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  1. What about the Japanese one... was it called Genpei? Is that (or whatever it might be) moving forward? SDLeary
  2. This A suggestion might be to start with the BGB, remove Sanity and other bits you folks feel fall under the list of Prohibited items. My guess is that it will be a much bigger document, and much more useful to potential authors as they will not have to re-invent the wheel. And to be frank, if you folks are not going to support the BGB, opening as much of it as you can, while still protecting your IP would be a fitting legacy for the document. SDLeary
  3. Not everyone thinks this. Having base magic of some type will entice more people in. And yet there are general magic, and other power systems, given in notable detail in the BGB, that could have been made explicitly acceptable and were not. SDLeary
  4. Not really. The BGB is really a 1.0 item, or if you prefer, its a multi version compilation. It was designed as a tool box as opposed to a definitive version. BRP itself has been adapted/modified for each game it appeared in. The “core” really hasn’t changed much at all. SDLeary
  5. The SRD does not define "characters" in this case?? It could be argued that a monster in a bestiary is a character controlled by one of/the hosting player, the Gamemaster. SDLeary
  6. E-Gads! What are you doing here Decapitator?!

  7. I personally like Heroic HP for PC's and major NPC's. I also use Hit Locations, but rather than track the values for these areas, I use them as wound thresholds... a single blow that exceeds the value causes a Major Wound. It seems to give the best of both worlds; less fatality, but with the chance that the PCs will still be able to be taken out of the fight if they aren't on their toes! SDLeary
  8. I would start with the 2300AD BRP fan adaption for equipment. Some adaptions are needed, but most tech should be relatively close, especially to Belter tech. SDLeary
  9. Those look like your opened ones... where are all the unopened ones, still in the shrink? 😉 SDLeary
  10. True, but combine the issue of the rules, with the issues with AH, and cancelling the project becomes more understandable. SDLeary
  11. I understand the current intent Rick. Others were opining upon other potential formats, and I was responding to that with mine: a relatively small hardcover with Paris and Big Rubble, even if they are unchanged save for typo fixing and errata, would look good next to RQ Classic on the shelf. SDLeary
  12. If this ever comes to fruition, I wouldn't mind them joining titles. For example, it would seem to me natural to produce both Pavis, and Big Rubble into a single volume, as the items are naturally linked, far more than other items in the lists. For others, this would probably be a bit more difficult. SDLeary
  13. As long as the Magic Book isn't delayed, or the stuff is integrated into the main book! SDLeary
  14. And the reason he doesn't do well at social events. SDLeary
  15. This... and I always visualize the Humakti using his sword to invoke this spell anyway... swinging away from a distance with a dark bolt off lightning or a ray of some type blasting from its tip to deprive the meat from its ghost. SDLeary
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