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  1. Well, yes. The assumption was that the list Scotty posted was related to the titles that we will see upcoming on Chaosium's site, as opposed to simply titles with Chaosium product numbers. SDLeary
  2. Question... Not seeing Saxons in that list. Issue because of revolving companies, or is it that might be the one product without a Chaosium number? SDLeary
  3. Woo Hoo!! SDLeary EDIT: Question. Don't see 3e (though KA is there), 4e, or any of the cultural supplements. I know they are available on DriveThru. Is there something else afoot, or are they simply not ready for the site yet?
  4. SDLeary

    Strike rank conundrum.

    Of course! I foolishly babble all the time! 😉 SDLeary
  5. SDLeary

    So what happened to the Communication rune?

    Or probably, the others have a function which has not yet been revealed. And with regards to Communication, my guess is that Jeff and crew found no reason for it in the vision of Glorantha that they were trying to fit into RQ. If they discover one later, I don't doubt that it will be loaded back in. SDLeary
  6. Things work now! Thanks @Trifletraxor SDLeary
  7. Sorry... said subforum, meant thread. First two threads at least. SDLeary EDIT: Just having gone back, it seems to be all threads in that forum. Can see things via Unread Content, but once I click to try to get into the thread, that pesky error message.
  8. Not quite, at least not from my vector. Can get into the main BasicRoleplaying forum, but subforums provide this: "Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H" Whats the word @Trifletraxor? Maintenance? SDLeary
  9. Just the BRP forum for me here, but its stating that I don't have permission to view the content. SDLeary
  10. SDLeary

    Download section @BRP

    But doesn't he have to keep them for the cold northern winters, or has global warming taken care of that already? SDLeary
  11. IIRC, the agreement with Chaosium is for distribution only. Rules and publication still sit with Nocturnal, so there forums are probably the best location for clarity on this. Keep in mind though, with Greg now beyond the veil, you might not receive official word quickly. SDLeary
  12. SDLeary

    Download section @BRP

    And, IIRC, more money that Trif has to pony up. SDLeary
  13. SDLeary

    Change log for updated PDF's

    Here is an observation (Not directed at Psullie, but EVERYONE). Crowdsourcing seems to have caused some of the confusion, at least in reporting issues to Chaosium. Can we, as a community, keep things sufficiently structured to create such a document, keeping the creation of the Log separate from discovery of what we consider new inconsistencies or errors? I ask this because so far, Chaosium has been very responsive, especially @Jason Durall. They were quiet for a period after the release, but THEY GENERALLY ARE. They have to be able to take a break and try to relax and decompress too. Now that they are back, we seem to have no issues loading up and firing back BOTH BARRELS, simultaneously. Just... Wrong. SDLeary
  14. SDLeary

    Download section @BRP

    Well, a shared repository is normally a more organized one. For me at least it tends to be one that is easier to find things in a timely fashion, not having to sort through Google ad placements and returns of more unscrupulous sites that might put RuneQuest in their clouds JUST to get additional hits. SDLeary
  15. SDLeary

    Missing weapons

    The Mostali Repeating Crossbow doesn't have a lever to reload, and it magazine is on the bottom, to better aid with aiming. No one knows how the bolts reload! SDLeary