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  1. Thanks a lot, I kept passing over that section. Here's my list of Round Table Knights. I used the GPC as the basis for all of the dates, but there were many blanks to fill. I added Sir Wade based off of the folktales of Wade the Giant, I believe I had a plan to include Wayland the Smith. Anyways, this is here for critique (Am I missing anyone big? Or do I have any dates that would be wildly inaccurate? Many birth dates and death dates were based on impressions, the GPC where available, or some wikipedia research.) and for use if anyone wants a list of 80ish knights of the Round Table. I wouldn't mind adding another 20-30 to the list to fill it out some more. I would say that I haven't gotten the chance to look through the old supplements, though I know many of them will add a few knights. Appendix of Knights of the Round Table ver. 0.5.pdf
  2. Does anyone run a much larger Round Table? The number of seats varies quite a bit, if you do, why? I'm working on my list now, I want it to include the more prominent examples. It should be fun for my players. Some of them are familiar with the stories and there's a good chance some of them will research the names given by me. I've got nearly 80 now. Related, what page in the GPC are the identities of the Brown Knight and White Knight? Related to the changing nature of the Round Table, I don't really have any plans for it to ever be "full" until the inception of the Grail Quest. As mentioned previously, the players need something to aspire too. This has been a really interesting conversation though. I have never read the post-vulgate, but @jeffjerwin is selling me on it.
  3. I forgot about that! I have her book too. I'll take a look there. About the list from the post-Vulgate and Vulgate and Prose Tristran, how many do you use? I have a list of, I think, 74 and it has most of the notables. Or at least names I recognize. How big do you run the Round Table? The GPC mentions the Round Table as having 150 spots. Do you try to rectify that with the large number of knights? I'll take a look at the French Armorial. Thanks.
  4. That's definitely the classic. Breaches of hospitality really seems to be the thing that defines someone as a bad guy. Though it's not always played straight.
  5. I would say that there is precedence for a knight coming out from a castle to duel the taunters. The most prominent example is Gawaine taunting Lancelot and defeating his knights one by one and then losing to Lancelot. It's, in fact, what kills Lancelot. I believe Gawaine also challenges an enemy in a castle in "The Knight in the Cart" by Chretien. But, I may be mistaken with another Chretien work. Despite this, I would second though, that it would be unlikely that a robber baron wouldn't just stay in the castle as that is more of their personality. However, that would be a "typical" robber baron. Mechanically, I would rule that the players would have to taunt a passion and hope to trigger a notable passion. Force the robber baron to roll the passion and then come out of the castle impassioned to duel the taunter one vs one. Interfering by other players would equal honor loss for all involved. Probably at least 2 points maybe more if the robber baron was killed by treachery. A very Arthurian resolution if the robber baron wasn't actually that bad, would be for them to swear vassalage to the victor.
  6. Hello, I was just looking through the GPC today wistfully looking at the future when the Anarchy phase would be over for my poor, poor players. (I use that Manorial luck table and thanks to a bad roll on that, a bad roll on a Yearly Event table which resulted in a lost of of a wife with a distaff of 21, and then the negative effects from the tributes; We had one player get impoverished, which is just a brutal time for everyone involved. So many dead kids.) I was reminded that Gareth really seems missing in the GPC. He doesn't really show up, I'm not sure if at all other in the gossip columns, until he dies and the players are supposed to be upset. There's 20 references to his name, 10 are after he dies, and 1 of those is in the stat block for dwarves. He's such a prominent Round Table Knight it seems like a shame. That got me thinking that I need an appendix of Round Table Knights. So does anyone have a list of the "official" Knights of the Round Table? I'm thinking about compiling a list, but wanted to check first. If I do the list, I'd like to have birth dates, death dates, and date of Round Table achievement. And, on Gareth, do any of you run through the events of when he comes and pretends to be a kitchen servant? When do you introduce him?
  7. You're without a doubt right, I'm very tempted to instead of making maps like these to give the players something like the Tabula Peutingeriana. Which, itself, would have been rare. My understanding is that many "maps" would have been little more than an itinerary like list of major locations with rough subjective distances.
  8. @Morien@Hzark10 How's it look now? I also added another map I did a while back for 485. I updated the Roman Road network I pulled from to reflect your comments about the loop near Hadrian's wall. I added Ireland as it was in 531 with Dal Riada being as it is in the early part of the GPC. I noticed the Irish kingdoms line up really well with current Irish territorial subdivisions (counties?). Also, where did the county borders come from for Book of Warlords and the like? It would help me to draw the counties if I could get access to those materials.
  9. I was specifically talking about the GPC maps, but those were, as you mentioned, often contradictory. I'll look into doing one based on Book of Sires since that seems to be the more accurate. Ha, it's so bad, I spread out that map for everyone to see and the group said, "Looks good, in 5 minutes it'll be obsolete though." The other thing that makes any sort of medieval mapping difficult is that power projection was limited in earlier times as well as the inability of the kingdoms to firmly establish anything but a fluid boundary. There are many conversations about how to properly describe the kingdom or other political units of a medieval period or any period pre-industrial nation-states. So, any of these boundaries should be considered and presented as very fluid or at least I try. Still there's something useful in trying to present boundaries as if they were a static thing. I didn't imagine they would be, as that would be a cluttered mess. I was just interested in how the decision was made. I The roads I figured were some Roman as there was a mention of the King's Road being an old Roman road in an early book. Morien and Hzark10, thanks for the info. Let me know what you think when I get the next one done.
  10. I was looking at the Book of Sires map for Cumbria. It's quite different from other maps. Which made me wonder. How are those maps drawn up? How are boundaries measured, how are roads drawn, and how are cities picked for inclusion? I have some data layers from a project that show roman roads from a UK archaeological database and those are different, I can't remember exactly how different, without looking at a map, but I'm certain their not so well dispersed geographically.
  11. I'll check the Book of Sires then and update this when i get the chance. I did make some resizing and cleaning of the imagery changes, when I printed it, I noticed some of the photoshopping issues.
  12. I left Cambenet out because it seems to be wilderness in the GPC. Though, perhaps that was a mistake. Do you know where I could find a map or anything to readjust the borders accordingly? Thanks! I left Logres as one unit because I wanted people to know where the current boundaries of the land that would be considered Logres is. Also, we use the Book of the Warlord County maps as the county political maps, they work really well for the interior politics. It's difficult to make all of the distinguishing splits for all of the counties and maintain readability for all of the other smaller divisions. I've done some individual county maps for Rydychan, Ascalon, and Salisbury, but I don't have it done for everywhere yet. When I get all of the counties drawn, then I'll post one with the county divisions and we'll see how it looks This confuses me too, it almost seems like he's independent at times and a vassal at times. It could be a very true medieval experience of chivalry here, but KAP feudalism is usually much cleaner. I opted to say he was a vassal and not list him independently. If anyone else has some thoughts on this one, I wouldn't be against split him off.
  13. Ah, I understand now. Thanks. That would also explain why I didn't know of that rule. My KAP experience started with 5.1
  14. Huh, so you can at most only take damage from one person a round? I didn't know that either.
  15. We met at the meet and greet on the last day and when I was talking to Robert on Friday. It was fun and I'm glad I got one of the last copies of Prince Valiant.
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