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  1. Apparently they laze things and make them minions of Chaos! SDLeary
  2. SDLeary


    I'm partial to some of the Rackham stuff, particularly the Daikinee Archers, for young Aldryami. The Warhammer figs above certainly work for older folk though. SDLeary
  3. Well, it's the way Pendragon does it, for example. SDLeary
  4. So, do you plan to have magic tire out the magician. It would be an interesting way to limit magic; still giving the capability for large spells, but only one-and-done. Have you thought about something more along the lines of a Damage stat that is then modified by the weapons? SDLeary
  5. And, with a few careful tweaks, can be used as both a Wizardly system, and as a Shamanistic system. SDLeary
  6. In game, its normal use for all skills. If you have time and/or are not under stress then no need to roll. Skill % represents quality of result, or time to complete, rather than a yes/no achievement. SDLeary
  7. This is simply the difference of combat having an effect on accuracy. Much easier on a range during qualifications than when hiding behind a wall with bullets and shrapnel whizzing about. SDLeary DOH! Should have read further! 😆
  8. Now, apparently removed from Chaosium's site, though still on DriveThru SDLeary
  9. There is supposed to be a campaign setting for Jackals coming out, but have' t heard of anything beyond that. SDLeary Ninja'd again! 🙃
  10. You are correct about Soft Leather and padding. I mis-remembered (though I think we were playing it as 2pt.). That though would be the level that I would consider an Arming Doublet or Aketon. I still maintain that a Gambeson (proper 30 ish layers of linen, possibly surfaced with leather or "canvas") would be two to three points greater. This is a similar argument as has been had in the past for Linothorax and how it should be portrayed. And to show how variables effect things, a little oil for the campfire: Bolts vs armor SDLeary
  11. And yet again... multi post <sigh>
  12. A change I had not noticed. In RQ3, padding was 2 pt... so in my mind a Gambeson should be at least 3, and preferably 4 points. SDLeary
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