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  1. SDLeary

    Mythic Iceland with only Cthulhu Dark Ages

    CDA is complete, so I think you should be OK with just that. Anything else you really need is described in MI. Your not really missing out on anything, but the BRP Big Gold Book does provide a lot of systemic options that you might like to add in (Hit Locations being an example). SDLeary
  2. SDLeary

    Augments once per session

    Hmmm... different strokes. In this situation, I would think that the character would be limited by the lesser of the two, not adding to the chance of success. SDLeary
  3. This. In fact, I think that Ben had Star Wars in mind when he was writing/editing that portion of the rules. SDLeary
  4. SDLeary

    New Magic World Review

    My guess is because it represents the core of the BRP system. SDLeary
  5. SDLeary

    The Many and the One, or has there always been a Yelm?

    They never do! SDLeary
  6. SDLeary

    Khopesh stats

    While it appears that way from what we see, I'm not sure that assumption is necessarily accurate. We have an extremely large variety of blade lengths and geometry, some which do not seem conducive to shields. Rhomphaia and Falx certainly seem to be two handed weapons. There had to be some part of their art that included parrying, as they couldn't be guaranteed to be behind a shield wall. SDLeary
  7. Yes, Greg was working on 6th Ed. But I think that that was way far out. Before that, the line-up was somewhat full with Sires, Feasts, the new book on Magic, and others. In addition to these, there was Myrmidon and a Samurai game. If these and Paladin are all coming with Pendragon, then I hope the line editor chosen is well familiar! SDLeary EDIT: Never mind! Same editor. Welcome David!
  8. I agree. After all it it is a full line of product, with a history to it. SDLeary
  9. SDLeary

    Price for ships?

    Well, considering the subject matter and the period(s) that it emulates, I'm not sure that "selling" would be the right thing. They would probably want to "Gift" it to a Lord, and see what said Lord would gift them in return. Now, "Saxons" does have boat prices based upon the number of oars. A "typical" Saxon boat is listed as about 75ft long, with 30 oars (15/side), and a Cost/Value of 10£. SDLeary
  10. SDLeary

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Lunars are a confederation focused on a common religion. If you ask a common man, he will not say he's a Lunar, and probably a noble wouldn't identify that way either. They are going to be Pelorian, Dara Happan, Tarshite, etc. SDLeary
  11. SDLeary

    Swords of Central Genertela

    They wouldn't have had to go all the way to Gaul, they had a small version in Italy. Basically everything from modern Florence, to the North, was Gallia Cisalpina... Gaul this side of the Alps. They never left after they sacked Rome. There doesn't really seem much cultural adoption in any direction, at least not with main published sources, save by adventurers taking bits here and there to make it their own, regardless of their own origins. SDLeary
  12. SDLeary

    Swords of Central Genertela

    I've heard that it was a combination. Gladius from the Iberians, and Spatha from the Celtiberians. I think the Spatha came earlier though, as we have contact with Gauls in Northern Italy. Not sure about the Pugio or Pilum. SDLeary
  13. SDLeary

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    Yeah, kinda. They were in a residential district, in a two story home. Upstairs was Greg's office, Tadashi's office, a small room for play testing (an old breakfast nook), and where Sandy and Steve did their stuff. Oh, and what was a converted closet with an IBM Selectric II Mag-card to do initial column layout. Downstairs was where Yurek and Charlie did layout, by hand from the columns produced by the Selectric, and IIRC, where Lynn did his work. This was early 80s, not sure about before. SDLeary
  14. In fact, while Spiritual/Worldly is in Pendragon 5.2, it is omitted from Paladin. 5.2 states that a character that is highly Spiritual may be described as Pious. It recognizes going overboard and states that extreme Spirituality might be described as Zealous or Saintly, though gives no guidance to distinguish the two. SDLeary
  15. There was an ancient discussion about this, and then it finally made it into BoE p.5: My copy of BoE is dated 2013, but I remember the initial discussions from probably closer to '06. SDLeary