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Question on "The Fainting Spirit" RQ scenario

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I posted this in the Chaos Library forum, but thinking that there might not be a lot of traffic there, thought I post again here


I'm planning on running the characters in my Roll20 game through "The Fainting Spirit", but there are some parts of it I'm not sure I understand. 

The Honor Contest.  What's happening here?  Do the champion and mirror actually fight( sword attacks, etc ).  I don't really have any ideas what the mirror champion can do?  Obviously, calling in the Dancers in Darkness.  But what after that?  I'm not looking for specific things, just ideas on what can be done. 

In Nourishing the Clan, it talks about the process taking a full turn.  Was that really a full turn( 25 melee rounds ), or a melee round. A full turn seems like a very long time, giving the Lune at lot of time to attack the party.  Also, it mentioned that Sendestra would try to give the daimon 3 magic points on the first attempt, and says that gives her a 75% chance for success. But she has a Love(Family) of 80%, and the scenario said you had to subtract 10% from the passion for each magic point you want to give to the daimon, which would make it 50%.  Something isn't adding up correctly.

I think that's it for now, will probably come up with others

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On 5/12/2020 at 8:12 PM, Marc said:

I had exchanged some email with Todd about this, and he commented that the adjustment should be -5% per magic point, giving a 65% chance.  Sorry, should have posted that here.

Did you get answers to your other questions as well?

I have another question (spoiler alert):


The daimon lives in the Famous Bell, so what's it doing in a cave?

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