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Mews and Falconry in the Book of the Estate

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One of my players asked if he could build a mews on his land - oddly enough, without even knowing that this was an option in the game.

The Book of the Manor, p. 84, lists three different size tiers for mews, but all it grants is a check in Falconry a year, no matter the size. On the other hand, the kennel above also has three tiers, but these modify the Hunting roll based upon size. I'm wondering if the intent here wasn't to give a similar +1/2/3 bonus to Falconry checks. That seems balanced to me - the mews costs less, but Hunting is more likely to incur repeated checks and is used more often.

Does anyone have any relevant experience, or know of any errata that might affect this?

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20 hours ago, Morien said:

Do you mean to falconry skill rolls or the experience increase rolls during winter phase? The former I am in favor of, the latter not so much.

As am I, on both counts.

And Username - I just picked up Lordly Domains, so I can indicate to the player that we can pursue more advanced options if desired.

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I finally remembered to take the time to look at Book of the Estate's Mews.

Yep, just giving the same +1/+2/+3 to Falconry skill rolls that kennels grant to Hunting would work very nicely. And I fully agree that the cheaper construction and maintenance of Mews compared to Kennels is balanced by Hunting being much more useful than Falconry. So I would encourage you to go for it!

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