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  1. I'd like to see it too! SDLeary
  2. So... "There can be only ONE!" ?? 馃榿 SDLeary
  3. But whether that slowing would impart a significantly different wound compared to the larger spear, based on the damage granularity of the RQ rules. SDLeary
  4. "Two-handed" swords, yes. They might be considered Longswords by later European standards, rather than the ginormous Zweihanders. SDLeary
  5. As the official figure had a quarterstaff, for us the answer was always yes: quarterstaff, shield, and so forth. At one point I remember petitioning for a crossbow with blunted bolts (bird shot), but was shot down. 馃檪 SDLeary
  6. Both of these look pointy enough to poke. 馃檪 To be fair though, I think the Spring and Autumn and Warring States swords are outliers. To my knowledge, no other culture mastered bronze enough to be able to create real longswords/two-handed swords. SDLeary
  7. If you are in HtH, a rondel is not going to do a damn thing. You have to immobilize your opponent first, so tha you can get enough leverage to punch through, or find a gap to exploit. Otherwise it would only damage on a crit. SDLeary
  8. I think it鈥檚 a combination of things. First, an artifact of previous editions. It was slashing only in RQ3 as well. Second, no one on staff (to the best of my knowledge) looking at current HEMA and other combat research. There could be multiple reasons for this. There could be other reasons though. Perhaps Humakti have simply not discovered the maneuver yet. SDLeary
  9. Half-swording and poking with the point is a thing 馃檪 SDLeary
  10. Yes Perhaps, but again not necessarily more to push the damage as much as seen. No. Head size and weapon length have nothing to do with one another. As mentioned above, a longer spear with a larger head would be much more difficult to maneuver, and thus hit with. Again, see a previous post. This. Which is the same as your previous bullet point! 馃槈 SDLeary
  11. This could be true, if you are fencing with a spear; say a Yari, Naginata, or European fencing spear, which have longer heads about the size of daggers or short swords. Regular spears though are used for poking. While momentum could apply, there would not be enough additional momentum (due to shaft and head) to increase damage in the way envisioned by the rules. The reason is probably just for fun... to give someone impetus to try something more than a simple spear or other weapon (same could be true for shortswords and swords as well, even though they are levers). SDLeary
  12. Total Damage greater than SIZ caused knock back... not damage that made it past your shield or through your armor. SDLeary
  13. Same entity, different traditions (I think I've said that before in a different thread). Its not the magical issues that cause pause. Its the cultural. So even if Elmal IS Yelmalio, and a subcult thereof, I hope that there is more than the somewhat simple entries that we have become used to. SDLeary
  14. That was actually one of the things I was considering... something that will be revealed during or just after the Hero Wars. SDLeary
  15. There is a major difference. The revelation in your example is Clark/Superman reinforcing the spoiling by Monrogh. In the Gloranthan example, its Monrogh telling you that A is B, without any physical reinforcement. Hell, he could simply be bewitching you! Humans are a lot more suspicious than that. I also have to imagine that many other Orlanthi (ie many of the vast majority that are not Elmali) aren't comfortable with these foreign ways being imported into their homelands either. SDLeary
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