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  1. If you go to Chaosium, there is the fine Monograph Cthulhu Rising... think Alien or Aliens with the Mythos, and you'd be almost spot on for the setting. Downside? Not much of one really. Made for previous version of Cthulhu, but easily convertible. In this sites Downloads section, you will find various Sci-Fi oriented downloads, including those that translate Traveller 2300/2300AD into BRP supplement form, the Technical Expansion for RQ3, and various other setting books and a few adventures. As for something specifically for Cthulhu 7, I seem to remember Chaosium mentioning something, but my search ability seems to be escaping me right now. Oh @Mike M! SDLeary
  2. Not quite... and... While its true that this is not a point buy system in the vein of Champions or Superworld, where a "point" gives you a value of 1 or more for characteristics, or more than a single percentile in a skill, or X amount of a power, it is still a point buy system in its own right. This was our default method of creating characters in Sandy's 80s campaign, only resorting to the cultures and professions when we needed to do things quickly. @RogerDee Have you looked at Mythras, and its supplements Classic Fantasy and Luther Arkwright? A combination thereof seems like it could fit (at least in broad strokes) what you're after. SDLeary
  3. It should halve the casters POW, and invoke two aging rolls. SDLeary
  4. SDLeary


    Segmentata is probably closer to plate than it is to lamellar; larger plates, more rigidity. Also, as far as I know, there is really nothing that prevents something like it being made in bronze, so having something similar in Glorantha shouldn't be difficult. SDLeary
  5. I've done this in my home-brew... simply makes more sense. CON on the other hand dictates healing rates, poison and disease resistance, etc. SDLeary
  6. @lawrence.whitaker Loz, I remember reading on one of the forums that you used Affinity Publisher to layout Lyonesse. Publisher is still a toddler, so... What was your process for using this program? How did things differ from (I assume) InDesign, and what were some of the gotcha's that you had to overcome (Nested Styles?)? And what were some of the things you found pleasant and possibly better than InDesign (other than price of course... which is a steal by comparison)? SDLeary
  7. Putting it north of the wall seems a little far... I'd put it more on a line of the Fosse Way. That is to say the SE was probably predominantly Christian, being focused on what was left of the cities, and on the holdings of nobility... outside that we really have no info. To the north west of that line (which, oddly enough, lines up roughly with Llogyr/Logres), as you move out, it was probably less Christian, and probably so for a while. Again though, there is simply not enough evidence to determine one way or the other. Now enough of our digression (that I happily participate in)!! 😉 ... back to our regularly scheduled topic... Using a long spear (roughly 2.5-3 meters) single handed can be done, you just have to choke-up on the shaft. I'd say no more than one additional point of STR, and perhaps two of DEX needed (compared to what is needed for a short spear). I might also adjust the strike rank of the spear when used in this way to account for the shorter reach. Now... this assumes that we are talking about different length spears with the same size head on them... say a somewhat standard small leaf head, with only shafts differing. If you are talking about a "hewing" or fencing spear with a head about the size of a dagger, then more strength to account for the greater mass at the end of the shaft. An ancient "lance" would just be a long spear used from horseback, or a short pike held in both hands. SDLeary
  8. Only in the urban areas. Once you got outside of the urban areas, the process of conversion was ongoing well into the 9th C. Why do you think Charlemagne had so much trouble with the Saxons, and had to finally chop down a tree to TRY and get them to acquiesce? Britain at this point really didn't have "urban" areas, and of course the written records are scarce; so we can only speculate as to the actual penetration of Christianity. SDLeary
  9. Yes, but by the time anything in the Roman Army that would qualify as a Cataphract or Clibanari, it was a professional army. SDLeary
  10. Parthian (Arsacid) Cataphracts were noble, as I believe were Sarmatian. Later Sassanid Persian were standard cavalry units. Rome already had a professional army, so it remained such as they adopted units and tactics from outside the Empire. SDLeary
  11. You could go the HQ route for character concept/generation. Abilities based upon Keywords, with specializations based on breakouts. All on D100 rolls using BRP Levels of Success. Characteristic could modify things, or function as fallbacks should no appropriate ability exist (normal x5, though I'm more partial to x3). Hits could simply impose cumulative penalties to abilities, with Specials and Criticals imposing larger penalties or knocking someone out of the fight completely. SDLeary
  12. Take a look at THIS site. This is from an earlier project and different author, but could be what you need to get off the ground. SDLeary
  13. It could work... I mean that is essentially what's going on in HQ, yes? SDLeary
  14. Not according to p.192. The Melee Round is broken down into 4 phases, similar to Stormbringer and the like: One is the Statement of Intent; two is Movement of Non-Engaged Characters; three is Resolution of Melee, Missiles, and Spells; and four is Bookkeeping. Two specifically states: Thus, some movement can take place during SR, but only for those who start engaged, or that are moving to become engaged. Now there could have been something on movement in the clarifications thread that I missed, but that's what the book says. In RQIII (p.48 of the condensed book) there are only three phases to the Melee Round, and all movement takes place during phase two, along with all combat... This is the action phase, and the rulebook states: And on the same page just below that, in Movement Within the Melee Round SDLeary
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