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  1. SDLeary

    Chicken soup is awesome stuff

    Come now. If you have access to "ancient texts", then anything is possible! SDLeary
  2. SDLeary

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    As there is supposed to be a Supers genre pack coming out for it (Superworld), that would be very apropos! SDLeary
  3. SDLeary

    Javelin - 1H Spear or Thrown?

    You would think, but "short sword" was both Gladius (cut and thrust), and Kukri ("normal" usage); and while it can, its not really designed for thrusting. Also, "broadsword" was more a "migration/frankish/viking" type blade with a point, or an arming sword. Remember the time period that Fantasy Europe was occupying. SDLeary
  4. SDLeary

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Yes, its pretty straight forward. Essentially a tweaked version of Stormbringer 5. That boils down to DEX based combat sequencing, attack and parry as single skill, hit points with no locations, Major Wounds... and on. Pretty much as easy as core Cthulhu without Sanity. Some complexity can arise if you use magic from the Advanced Sorcery supplement, but magic in the core is pretty straight forward. SDLeary
  5. SDLeary

    Delta Green!

    I'm not sure if it was the wait, but the books actually look quite a bit better than the PDF does (and thats off an iPad Pro). The only thing that I have found a little off so far is that they have followed a path similar to oldChaosium, that is to say Body Text that looks good on a tablet, but is slightly too big in print. Not as bad as some of the last oldChaosium products though. SDLeary
  6. SDLeary

    Delta Green!

    The Delta Green set has finally arrived! Woo Hoo! SDLeary
  7. SDLeary

    Runes, how many?

    Hey David, if you are the Rune Master, would it be possible to get all the older rune packs posted in a single area? A lot of them seem to have vanished from the intarwebs! Specifically I'm looking for the regional ones, ex. Sartar.ttf (I still have this one). SDLeary
  8. SDLeary

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    I would like to second this. Even if its just an appendix on how to take thing and convert. And while Anaxial's Roster is still available, I bet things will have changed a bit in the lasts 18 or so years. And to extend this to HQ and its future in general, I would like to suggest this type of adaption for ANY Gloranthan supplement, and perhaps any Chaosium supplements (thinking of things like Malleus Monstrorum, though I might like to see something like Masks with this too). It would at least give people an idea of how differences of scale might progress, even if they modify said scales for their own games. SDLeary
  9. SDLeary

    RQG: how much RQ3 still in it?

    Fair... we used the Blue Box until 2e came out. SDLeary
  10. SDLeary

    RQG: how much RQ3 still in it?

    True, but the group I played with didn't have the GMs book for some time in those early days, we played almost all from the players book (which had all the core rules in it). And one of the group had the MM. We were all early teens with little money to spend. Its only that you should expect the rules in a core rules book. Advanced rules, optional rules, special circumstance rules, world building, detailed world description, place them in other books, sure. But core rules should be in one place. And again, with as much as the deadlines of combat is emphasized, and alternatives to killing advised, less-lethal methods of succeeding in combat should have been included in the main book. Now, do I expect them to fix this? No. Layout is done and last minute error-trapping/fixing needs to progress. However, I would suggest that they at least take the section that describes Disarming , format it as the book is formatted, and place it on their site for download. SDLeary
  11. SDLeary

    RQG: how much RQ3 still in it?

    Yes, or perhaps they are the last alive and you need them for questioning. Though I don't like the mechanic, Mythras/RQ6 has the Combat Special Effect of Compel Surrender. SDLeary
  12. SDLeary

    RQG: how much RQ3 still in it?

    Go to the end of the line or where you want to split the conversation, and hit your enter key twice. SDLeary
  13. SDLeary

    RQG: how much RQ3 still in it?

    OK, I'm not that far into the PDF yet (have to work 😐), but scrolling to that area I can see reason for the frustration. With as much as the deadlines of combat is emphasized, and alternatives to killing advised, less-lethal methods of succeeding in combat should have been included in the main book. You have no guarantees that players will have access to the other books. You have no guarantees that GMs will buy the GMs book. The new book already has tons more info that any previous edition, they might just go with that. The lack of less-lethal methods is an oversight. While the breadth and description of the languages are very nice, much of that information (at least in this detailed a form) should have been someplace else, such as the Bestiary (Auld Wymish, Beastspeech, Darktongue, Aldryami, Mostali, Seatongue), or perhaps the Cults book (Earthtongue, Firespeech, Seatongue, Stormspeech). Now should anyone think that I'm not a Gloranthan fan, I can say that my Guide sits proudly on my bookcase. I may not be able to There are other areas as well that could have been trimmed (moved to downloads) if fitting other rules were an issue. Should anyone think that I'm not a Gloranthan fan, I can say that my Guide sits proudly on my bookcase. I may not be able to recite chapter and verse as may can, I still love the world. Now all of that that being said, this book is beautiful, far beyond my expectations in presentation. I will be buying it. SDLeary
  14. SDLeary

    Opinions on Damage

    This was my thought, and why I started checking out a progressive table. I chose /10 originally because it allowed damage to exist in roughly the same range as RQ3; similar average and similar max for a "normal" adventurer with a +1d4 bonus (based on a 1d8 -ish weapon). Variation would be minimal enough that compensating would be almost trivial. As noted though, the higher end especially with beasties becomes a real issue. Yeah, using Heroic HP or simply bumping locational values on the table to the left a bit. SDLeary
  15. SDLeary

    Opinions on Damage

    Oh, by the way... Damage = (STR + SIZ)/10 is the formula that i'm using to determine number of d6 if I end up going the Pendragon route. SDLeary