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  1. How about something along the lines of what UA2 did... Stress. Might even go with Traumatic Stress to emphasize events as the cause; as opposed to biological, chemical, or other causes. In fact, this was proposed in Nick's Uncounted Worlds 2 fanzine. SDLeary
  2. Characteristics Point Redistribution

    #1 is the way we have always interpreted that. Honestly though, its whatever is best for your game, with GM approval. SDLeary
  3. Perpetual Spirit Magic

    I was actually going to say something about this myself, but the only group that came to mind was the Mostali. Are there others that utilize the power of Stasis? And are any of those peoples that we would consider as using "Spirit" magic? SDLeary
  4. Charge Attacks, Multiple Attacks, Grappling

    We had something "like this" happen in one of the RQ games I was in! Damn Ogre. SDLeary
  5. Charge Attacks, Multiple Attacks, Grappling

    Or 40/40, with the other 20 allotted to "Critical Nearest PC" if a third (or more) party is present. SDLeary
  6. Perpetual Spirit Magic

    I would allow this, but only with a sacrifice of characteristic POW equal to the cost of the spell (ie., the shaman that creates it cuts his hand and drips blood; or if more is needed an actual sacrifice of some type). Not really in the rules, but makes sense if you want to keep the thing running. SDLeary
  7. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    They didn't respond specifically to the runes issue, but did say that they were going to both have an artsy character sheet, and a B&W one. My guess is that what we are looking at is probably preliminary, and will probably go through final tweaks. SDLeary
  8. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Same here. Perhaps if they were taken down a few more %, so writing could contrast better. SDLeary
  9. Bonus and penalty dice might be a nice "modern" way to replace the old static situational bonus and penalties, not sure about pushing though. Perhaps as a lower form of DI? And why not RQ3? Could change up the flavor slightly. SDLeary
  10. That would be RQ3. DEX SR of one would give you shots on 1/5/9. SDLeary
  11. Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    Google is returning an error for that post. SDLeary
  12. Other Worlds RPG

    Yes, your right. In my mind HeroWars would be first edition, HQ1 second, and so on. Thats how I was numbering it. It was supposed to be more than an attempt at creating a generic rule set. It was supposed to be a full on revision. With a separate Glorantha book to come out later. So an early attempt at what became HQ2 SDLeary
  13. Based on the descriptions, the spell could describe the cold (as in emotionless), hard, driven killers often depicted in movies. SDLeary
  14. In some ways, this is harder to answer than the RQ version question, because it really depends on who's vision of Glorantha you are looking at. I thought Sandy's Pamaltela campaign fit perfectly for what led up to RQ3; he presented a somewhat gritty campaign with heroic elements and moments along with some horror elements (Its Sandy after all). The game fit fine. Loved it. If we are looking more from the Greg perspective, then I would say Issaries HeroQuest. Appropriately abstract which made it easy to play a Heroic game (and Superheros too), but I admit to not liking extended contests, prefer chained simple contests. But I think my favorite would be one not on your list, probably because it was only Semi-Published (appeared in a magazine). That would be Dave Dunham's PenDragon Pass. For me, just about the perfect level of abstraction/structure to be able to play just about anyone from a farmer up to a Hero. And, if you look at it now and replace the Pendragon high skill rules with Masteries, then you have a single game where you can start of as street level urchins and work your way up to truly heroic lives, assuming you survive of course. SDLeary
  15. Boxing Day Sale!

    Hey Loz, I'm not sure you meant to do this, but the above link routes through Facebook. SDLeary