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Coronavirus stats, follow progress overtime..

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Totally out of topic (not RPG) but, needless to say, quite topical! :P 

Here are some nice bar graph that show you how it's going!
Nice to see (as someone living in Australia) that if known and reported cases are accurate, things looks the most promising in Australia! :) 



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Sorry to quash your optimism. It’s an interesting site, but alas known and reported numbers are pretty much meaningless. We don’t have the testing to come up with anything useful, and the variable way the virus expresses in people means we can’t even self report if we’ve had it. E.g. I had a slightly throaty discomfort on Sunday with mildly swollen tonsils, but no temperature. Much improved Monday but not 100% until Wednesday. Did I have it, or some other bug? Who knows? Best result is I did and am now immune, but without an anti-body test there’s no way of knowing. The one thing we have that is accurate, at least, is how many people died from it; they’re the numbers to watch. 

What I like about the worldometer data is the ability to sort by the per capita columns. Much more relevant to know which country has the greatest proportion of people affected than simply who has the most known cases/deaths. 

EDIT I see you linked to active cases. That is more useful and yes, Aus looks to have a drop, which is great, but the above stands as we don’t know how many active cases there really are as not everybody who has it needs medical treatment, which is where the active case figures will come from. 

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