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Combat Style Cards for Mythras


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A new player aid now exists


Combat Style Cards for Mythras


Combat styles, combat style traits, weapon traits and special effects are key parts of what makes Mythras so interesting in combat. I decided to make a player aid for my campaign that contains the key information for players about combat style they have chosen.

Combat style card contains the name and combat style traits of the style with an explanation what the trait provides.
Each of the combat styles contains usually several weapons. Most of the special effects that player can choose are the same for each of the weapons. So I gathered the common special effects within the combat style's weapons to the top of the page.
For each of the weapons the key details of the weapon are shown plus the possible weapon traits.
Underneath the basic information there are only those special effects specific to that weapon.
So how would player use this:
Let's say she knows the combat style Gladiator.
She has succeeded in the attack so she now has options
  • choose any of the items in the common block underneath the combat style - any from Close Range to Trip Opponent.
  • decide to use her Shortsword's Impale or
  • use her Buckler's Bash special effect.
When it is her turn to defend she can
  • use her Daredevil trait to evade blows without ending up prone or
  • she can passively block with her Buckler 2 locations or
  • she could actively parry with either her buckler or
  • she could actively parry with her shortsword.
Here is a bigger combat style example
The files here contain close to 100 combat styles described as above. The material is scourged from AIG, Monster Island, Mythras, Monster Island and my own campaign.
  • Balazar
    Balazaring Hawk Slayer.pdf
    Balazaring Hunter Raider.pdf
    Balazaring Pony Cavalry.pdf
  • Dragon Pass
    Lunar Colonial Noble.pdf
    Lunar Colonial Survivalist.pdf
    Lunar Corps Hoplite.pdf
    Lunar Dara Happan Heavy Infantry.pdf
    Lunar Dara Happan Urbanite.pdf
    Lunar Dart Contestant.pdf
    Lunar Pelorian Cavalry.pdf
    Lunar Pelorian Noble.pdf
    Lunar Sagittan Peltast.pdf
    Sartarite Alynx Brother.pdf
    Sartarite Hill Clan Levy.pdf
    Sartarite Loyal Housecarl.pdf
    Sartarite Noble.pdf
    Sartarite Upland Crofter.pdf
    Tarshite Militia.pdf
    Telmori Hunter.pdf
    Telmori Wolf Hunter.pdf
  • East
    Samurai Warrior.pdf
  • Enemies
    Hammer of the Beast.pdf
  • Esrolia
    Esrolian Citizen Legionary.pdf
    Esrolian City-State Phalangite.pdf
    Esrolian Clan Protector.pdf
    Esrolian Cohort.pdf
    God Forgot Holar Militia.pdf
    God Forgot Talar Defensive School.pdf
    God Forgotten Holari.pdf
  • Fonrit
    Afadjanni Bladedance,Coastal.pdf
    Afadjanni Bladedance.pdf
    Afadjanni Wrestling.pdf
    Calari Grip.pdf
    Harem Protector.pdf
    Kadam Slave Scuffle.pdf
    Kareeshtu Doublecross.pdf
    Ompalam Overseer.pdf
    Shovel Tusker Cavalry.pdf
    Slave Soldier.pdf
    Umathelan Noble.pdf
    Yad Strife.pdf
  • Lyonesse
  • Monster Island
    Brotherhood of the Carrion Scavenger.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Fang.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Noiseless Whisper.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Obsidian Claw.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Relentless Pursuit.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Serpentine Grace.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Silken Death.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Unsleeping Eye.pdf
    Civilian Cohort.pdf
    Eight Jab Doom.pdf
    Eiki Elite.pdf
    Mua Infantry.pdf
    Tua Skirmisher.pdf
    White Death.pdf
  • Mythic Constantinople
    Azap Conscript.pdf
    Bedouin Warrior.pdf
    Ghazi Tribesman.pdf
  • Prax
    Bison Berserker Bodyguard.pdf
    Bison Berserker.pdf
    Bolo Lizard.pdf
    Cannibal Cult.pdf
    Desert Archer.pdf
    High Llama.pdf
  • Standard
    Barbarian Warrior.pdf
    City Watch.pdf
    Gladiator Net.pdf
    Master Archer.pdf
    Noble Warrior.pdf
    Outback Slinger.pdf
    Street Brawler.pdf
Feedback welcome.


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Mythras Combat Style Traits Encyclopedia V1.2 and Combat Style Cards for Korantia available


Updated the Mythras Combat Style traits with some of the ones I found in Shores of Korantia.

Added combat style cards for all of the ones I found in Shores of Korantia, a Thennla Mythras Source book. there are also a few made for a sword and sorcery type of campaign into folder called Black Isle.


