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  1. Soltakss is correct. Should be able to be used... however I would suggest a test run before actual use in a campaign. SDLeary
  2. How are you determining "volume of fire..."? Number of rounds... rolled damage... vs POW on the resistance table or somehow an opposed roll? SDLeary
  3. Classic Fantasy is a supplement, so would require the core rules. SDLeary
  4. Stumbled upon the following article. Only glanced so far, but thought it might be interesting to some. SDLeary Bronze Age Swordsmanship: New Insights from Experiments and Wear Analysis
  5. Yes, such as tips for the "world" from Culhwch and Olwen and The Dream of Rhonabwy. With guest appearances by Pwyll, Branwen, Manawydan, Math, and the rest of the crew. SDLeary
  6. As if you need “time” to read anything. 😉 SDLeary
  7. Over the last week?! Your slowing down! SDLeary
  8. There is THIS... Its an online product, though it is a subscription. I haven't used it, but what they're showing looks nice. SDLeary
  9. Good luck with that! They can't seem to find it anywhere!! 😉 SDLeary
  10. I somewhat agree, though for me, my favorite version is 4e. I would love to see a cleaned up hardbound of 4e, with errata incorporated. First editions will always do well though, because people want to see the start of something... and to be fair, 1e had the most beautiful cover of all of them! SDLeary
  11. I have to say, this is a beautiful layout, and it is much more readable on screen (to my eyes at least) than any of the 5-series layouts. I hope that carries over to print... choose paper wisely! SDLeary
  12. It has varied over time as far as Face, but traditionally they have gone with 9/11 rather than 9/12. Is 9/12 specified in the new templates they provide for Jonstown? SDLeary
  13. If anyone is interested on filling out East Anglia in their campaign, head over to Alistor's Skull Inn and look at the thread by the same name. Interesting find info from just north of Sutton Hoo! SDLeary
  14. Just in case anyone is interested, came across this series on my travels today on YouTube. Only watched the first video so far, but looks like its going to all be enlightening! SDLeary Rendlesham
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