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Does anyone know if the old SODA archives ever got archived? Specifically, I'm looking for an old BRP/RQ UNIX program that generated loads of random NPCs

Would the following be what you are looking for?

I am not sure where I found them.


This is makepc, a character-generator for the fantasy-roleplaying game RuneQuest.

Originally written by Dan Mazina (dan.mazina@compaq.com). The Program was available as DOS-binary and source from ftp.csua.berkeley.edu since 1993, with no license given. The license has been changed to GPL now.




email <jean.krivine@inria.fr> for questions.



The Binaries are Linux ELF, glibc 2.1 compiled with egcs 2.91.66

The Programs underlie the GNU Public License, read COPYING.

This is a RuneQuest III Random Character Generator. It consists of two programs.

RQRANDHR The House-Rules Version. Complete in German.

RQRANDOF The Official Rules Version. In English.

I will organise an upload once the Beetle Master is in a position to do so.

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