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  1. If you want the over the top fighting capabilities and magic built-in, then Magic World with Advanced Sorcery. Its essentially Elric with the Multi-verse filed off. Advanced sorcery adds a lot of visible and high powered magic back in. SDLeary
  2. So, we have an epic comedy (or tragedy depending on perspective) going on publicly on this side of the pond. After the rains began to hit you folks Down... there ( 😉 ), press has tapered off. Have the rains made much of a dent or allowed any progress? SDLeary
  3. SDLeary


    I think that in my Glorantha, he still has fire. Even a camp fire or bon-fire can keep people warm, and keep predators away in the darkness. Hmmmm... how about... Barricade -- Like Shield, but applied to hastily erected defensive barriers, fortified gates, etc. True Arrow -- as a defender, much more likely to use bows from battlements or towers, shield walls, etc. SDLeary
  4. SDLeary


    And more stupid to acknowledge that its a foreign enemy God-Emperor that helps to put food on their table. SDLeary
  5. SDLeary


    Whats being said though Jeff, is that the Cult, as written (at least as far as we know right now), DOESN'T support that Mythic outline that you just provided, whereas other cults DO tend to support their gods Mythic outline, with appropriate spells and abilities. For example, there is no Steadfast feat listed as a gift, no Enduring (bonus to con rolls, or perhaps a re-roll?) feat. (Note: looking at the PDF of Cult Compendium; all that I've got with me right now) SDLeary
  6. SDLeary


    I think (and @Jeff can correct me if I'm wrong because he probably has a better take on this), in my rare talks with Greg since he left Chaosium, he seemed to go through a period where he was exploring the individual cultures deeper. As a result, his writings of the time were "revealing" more of this because richer cultures interested him more, he probably wanted to share that and it made it into the various depictions of Glorantha. I'm not sure what swung him back in the other direction. SDLeary
  7. Yes! As far as spells, I might allow certain ones, but each would have to be something along the lines of a Pact between the Shaman or the Spirit Worshipper, and the deity. SDLeary
  8. Which is a tome that is not yet available to the public, and a change compared to the main rule book, which states: So, a being with the man rune and the spirit rune sounds possible. The way I presented it, the Man Rune represents the part on this side of the vale, and the Spirit, the Fetch/Spirit Guide/Allied Spirit on the other side. Besides, if you folks (Chaosium) can present things witch seem to us to break the rules (see thread on Sorcery in Smoking Runes), then we certainly can until said rules come out, if we find it fits our narrative! SDLeary
  9. Yes, but it wound't be quite the same. Tales often state that the Touched can talk with the spirits that they can see. SDLeary
  10. Awww... I've been prequelled! Such is brainstorming I guess. OK... so the way this is coming out sounds more like what might be called an allied sprit, but that's not really what I'm after. I'm trying to figure out a Gloranthan equivalent to being "Touched" or "Born with the Sight". The thought of a child being born with an already awakened fetch seems that it could fit the bill. Perhaps on occasion, rather than three elemental runes, a child is born with two elemental runes and Sprirt. SDLeary
  11. A fetch can exist when you are born, you simply cannot control or communicate with it. Noticing that a person has a fetch is one of the things that marks them as Touched, and suitable to become an apprentice. It is then up to the Shaman or God-Talker of the community to further study the child to see if they are worthy. If they are, then guide them to someone that can teach them. "Awakening" the fetch is more establishing a way to communicate with it outside your dreams/nightmares/visions. SDLeary
  12. Excellent protection against all the blades he plays with, bad if he's hit with something blunt... and bad for body hair. 😉 SDLeary
  13. Yes, this. Thats why, in the movies, sometimes zombies are slow and plodding, and sometimes really freakishly fast! People in the US Southwest hate Zombies. SDLeary
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