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Paladin cultures


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The default characters are Franks, but the rulebook does have descriptions for: Basque, Breton (as in from Brittany), Briton (as in from Anglo-Saxon England), Byzantines, Danes, Gascons (Aquitaine), Huns, Jews, Lombards (Italians), Moors & Saracens, Persians, Romans (Papal States, particularly Rome itself),  Saxons & Frisians, Slavs and Visigoths (Southern France and Hispania). Unfortunately, while the attribute modifiers are there, the trait and skill modifiers are not; 'Character' and 'Skills' are more intended to paint a picture of a stereotypical NPC, rather than a PK. A GM can use those to come up with their own trait and skill modifiers easily enough, though, if they want to. Other than that, it is about the level of detail that BoK&L has in those a-few-pages blurbs to describe a culture.

So: Not exactly, but a GM can throw something together if he wants to.

As an example, the Character of the Romans is: "The Romans are Proud of their city and its prestigious history. They are always scheming (Deceitful) and forever concerned about food (Indulgent) and money (Selfish)." Clearly, this is a stereotypical idea that the Frankish knights would have of the Romans, rather than a true picture of all the Romans. But a GM could use it to give the Romans, for example, +1d3 to those three Traits, and +1d6 Directed Trait: Proud of Rome.

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As the intro of the Foreign Cultures states:

"Player characters in Paladin are normally Franks, but inspired game masters may allow alternative origins for their player knights. However, the information given here about game related characteristics is not quantified (with the exception of base Statistics), since it does not directly concern the player characters. This leaves game masters free to assign scores of their liking should the need arise."

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25 minutes ago, Atgxtg said:

Since most of the cultures are the same as in Pendragon, how difficult would it be to adapt the rules from Knights & Ladies to Paladin?

You could, but the problem is that the chargen, especially with skills, is different between 5th edition KAP and Paladin. Since you end up having to do some kind of tinkering anyway, I would be tempted to start from a clean slate, i.e. the Paladin Frankish chargen.

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