Combat Style Cards for Black Isle are:


  • Pirate Brawl
  • Water Dancer
  • Street Fighter
The ones for Korantia are
  • Barbarian Levy
  • Citizen Militia
  • Citizen Cavalry
  • Ashkorite Pikeman
  • Citizen Infantry
  • Targeteer Light Infantry
  • Paladin
  • Agissene Infantry
  • Thennalt Warrior
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Duelist
  • Knife Fighting
  • Hunter
  • Archery
  • Marksman
  • Slinger
  • Maul
  • Sidearm
  • Swordsman
  • Earth's Champion
  • Reaver
  • Jekkarene Skirmisher
  • Guardian
  • Jekkarene Marine
  • Swashbuckler





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There are a few new combat style cards available
There is a small update on combat style cards. It contains now the Meeros Doomed combat styles. I added also a few Dwarven Combat Stylesinvented for Glorantha. I also updated all the cards separating all firearms related special effects to be applicable only for firearms. In addition there is now a strangle special effect from Fioracitta.
The new styles are for Meeros: 
Brotherhood of Dust
Mercenary Infantry
Priestess of Myceras
Minotaur Gladiator
Kopashi Agent
Meerish Infantry
Meerish Slinger
Dark One Cultist
and for Dwarven
Dwarven Way of the Hammer
Dwarven Sound of the Axe
Dwarven Defender of the Wall
Dwarven Miner
Dwarven Crossbow Elite
Iron Dwarf Warrior
Dwarven Sapper
Nidan Iron Dwarf Rifleman
They can be found on the combat style card folder 
Here is an example of Nidan Iron Dwarf Rifleman
2020-12-20_18-34-00.png?w=749The rest of the charts exist here. 
There are other useful charts here 
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Post Alexandrian Mythras Combat Style Cards Created for Diodachi Warlords
Created all weapons for Diodachi Warlords and combat style cards for all of the combat styles in Diodachi Warlords supplement which you can find here There now exist combat style cards for the following Civilised 
  • Psiloi
  • Cretan Archer
  • Peltast
  • Thureophoui
  • Hoplite
  • Akon Hippeis
  • Tarentine
  • Xyston Hippeis
  • Rogue
  • Diadochi Pankration
  • Macedonian
  • Marine Psiloi
  • Marine Peltast
  • Marine Thureophoui
  • Marine Hoplite
Barbarians have
  • Thracian
  • Barbarian Archer
  • Barbarian Slinger
  • Hillman
  • Horse or Camel Cavalry
  • Lancer
  • Galatian
You can find the description for combat style cards here and the combat style cards themselves are here (see folders starting with Post Alexandrian). Altogether there should now be more than 370 of them. If you find that something important is missing that has been published, please inform.
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War Comes To Babylon – Mythras Combat Style Cards for Babylonian Combat Styles Now Exist
Created all weapons for Mythic Babylon and combat style cards for all of the combat styles in Mythic Babylon
There now exist combat style cards for the following
  • Babylonian Archer
  • Babylonian Bailiff
  • Babylonian Charioteer
  • Babylonian Conscript
  • Babylonian Elite
  • Babylonian Gatekeeper
  • Babylonian Infantry
  • Babylonian Hunter
  • Babylonian Marine
  • Babylonian Nomad
  • Babylonian Scout
  • Babylonian Skirmisher
  • Babylonian Traditional
You can find the description for combat style cards here and the combat style cards themselves are here (see folder Babylon). Altogether there should now be more than 350 of them. If you find that something important is missing that has been published, please inform.
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Stupor Mundi – Combat Style Cards for 13th Century Mythras with additions for Korantia / Thennla and Meeros
Here are Combat Style Cards for playing Mythras in the 13th Century Europe and Middle East.  Created all weapons for Stupor Mundi and combat style cards for all of the combat styles in Stupor Mundi and Korantia There now exist combat style cards for the following Stupor Mundi styles
  • Pilgrim
  • City Folk
  • Street Thug
  • Seaman
  • Knight
  • Muslim Knight
  • Soldato di Ventura
  • Archer
  • Highlander
  • Yeomanry
  • Horse Archer
There are also now more Combat Style Cards for Korantia gathered from several Thennla scenarios.
  • Thennalt Hunter
  • Thennalt Thane
  • Thennalt Skirmisher
  • Beastman Warrior
  • Taskan Swordsman
  • Taskan Citizen Infantry
  • Kismek Archer
  • Kismek Lancer
There are also some styles for Meeros
  • Frontier Rogue
  • Frontier Skullcrusher
  • Clan Warrior
  • Kirstet villager
  • Kirstet Scout
