory award for the deed is deferred until the truth comes out (as it always does).

Kinslayer — During the Twilight Period, slay someone that your Love (Family) would ordinarily inspire you to protect.

Nom de Guerre — Adopt a colorful nickname in French.

Payback Time — In the Anarchy Period, seize the lands of a named rival.

Rosalinde de Riveter — As a Lady, accomplish a quest thought to require a knight.

Rule Britannia! — In the Conquest Period, win a title and estate outside Britain.

Smiling for Crockery — During the Grail Quest Period, slay a fiendish knight.

Spanning Generations — Accomplish a quest your parent failed; upgrade to Family Tradition (and double the Glory award) if both your parent and grandparent failed the same quest.

Submit to the Crown — Vanquish a knight and extract an oath that he will present himself to the King and swear fealty.

The Infected — Go mad after fumbling a Hatred Passion roll.

Too Much Time on Your Hands — Bear and faithfully draw a coat of arms with sixteen or more quarterings.

Who Was That Masked Man? — During the Tournament Period, win a tournament you entered incognito.

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