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  1. You could go with the oldy-but-goody pun/speculation from the '80s... QuackPack! SDLeary
  2. Those two new rows help a lot!! Thanks! SDLeary
  3. So, if worshipped on his own, within the Strom Tribe, do we know what his runes would be? Well of Daliath says Truth (from Sartar), but that is as a subcult of Elmal; and prior to that an eight armed star (alone??), sometimes combined with Death (as a subcult of Humakt). SDLeary
  4. An interesting move. I hope they got a good deal for it too. I'm surprised they wouldn't license it back; I would think a stream would be better than a one time payment. SDLeary
  5. Hmmm... a bit out of date, and a bit off. Bronze Rapiers are fine for cutting, just not very good in the defense (they were used with shields anyway). I'm not aware of any Roman spathae that were single edged. There was a "Roman" single edge sword (one of the eagle headed swords), but it was Gladius length. SDLeary
  6. Oh, I understand! Re: Montfort The section talking about the metallic items found at the site, specifically the lames: The two somewhat (or potentially) circular pieces (no 1 and 2, p174) could be from reinforced coats. Though the author does state that similar pieces have been found at other sites (Andone castrum sounds like an interesting site), I would think that actual classification would be difficult as similar items could be used on horse harness for decoration. In fact, another pit on the site yielded a spur. Items 3 through 6 do appear to be scales; number 5 from a
  7. Those papers will take a bit to look through. Have to get some translation going. 🙂 SDLeary
  8. I think we might call a Lorica Segmentata splinted (or perhaps banded armor) in the gaming world, but its classified as Laminar Armor. Splinted armor, as such, I visualize much more along the lines of limb armor. Metal strips, parallel to the direction of the limb, similar to the way you would use a medical splint to stabilize a broken arm. SDLeary
  9. And perhaps a POD copy of the 3rd edition rules?? 😁 SDLeary
  10. Or level bombing... streaking over the target just out of weapon range and releasing a javelin at speed. SDLeary
  11. @LoïcOne question about the Broigne... Have there been any archaeological finds of groups of small (probably larger than mail) metal rings in one place? For example, has a body been found (grave or battlefield) that had appropriate size metal rings scattered over what would be the torso, both "above" and "below" the torso? I ask, because I haven't heard of any and would love to look at the archaeological excavation illustrations. The same question applies for appropriate size metal plates (as opposed to the rings). In RQIII terms, the former would be "Ring Mail", and the latter "Bezainted" arm
  12. Recently Tod has been testing out items against his "Lockdown Longbow"; a modern compound crossbow that has the interesting trait that it releases recreated Mary Rose type arrows with the same energy as a roughly 100 lb. longbow. He's done shooting against a shield, recreated cuirboilli, and now Gambeson material. Mail is coming, but he is waiting on a riveted sample to arrive. Hopefully this link will get you to the playlist... or not. Now on to each individual video. Shields Arrows Crazy Idea Who's Shooting At Me Leather Armor Sandbags Gambeson SD
  13. (POW x3) + 1/2 Skill perhaps? SDLeary
  14. I'm with Nick in saying POW. It's the soul or the willpower of the adventurer that would overcome the ill effects of a failed Morale type roll. INT might help in some situations... Perhaps something along the lines of (POW + 1/2INT)x3 for a starting value. Then, there is the other option... go all UA and import the Stress Checks (Violence, Helplessness, and Unnatrual) and make it a Violence check... increasing value only coming from becoming hardened. Failure of the check and the character is "Suppressed"; Fumble invokes Fleeing, Feinting, or Flight. SDLeary
  15. My system has three grades: Mooks: One hit and they are out of the fight... not dead mind you, just out of the fight. With this I'm thinking of very basic Troops, from Fyrd type levies to the guard at the car-park/parking lot. Basic weapons skills + 1d10 for the squad/group/troop, etc. Sergeants: Roll 1d4+2, and this determines how many hits till they are out of the fight, or if their HP are exhausted or if they receive a Major Wound, they are out. If they are hit, it takes one melee rest till they can fight again. HP is 10. Combat skills are 45% + 1d10. Lieutenant: Basic, "f
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