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  1. In game, its normal use for all skills. If you have time and/or are not under stress then no need to roll. Skill % represents quality of result, or time to complete, rather than a yes/no achievement. SDLeary
  2. This is simply the difference of combat having an effect on accuracy. Much easier on a range during qualifications than when hiding behind a wall with bullets and shrapnel whizzing about. SDLeary DOH! Should have read further! 😆
  3. Now, apparently removed from Chaosium's site, though still on DriveThru SDLeary
  4. There is supposed to be a campaign setting for Jackals coming out, but have' t heard of anything beyond that. SDLeary Ninja'd again! 🙃
  5. You are correct about Soft Leather and padding. I mis-remembered (though I think we were playing it as 2pt.). That though would be the level that I would consider an Arming Doublet or Aketon. I still maintain that a Gambeson (proper 30 ish layers of linen, possibly surfaced with leather or "canvas") would be two to three points greater. This is a similar argument as has been had in the past for Linothorax and how it should be portrayed. And to show how variables effect things, a little oil for the campfire: Bolts vs armor SDLeary
  6. And yet again... multi post <sigh>
  7. A change I had not noticed. In RQ3, padding was 2 pt... so in my mind a Gambeson should be at least 3, and preferably 4 points. SDLeary
  8. A Gambeson and an Arming Doublet/Aketon/Subarmalis is different. Same type of garment (quilted/layered fabric), but the Gambeson is much heavier weight, designed as protection as opposed to an Aketon which is padding for your armor. Or, perhaps a better way to look at it is there are different weights of Gambeson that serve different needs. SDLeary
  9. Gambesons are actually a lot more protective than heavy clothing. Probably at least as protective as Hard Leather. SDLeary
  10. Interesting. I missed that at the end of the colophon. I'm not sure it really matters though; while a nice looking game, I haven't come across anything yet that I'd really like to use someplace else; so far to me (still haven't had a chance at at real read) is OQ2 in a specific setting and renamed characteristics. SDLeary
  11. For this situation, or just aimed missile blows in general, you can import an-oldie-but-goodie from RQ2: SDLeary
  12. In melee, when punching, use 1d10+10. When kicking, choose high or low (actual kicks or sweeps), and use either the former for high, or 1d10 for low. Still random, but will account for the fact that both parties are actually moving during the whole thing, and footwork, parries, blocks can cause blows to land in unintended locations. This method should probably be used for smaller weapons such as blackjacks and knives/daggers as well. Longer weapons, it could be argued, should use the method I outline above, though I would still use the melee table for these: swords, hafted swingy weapons,
  13. Initial pass... Looks nice. Physical book looks to be 6x9... single column throughout with tables. Nice art. A few different systems. Wounds is a bit different. More when I actually get a chance to sit down and do some reading. SDLeary
  14. If you are an Apple person, its available on the Apple Book Store as well. And just to be complete, so is "The Fall of the Children of Bronze", which is a companion campaign book SDLeary
  15. So Jedi are all quite insane then! I like it! SDLeary
  16. Chases could be good, yes... and would fit right in with the Ship rules. As for the second, Magic World is kind of already there... So it doesn't rise to the level of a Major Wound, even if the cumulative damage takes you over the threshold. The last blow could always take you to 0 or lower though, or if your unconscious your opponent could always put you out of their misery. I could also see letting people who get nickeled and dimes this way not die after 0, but go into a deeply unconscious (or into a coma?), which requires medical attention for a number of days equal to th
  17. Depends on what your after I suppose. MagicWorld (and Stormbringer 5e) will do Swords and Sandals much better, and probably have a lower PC death rate. Cthulhu, because its not really tailored as a combat game, will more than likely impact PCs in those not-MGF ways; though I will admit that a 'bout of madness at an inopportune time could result in some hilarity. Now, if you play using the Pulp rules, then you might be on to something. On a personal note though, I'd swap the location on the sheet for rolled and high characteristic values... just helps me understand better the scale, a
  18. Specifically, the Webley-Fossbery. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webley–Fosbery_Automatic_Revolver SDLeary
  19. Wouldn't a bonus or penalty to SR be easier to apply, or are you using LEN for something else as well? Also, how are you rating it? Other Suns has LEN, but it rates it based on cm. And this combine with Build to yield SIZ. SDLeary
  20. Soltakss is correct. Should be able to be used... however I would suggest a test run before actual use in a campaign. SDLeary
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