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  1. I certainly don't need much justification. My biggest remaining question is two fold, do you run many player led battles and if so, do you feel like they often result in ties? The other one which I'm just curious about, do you let the players choose their extended melees? And how many do you have a battle?
  2. @Morien That's what I meant for personal glory not for triumph. I see I must have forgotten since I last looked that was how it was. @Atgxtg I have a few other questions about your experience with the BoB, but I think we're really derailing the thread. Sorry.
  3. Only one question, isn't damage important for the opportunity for capture? In which case they have to do more than the MW threshold? I thought that was the sams case for them to get the victory glory too, but I may be mistaken. The loss of damage rolls is a big change and not having to calculate damage-armor-MW would speed it up. Otherwise, seems fast. I'll have to read through Book of Battle again and see how it looks.
  4. Hmm, really? I don't think we can manage a 9 round battle in an hour even in the old system. I'm ecstatic and lucky to get a 6 round battle done that fast. We use a house ruled form that takes inspiration from the Book of Battle. The GPC battles are a little faster since the players aren't army commanders, but still I couldn't hope to get a 9 round done in an hour. How do you manage? How big is your group? We're anywhere from 4 to 8 players. Which definitely slows us down on the high end, but I would say at 4-5 players I'm still over an hour. Maybe even 2 for a 9 round battle.
  5. In my mind, if I were to run a minimum Pendragon game, it would be the core rules, Book of Armies, and the Book of Feasts. Those are the ones that add the most fun for my group. The players enjoy the different charts of enemies and the feasting mechanic may be their favorite part of the game. The GPC is amazing and the second book I would get if I were running a campaign in the setting. Everything else is, in my opinion, a mixed improvement. I like the Book of Sires, Book of Knights and Ladies, Book of the Entourage, and are undisturbed by my tinkering, but they slow down gameplay at points (character creation or winter phase) significantly. Book of Estates is good, but increases winter phase times, but not significantly like Book of Manors did. Finally, I do not care for Book of Battle and don't use it. I understand it could be appealing, but it's much too slow. I like to get a 4ish round battle done in less than an hour. Book of Warlords and Book of Uther are both good products as they are and I use Book of Warlords perhaps one of the most of all supplements. But, they are very much setting/GM prep books. Currently, I use all of the books in my game as well as the old Knights Adventurous book for some hunting/falconry rules (it was that one right?)
  6. @Morien I see you took dragon attack off of the table. Haha, that's my favorite and I think when I realized my players knew they weren't playing D&D. They just let the dragon go and decided that it wasn't worth trying to retrieve the treasure or revenge their burnt down manor hall. That was 504, I think and we're mid way through 510.
  7. I can't say for sure because I'm unable to look at my pdf right now, but I remember difficulty in figuring out how the calculations went for assized rent, customary revenue, free income, vassal incomes, and discretionary funds worked. I was able to do so by looking at the numerous examples, but it was not an intuitive process especially considering the need to work those numbers if you're knights end up with more land. Personally, I wonder if some of the fees for entourage members and maintenance cost for some structures are too great from a later game perspective. In the conquest and later periods, the costs do not decrease, but it would seem as though the costs would get cheaper. There seems to be a general increase in wealth and material goods. Like a 50% maintenance cut across the board after 520. Costs are fine because they can be saved for, but maintenance is a killer.
  8. We actually use the Estate book as a basis with the GPC harvest system and the Manorial luck table with the improvements merged from like all of the supplements. Also, some stuff from the old Lordly Domains thrown in with heavy modifications. It works really well and is fast with the building up aspect. I'd say most years we spend maybe 5-10 minutes for 4-6 players to do their economic circumstances phase including building. So, I guess my point is that there's good stuff even in Book of Manors. Still, I'd agree with the general statement and say it's not necessary. If you're really looking to streamline I'd just go Book of Warlords and skip Estate. Estate, I found, difficult to make sense of. Not as much as Manors, but still strange.
