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  1. We've had people play squires made from the Book of Entourage rules. It's very dangerous. They've been mixed into the group and hopefully the player is ok with being treated like a squire, but that could be a good chance for trait checks. Anyways, squires in the party work well, they're just very fragile. I would roll a separate enemy for them in battle. Just so they don't get butchered, but the rest of the encounters are based on luck. Hopefully the player has sense enough to avoid as much conflict as they can. Presuming they live, they could be a really fantastic knight since they'll start with more glory and higher skills than a regular knight. Part of the risk of having your only heir die at 14 though!
  2. I found that the rates for mercenaries shown in the Savage Mountains for the Cambrian campaigns to be very reasonable. The cost for a knight is going to be much more, but those are solid, I think, for non-noble. I personally make knights more or less u purchasable as mercenaries, but they have sergeants who are listed at similar cost. I also give my players a small discount (5-10£) for paying for the three month (whole summer campaign season) costs. I also intend to introduce a scaling up of knight and soldier numbers in our campaign beginning in the conquest period until late in the period of the Wasteland. That way the lands produce more of the numbers we see in the battle size estimates. Then during the Wasteland, we'll drop the number back down to Uther's period. The remainder will become the mercenaries and the disenfranchised that join Mordred. Probably even some former PC knights. Which will be good for the story.
  3. I presented the information to my players and they came up with a pretty reasonable plan. Assuming the numbers based on the GPC and total troop numbers based off of that, the players decided to strike one brother in a blitz-like battle. Then deal with the others. Numbers we're still a problem, but with a little help from Salisbury and the friends they had made, plus the piles of loot they didn't know how to spend they were able to assemble a pretty decent force. I would say there's plenty of reasons for neighboring groups to lend soldiers to a presumable competent and veteran knights of moderate fame. Both Silchester and Salisbury benefit from a friendly Rydychan since both of them are on the front line with the Saxons and/or the Cornish. The players will almost certainly want to marry the Countess. I allowed it and didn't run into any problems. As long as you're willing to hand wave the need to run their county, (and why not? All of the other dukes, Kings, and counts in Arthur's time are busy adventuring year long). There are other solutions, but this seems to be the common one.
  4. @7dot62mm I've always been curious about the map folio, but considering I like making maps, it seemed like a waste. Are there any maps in there not shown in the books?
  5. I think a wiki would be a great idea, however, they're very burdensome and that burden almost always falls on the already bust GM. So, I've toyed with running one, but the initial setup time is usually immense. I have a 8+ year game of MSHRPG running on Obsidian portal with regular-ish updates and it's too much. I personally, have tons of paper files and run an Excel sheet with macros to automatically update ages, death, skills, and track a few other sortable things. I find having stuff in paper makes it easier to encourage the players to keep notes. I found a document for KAP, unofficial I believe, that is basically lined paper for people you may know and that helps them. Meanwhile every player has their own folder for characters, and the player's share folders for printouts and other group documentation(most maps, but I'm luck unlike most that I can print out enormous maps, 36x48in, and lay them on the table). I keep a journal of major plot events and ideas on a year to year basis and I keep folders for each segment of the game, battle, court, quest, general, tournament. I also keep a binder of custom NPCs that I've premade. And, honestly, I still consider this less onerous than starting a new wiki on Obsidian Portal. I will say, note taking of NPCs has to be done by your players somehow. Or they won't remember anyone. Give them the chance to invite their favorite NPCs to their events. That will help. When the time comes for a wedding, say, "Who do you want to invite" and stare blankly at them. If they need prompting, slide the blank NPC list to them after a few tense moments and a pencil. They'll start writing them down after. 😉 Edit: I forgot to respond about maps! I made a bunch of maps that I shared on the forum. You're free to use them however you want. I would appreciate, if you go wiki route or even just print them out, if you said, "These were made by Username(or a guy) on the BRP forums. Cool, right?" Hahaha
  6. I imagined it was more because he'd probably been married for at least a decade with 0 kids with his wife.
  7. I did a similar thing but tried to make it fit with him being king in 485. On my list of major Round Table Knights, I made him born in 462. Which just adds 10 years to Tizun's ages. This makes him a very young king in 485 and 35 when Guenevere is born. Which probably comes as a surprise.
  8. I totally do the same and it's great. The disputes and arguments are hilarious and give great chances for trait checks even in battle heavy years. I usually try to run a solo adventure for every player every year usually just a hunt, falconry or justice event. Maybe an opportunity at romance.
  9. @SaxBasilisk while I don't have any experience related to your question, I would say that the Lordly Domains book, I think and someone will correct me I'm sure, has neat rules for falconry. Especially since it seems like your players might be interested in that.
  10. It may have been. I honestly can't remember though I thought that it was a weapon used by the peasants/bandits in the Book of Armies. I didn't do that because that's the field of Great Spears. I was using it as a primarily cutting weapon not a piercing one which is why I think the Great Spear gets the +5 I could see that Quarterstaff -1d6, +1d6 for two-handed, and +1d6 vs. chain
  11. @Wolfpack Six I have a weapon document I assembled. I added a glaive/war scythe, but it shouldn't really rock the boat. The rest of the weapons and armors are from the GPC, BoKL and the Book of Armies. Weapons of War.pdf
  12. I like the STR requirement. That's not very onerous and then you could just shift bow draws as you age. I do think a lower range is good for horse archers. One of the advantages they have, in addition to Pony Defense for Huns, is that compared to a knight, their just as fast. So assuming they meet in a place with plenty of room to maneuver then the horse archer, even if only a Byzantine and not a Hun, can just outrun the knight while firing from many yards away meaning they can never get hit. A lower range should put them in a more likely range to get counter charged. Also, I think it works a little bit more accurately. The "effective" range is reduced even if the real theoretical range isn't reduced. I agree. I think it's an unnecessary accounting burden as well.
  13. True, that would be the more accurate way to do it, but maybe the simplest is just to reduce the effective range? My understanding is that horse archers usually fought at closer ranges than other archers to make up for their accuracy loss. For this, I meant there's no horseback/horseback ranges. Maybe the best solution would be to give two range bands? One on horseback or not on horseback. Or you could apply an additional penalty to shooting on horseback. Horse Archers are already insanely strong in Pendragon though we thankfully never really witness it.
  14. I used the map you shared here. Edit: I think those were interesting maps when you shared them earlier. I'm generally content with the 1930s map as my basis. It's easy to work with.
  15. I thought, that the composite bow range was low because it reflected its tendency to be used on horseback. Since there's just one range category do represent the Bose range, it seems to me to make sense to put it at its most common range. This is all just baseless speculation on my part though. I may be forgetting a horseback modifier though.
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