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  1. GAH! 😉 I missed this discussion! I like the concept, but half seems a bit high. Off the top, /4 or /3 sounds like it would fit better (or perhaps /6 to /4 on top of base). SDLeary
  2. Huh, had a 502 error for most of the day... error page mentioned Cloudflare in the subscript. SDLeary
  3. @lawrence.whitaker Design Mechanism Forums taken down by the Cloudflare issue?? SDLeary
  4. It is still listed as OGL within their books. They simply do not provide any free SRD for it. At least this is true of the copies that I have, and their seem to have been no updates to them to remove OGL. To be clear, I think that Jeff is intentionally speaking in Legaleeze. Re-read the OP again. It appears emphasis is on Titles, and not on other things. Though, to be fair, IANAL, and there could be something else here that is not apparent to us laymen. SDLeary
  5. Come now... This is RQ. There are plenty of ways to loose tattoos, especially if they are on a limb! 😉 SDLeary
  6. Then indeed it must have been an artifact of a pre-published version of the rules, or of playing so much RQ2. Both Steve and Sandy had us working things wrong!! LOL SDLeary
  7. I'm not sure this is the case, as in the Chaosium games I played in, and Sandy's campaign, SIZ was always factored in, as it has been for every other game I've played in... I assume due to the fact that it is supposed to somewhat represent reach. I suppose this could have been an in-group artifact of playing so much RQ2, but they were playlets sessions for RQ3. SDLeary
  8. IIRC, there was a posting here a while ago from either @Jeff or @Rick Meints about finding the old separations when going thru Chaosiums old HQ in Hayward, CA, along with a boatload of other arcane artifacts. SDLeary
  9. Yes. I was orignally stating that IF I was to assume a shield (of a given size) of a material other than wood, that I would adjust its HP/AP to reflect that the shield would probably not be as effective as the wood one. I used "leather" (actually meaning cuirboilli) as an example, and was stating that I would not reduce an equivalent shield down to the level of equivalent armor because I felt that a shield in active use would also have some additional deflection value based on the act of parrying. Obviously, if we are talking about a static shield held in front of an archer, such as a pavise or ancient equivalent, things would be a little different. SDLeary
  10. Yes, true... poor choice of words. By leather in this instance I was referring to something like Cuirboilli: hardened, shaped, formed leather/hide. SDLeary
  11. In games I’ve played in it was because the assumption was wood as the base material. Personally, I would adjust AP/HP of a shield based on its core construction. However, to use hide as an example, a hide shield would still stop more than leather armor; not so much because of thickness of the hide/leather, but more the fact that you still (generally) have active deflection with a shield. SDLeary
  12. SDLeary


    As mentioned above, sword size classifications don’t seem to exist much before the medieval period in Europe, where the term Longsword begins to be used to distinguish between longer forms, and shorter Arming or Knightly swords. Ancients seem to use the name of the type of sword as it had been related to them. For example, in the Roman Republic/Empire, we have Gladius (which we type as a shortsword) and Spatha (which we tend to type as a broadsword), but the Latin word for Sword is Ensis. Also, we have the Spartan Sword, a form of Xiphos that is much shorter... so short that we would probably classify it as a dagger. But, the Spartans seem to have used it in a similar manner to the Roman use of Gladius. Given this, I would say just shoehorn a particular blade type where you think it should go based on what you think its intended use is, don’t worry about shape or length too much. You should really only worry about length if you are trying to figure out if someone is trying to close to inside a weapons effective use range. SDLeary
  13. I was wondering what happened to these minis! These were/are Wargames Foundries minis, read there About section for explanation. SDLeary
  14. I would just go to Wargames Foundry and use stuff from their Ancients range. Specifically their "Myceneans, Minoans, and the Trojan War" range, the "European Bronze Age" range, and pick and choose from some of the others. Many of these ranges have packs of "heroes" that would make decent PC's, and fit with the current overview of Glorantha. Me though, I want the Trollkin Forge stuff back! SDLeary
  15. Its not simply "tiring" someone out. Heat buildup is a bitch (short term fatigue), and this can occur just from being in full kit standing in the sun. Count me as someone who liked the RQ3 method too. It really didn't take too long to tic off a point at the end of each round, or to do the subtraction during those few fights where fatigue really came into play. It also gave the GM a more solid hook to say something along the lines of "You've been traveling through the Wastes for a while now, with the sun beating down on your head and now you have to fight that group of nomads over there to get to the water. Halve your fatigue points for this fight"... or some such. SDLeary
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