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  1. With extensive Aldryami woods near human habitation, it could actually be more of an issue. You might have to be recognized as an Elf-Friend in some areas in order to hunt, depending on game. SDLeary
  2. For reference, talking about notification emails as opposed to the on-page notification on the site. SDLeary
  3. Well, yes. That is fantasy of a different ilk though compared to the zero-to-hero that RQ has traditionally supported. As has been pointed out other places on this forum, its a bit deadly (deadlier than RQ) when you remove the ever present armor. I can certainly do it, and have in the past. Its not something that I would necessarily want to set new players in front of though. Much better to have published rules for that. SDLeary
  4. Well, as the only announced non-Gloranthan RQ item is supposed to be Mythic Iceland, I would think it would be tailored to that. Hopefully going a bit further into Greenland, and the home lands... to give us a bit more room to roam. If their Medieval supplement for Cthulhu ever sees the light of day, and it ranges early enough in period, I might just move to Cthulhu for my non-Glorantha fix. SDLeary
  5. Only in Britain. We don't see... at least we don't have sources... that happening in Gaul. Though the extermination (or near extermination) in Gaul could have simply been a byproduct of Caesar's wars. In Britain they were behind most of the uprisings, at least according to the Romans. If they were actively courting rebellion, then I can see the Romans going after them. SDLeary
  6. From roughly the same period, the 4thC. Not only was there settlement on the West coast of Britain by small groups of Irish, but the Great Conspiracy happened near the end of this. As far as settlers go, there were never enough to leave a great impact, though as you point out a lasting one with Ogham stones scattered about. The Scotti/Cruithine were very mobile at this time. SDLeary
  7. AH! Thats what you meant by pseudo-Viking. The several hundred years difference in the terminology threw me off! SDLeary
  8. Mann doesn't look like it was conquered by Rome, though they knew about it. It WAS settled/conquered by Gaels in the 4th C. You are thinking of Anglesey. SDLeary
  9. You forget about the settlers of Dyfed. Goidelic was quickly overcome, but they are what JonL is talking about. SDLeary
  10. Yes to the other stuff. Ard Rî is unlikely to fall into the same mix, as the Irish settlers in Dyfed were from an earlier period (360's), and indications are such that by the 5th century the area had already reverted back to Brythonic (probably could be considered Cambric by this time). Those in Dál Riata were Gaels, but that part of the North doesn't factor into the legends until much later. Most northern stories originate in the Hen Ogledd, which can firmly be placed in the Brythonic camp (Cumbric by this point??). SDLeary
  11. @MOB Did you put this in the Mythic World section because Poland is a Mythic land?? 😉 Perhaps an Announcements forum at the top of the Chaosium section, and have it locked to Chaosium personnel? That way you can post in one area, and those that wish to comment can do so in the appropriate forum. SDLeary
  12. No, I mean more stuff for a budding Wiz-ard to learn. SDLeary
  13. Is anyone out there having issues receiving forum Follow notifications? Not in my Inbox, not in my Spam folder. SDLeary
  14. I like it! Does have one pitfall though. Introducing more skills into an already skill heavy system. SDLeary
  15. Kind of... It was AH in total that harmed Glorantha. The Chaosium crew was responsible for producing Glorantha material (at least early on), and they did. A good chunk of Pamaltela was ready, among other things... but AH was (iirc) layout and production. I have laser prints of some of that Pamaltela stuff, in layout but without art. SDLeary
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