  9. I really like this. My players pump points into their weapons skills spending basically every glory point and most of their first decade of training and practice into their combat skills making the average for the group of 40 year olds like 25 at this point. (Most are in the 5000-8000 glory, one person has had their glory soar into incredible levels and has a correspondingly higher combat skill.) So when they use passions it becomes boring knicks to death interrupted by a sudden brutal beheading. I increased the tie critical damage to 1d6 which sped it up considerably, but it's still very deadly since most of the critical on a 5 or higher when impassioned. Still, I wanted to check the probabilities on this so that I didn't run into any troubles with decreased chances to win to my players. And, it works really well. I did some random battles and calculated the chance to win and it turns out that the situation where the likelihood of one player criticaling while the other would get a regular success decreases with your changes. It's small, but noticeable. Further, the situation where the higher skill person would "automatically" win (e.g. Skill 26 vs 22, the 26 always wins if the 22 rolls a 1-4) stays the same. All of this while reducing the total number of criticals. So, seems like nothing but good things. The only time when the probabilities are changed drastically are when the situations of one opponent always criticaling such as with a skill of 39 or greater. In those situations, this system strongly works against the higher skill person for obvious reasons. Overall, I really like this and I'm going to try to introduce it into my game. Thanks! ---------- I also really like this lady's marriage is equivalent to being knighted for glory plus glory for who they marry. I think that's great and works to the advantage of lady player characters.
  10. @Uqbarian @jeffjerwin Thanks for the info. I remember the comments of war in Brittany now from the GPC. Though I didn't notice the ones in the Book of Sires. I should have looked at it more closely. From what you're saying, it seems like Domnonie and Cornouailles should be represented as parts of Cornwall while Leon and Vannetais should be vassals or allies. My presumption would be that Idres was able to get his hands on the high kingship of Brittany and that the other kings didn't agree with Mark inheriting the position leading to war. Much like what happens in Cambria during the GPC.
  11. @Uqbarian My plan was to list them as allies of Arthur, but I was unsure if that had been changed with the changes to names. That's interesting about Brittany. Speculation on my part, but it seems like Vannetais leads all of Brittany. They seem to be rather united in the pre-Uther period. I think it would be most accurate to represent Brittany as one political unit with "sub-kingdoms". Idres is mentioned as the king of Cornwall and Brittany in year 497 of the GPC. In my opinion, it's pretty necessary for Idres to have that kind of support otherwise, his invasions should have never succeeded. Cornwall alone shouldn't support the troop number he needs. Would that make Idres King of Vannetais by 496? Do we know what happens to the Breton subjects after Idres' death?
  12. Errors: P. 58 the event table has serpent misspelled on the roll of 20. P. 272 The year 402 needs to be bolded and have a line break before it. I apologize if these have been corrected already. I just got my hard back copy and was looking through it. It really makes me want to run an even earlier campaign.
  13. @Uqbarian and @Cornelius Thanks! I was just concerned that my updates to this page were an annoyance to others, but I guess since no one had an opinion, then I'll keep it going. I'm currently working on a Roman War continental map. Which is leading to some interesting developments. Does anyone know the fates of Amans, Maris, Roestoc, and Pase by the time of the Roman War? Their fate is not mentioned in the GPC and Roestoc doesn't even seem to exist at that time. I would assume they join the northern lords, but not sure what is canon. While on the subject of minor kingdoms, in Brittany, is there a Brittany high king position equivalent? Are all of the Also, which Brittany kingdom does Aurelius, Uther, and Idres come from? The other issue is I'm not sure how I want to make this one look stylistically. I'm thinking a more modern looking political map, but that seems a little boring.
  14. Here's the spreadsheet. I have made it comments only because I was afraid of random edits. If this seems to be overly cautious, I'll change it. Thanks. My goal is still 100 or so, because I want to keep plenty of space for random knights as we go along. I think reserving 50 spots for players, enemies, and allies seems reasonable. As a heads up, I have only done the GPC on here and the other content was pulled from memory, wikipedia, the King Arthur Companion, and nightbringer.se https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZuhD4aBCxQfsP-182khXSgAOhgl03kl34ofJBKNcSrM @David Scott How do I sign up for the greathall?
  15. I've been organizing a weekend of games for many people I've played with over the years on the 26th. It's a big group of 15+ and many people who haven't played Pendragon. I'll make sure we get at least one good game of KAP in for the memory of Mr. Stafford with hopefully one of these adventures. Thanks for the great game, Greg, it's brought me and many others a lot of enjoyment and I'm happy to introduce it to even more people. Thanks to the staff of Chaosium and the folks working on the adventures. I appreciate all of the hard work.
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