You can find the description for combat style cards here and the combat style cards themselves are here (see folder Stupor Mundi West and Korantia). Altogether there should now be almost 400 Combat Style Cards for various periods. If you find that something important is missing that has been published, please inform. I have also fixed and tuned the weapons database so all the weapons should now have the correct narrow space modifiers and special effects (affects mostly newly created weapons)
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Mythic Rome Goes to War. Combat Style Cards for all Combat Styles in Mythic Rome Here are Combat Style Cards for playing Mythras in Mythic Rome.  Created all weapons for Mythic Rome and combat style cards for all of the combat styles in Mythic Rome There now exist combat style cards for the following Mythic Rome styles Mythic Rome overall
  • Samnite Gladiator
  • Gaul Gladiator
  • Thracian Gladiator
  • Retiarius Gladiator
  • Horseman Gladiator
Mythic Rome Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Cavalry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman First Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Second or Third Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Fourth Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Fifth Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Aequi or Volsci Warrior
  • Gallic Warrior
  • Gallic Fanatic
  • Gallic Charioteer
  • Gallic Cavalry
Mythic Rome 4th Century
  • Hastati and Principes 4th Century
  • Triarii 4th Century
  • Rorarii and Accensi 4th Century
  • Leves 4th Century
  • Samnite Heavy Infantry
  • Samnite Light Infantry
  • Samnite Cavalry
  • Heavy Gallic Infantry
  • Light Gallic Infantry
  • Gallic Charioteer 3rd-1st Century
  • Gallic Cavalry 3rd-1st Century
  • Heavy Macedonian Phalangite
  • Light Macedonian Phalangite
  • Macedonian Cavalry
Mythic Rome 3rd Century
  • Hastati and Principes 3rd Century
  • Triarii 3rd Century
  • Velites 3rd Century
  • Roman Cavalry 3rd Century
Mythic Rome Carthage 3rd Century
  • Libyan Phalangite
  • Iberian Swordsmen (Scutarii)
  • Iberian Skirmishers (Caetrati)
  • Iberian Cavalry
  • Numidian Cavalry
  • Elephant Cavalry
Mythic Rome Late Republic
  • Legionary
  • Legionary Officer
  • Auxilia Gallic or German Cavalry
  • Auxilia Mercenary Archer
  • Auxilia Balearic Mercenary Slinger
You can find the description for combat style cards here and the combat style cards themselves are here (see folders with names starting Mythic Rome). Altogether there should now be almost 450 Combat Style Cards for various periods. If you find that something important is missing that has been published, please inform. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2022/01/07/mythic-rome-goes-to-war-combat-style-cards-for-all-combat-styles-in-mythic-rome/
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Combat Style Cards Goes Beyond 550 Combat Styles and Gets Indexed 
Combat Style cards, a player (or GM) aid for Mythras has been updated.  There are now 551 Combat Styles and 107 Combat Style Traits. The output has been tweaked with additional comments and weapons and the new Distract special effect (from Destined) has been added.  There is now a few indexes to find a style suited for you stored in the _Common Lists and Summaries folder
  • Areas And Combat Styles Practiced There
  • Combat Style Traits And Combat Styles Which Use Them
  • Combat Style Traits By Area And Combat Styles Which Use Them
  • Combat Style Traits By Kind And Combat Styles Which Use Them
  • Combat Styles By Kind And Area
  • Combat Styles By Kind
  • Weapons And Areas And Combat Styles Where They Are Used
New Combat Style Cards include  
Eastern (Japanese) Combat Styles from Gramnaster’s Sengoku Mythras campaign 
Yari Ashigaru Yari Samurai Nodachi Samurai Eastern Bandit Mounted Samurai Sohei Travelling Monk Shinobi
Renaissance styles from Mjollnir’s Medieval Renaissance campaign 
Arte del combattimento del Maestro Fiore de Liberi  Arte dell’Abbraccio  Brawling  Brawling,Sailor Common Defense  Coraiocht  Dagger Fighting,Italian (Arte della Daga) or German (Dolchfechten) Fechten und Ringen von Meister Liechtenaur  Knife Fighting, Spanish (Lucha con Cuchillo)  Knife Fighting,Italian (Arte del Coltello) Knightly Art of Combat  Manus Nigrum Peasant Levy  Renaissance Pugilism Stick Fighting,Quarterstaffing  Swordsmanship, Hungarian  Swordsmanship, Spanish (La Verdadera Destreza)  Swordsmanship,English  Swordsmanship,French (Lutte des Épée)  Swordsmanship,German (Fechten)  Swordsmanship,Italian (Arte della Spada)  Swordsmanship,Scottish  Trained Guard Trained Mercenary, Balkan (Stratioti)  Trained Mercenary, German (Landsknecht – Doppelsöldner)  Trained Mercenary, German (Landsknecht)  Trained Mercenary, Scottish (Gallóglaigh)  Trained Mercenary, Swiss  Trained Militia, Archer  Trained Militia, Infantry  Trained Militia, Turkish (Akinci)  Trained Militia, Turkish (Sipahi) Trained Soldier, Turkish (Janissary)  Woodland Hunter  Wrestling
Styles from John Holmes’s Bird in the Hand scenario for Monster Island 
Jungle Explorer Grimsand Mercenary Hired Thug Grimsand Street-Tough Long Arm of the Law
The styles from Book of Quests 
Beast Handler Bodyguard City Guard Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Gartharis Assassin Gartharis Hunter Gartharis Scout Gartharis Sworn Warrior Gartharis Warrior Glorified Soldier Imperial Knight Mercenary Moor’s Warrior Never Fight Fairly Noble Layabout North Vale Warrior Realm Thug Slaver Sneak Street Fighter (Daggers) Street Scum Streetwise Bruiser Vale Crossbow Skirmisher Vale Light Infantry Vale Longbow Skirmisher Vale Men-At-Arms infantry Vale Mounted Knights Vale Warrior
Styles from scenarios Arakoline Tribute and Khaki Shrugs – Thennla 
Beastman Warrior Kismek Archer Kismek Lancer Taskan Citizen Infantry Taskan Swordsman Thennalt Hunter Thennalt Skirmisher Thennalt Thane
Some missing ones from Perceforest 
Footman Perceforest Huntsman Perceforest Tilting Yeoman Militia
Some from my own campaign 
Way of the Iron Fist Beaked Dragonewt Bodyguard Beaked Dragonewt Spirit Warrior
And a few built for Vikings from RQ Vikings
Viking Berserker Viking Raider Dane Raider
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30 Combat Style Cards added for Tozer – Old Bones Stomping Grounds
Combat Style Cards aim to give players (and GMs) an easy way to access all the special effects and other info associated with their weapons and combat style at a glance. 
There are some very nice sword and sorcery scenarios and additional tools material available from the stalwart Old Bones. Many of them are placed in Tozer, an area that can be readily transplanted to most any Sword and Sorcery campaign. 
I created combat style cards for the 30 currently existing combat styles in those publications.They are of course indexed as the already existing styles. They include also couple of nifty Combat Style Traits that I will add to the encyclopedia of Combat Style Traits soon. 
Here are the styles and they can be found in the Combat Style cards directory
Briarwood Thief
Claurin Knife-Thrower
Claurin Mercenary
Crafton Commoner
Dureshi Commoner
Dureshi Herder
Dureshi Mercenary
Grath Herder
Heavy Pit Fighter
Hilimyan Householder
Light Pit Fighter
Mountain Forester
Mountain Guard
Mountain Herder
Mountain Miner
Mountain Smith
Mountain Villager
Pit Keeper
Street Rat
Tinisford Villager
Tough Temptress
Tozerian Charioteer
Tozerian Commoner
Tozerian Farmer
Tozerian Infantry
Tozerian Socialite
Traveling Ground Fighter
Traveling Herder
Traveling Horse Warrior
Wealthy Fop
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Combat Styles Combine And Go Encyclopaedic
Combat Style Cards have been gathered into a single Encyclopaedia that is now 830 pages long. The Encyclopaedia contains Combat Style Traits and all the new indices in a single volume.  Combat Style is a combination of weapons that a culture or organisation trains to be effectively used together. Combat Style usually include one or much more rarely more than one Combat Style Traits. Combat Style Cards are quick reference cards which show examples of such styles together with weapon statistics and how this combination of weapons interacts with Combat Special Effects. At the start of this document there are indices showing what styles are used in what areas and what organisations etc. Pick a combat style from these for your character or NPC and use this as a quick reference during the game. There is a table of content by area and table of contents is clickable so one can easily reach the combat style wanted.  This encyclopaedia contains following parts
  • table of contents for encyclopedia
  • combat style traits list
  • Combat style indices to browse by different ways for inspiration 
    • Styles by kind
    • Combat Style Traits by kind and combat styles used
    • Combat Style Traits by area and combat styles used
    • Weapons and Areas and Combat Styles where they are used
    • Combat style traits and combat styles which use them
    • Combat styles by kind and area
  • Areas and their combat style cards
These will now update always together and you will know the latest version by the date in the cover.  Separate combat style card files in the folders will be phased out.
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