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  1. Bonus and penalty dice might be a nice "modern" way to replace the old static situational bonus and penalties, not sure about pushing though. Perhaps as a lower form of DI? And why not RQ3? Could change up the flavor slightly. SDLeary
  2. That would be RQ3. DEX SR of one would give you shots on 1/5/9. SDLeary
  3. Understanding the HeroQuest Core Mechanic

    Google is returning an error for that post. SDLeary
  4. Other Worlds RPG

    Yes, your right. In my mind HeroWars would be first edition, HQ1 second, and so on. Thats how I was numbering it. It was supposed to be more than an attempt at creating a generic rule set. It was supposed to be a full on revision. With a separate Glorantha book to come out later. So an early attempt at what became HQ2 SDLeary
  5. Based on the descriptions, the spell could describe the cold (as in emotionless), hard, driven killers often depicted in movies. SDLeary
  6. In some ways, this is harder to answer than the RQ version question, because it really depends on who's vision of Glorantha you are looking at. I thought Sandy's Pamaltela campaign fit perfectly for what led up to RQ3; he presented a somewhat gritty campaign with heroic elements and moments along with some horror elements (Its Sandy after all). The game fit fine. Loved it. If we are looking more from the Greg perspective, then I would say Issaries HeroQuest. Appropriately abstract which made it easy to play a Heroic game (and Superheros too), but I admit to not liking extended contests, prefer chained simple contests. But I think my favorite would be one not on your list, probably because it was only Semi-Published (appeared in a magazine). That would be Dave Dunham's PenDragon Pass. For me, just about the perfect level of abstraction/structure to be able to play just about anyone from a farmer up to a Hero. And, if you look at it now and replace the Pendragon high skill rules with Masteries, then you have a single game where you can start of as street level urchins and work your way up to truly heroic lives, assuming you survive of course. SDLeary
  7. Boxing Day Sale!

    Hey Loz, I'm not sure you meant to do this, but the above link routes through Facebook. SDLeary
  8. Height and weight for PCs

    It was Stormbringer; very similar to the ones in Mythras. Ringworld had modifications at character creation to various stats based upon homeworld gravity. SDLeary
  9. Weapon Penetration Ratings

    Didn't one of the BRP spin off's try this? Damage based on a formula similar to DM, resulting in a die (say D8), then having the weapon type shift that up or down (ex d8 down to d6) depending on type? Or perhaps I'm remembering an old thread on a similar subject from the speculation period before one of the major game releases. SDLeary
  10. Weapon Penetration Ratings

    Oddly, along the lines of Pendragon. STR + SIZ / 6 = Damage in d6 This is an interesting thought. Perhaps then, STR under the required for the weapon lowers the amount of damage for the weapon by one step? This of course would open up another can of worms; that being possibly penalized twice for low STR (in terms of damage), once with a low or no DM, and then again for not enough STR for the weapon itself. SDLeary
  11. Alternative Ways for Autofire.

    Yes, if the attack roll is a Critical (only success level above success), then the weapons lethality rating is doubled. Critical attacks in the game outside of the Lethality double rolled damage. SDLeary
  12. Hit location armor

    We got into the habit of rolling % dice to see how much of the limb was lost. Further hits to that location went to general HP IIRC if there was something left. If there wasn't, then it went on to the abdomen or chest. SDLeary
  13. Alternative Ways for Autofire.

    Perhaps an opposed roll against the targets CON x5? The way I like to work things is that at 0 HP rather than the person dying, they are in that downward spiral just before death. Depending upon how the damage was inflicted, they then have CON rounds, minutes, or hours to live, unless they receive First Aid, which simply stabilizes someone. Perhaps if the Target makes their CON test, then they are at 0 HP (under the above method) and have pushed their time from one level to the next (ex. minutes to hours); a crit moving things two levels? SDLeary
  14. Mythic Constantinople Sneak Preview

    An excellent intro! Have you thought of a Special package with ROME? You should see if Mark can redo the video to this this! Istanbul SDLeary PS, the slower original version to make it easier.
  15. Alternative Ways for Autofire.

    Because the STR requirement and can vary widely, I'm partial to the old RQ3 penalties in this area. -5% for each point of STR under the requirement. I would not necessarily have a bonus for 2 hand use with a pistol, but would probably negate part of a STR penalty. Bracing, perhaps 10%. You have four basic options. Single Shot, Short Burst, Long Burst, Spray. A short burst is considered three rounds at a single target, and has a Lethality Rating of X%. A long burst is considered five rounds at a 1m area of effect, also with a X% lethality rating. Spraying is also in short and long varieties, being the same as a long burst, but with 2 and 3 meter areas of effect. The Lethality Rating is a percentile chance that the target dies outright from the hit, thus no rolling for number of rounds that hit, etc. If a lethality test is a success, the target drops to 0 HP; if it fails, add the two dice together (0's counting as 10s) and apply the result as damage. Regular weapon damage is only rolled for single shot. To streamline things, some larger calibers also ONLY have a lethality rating (very heavy hunting rounds, .50 BMG, etc.) even if they will only ever fire single shot. For most longarms the rating is 10%, large caliber arms up to 20%. You still have the problem with the T-Rex, but you do have the chance to kill him outright. Now, something I don't like about the system. The lethality rating seems to be applied to all rifles, regardless of autofire or not. I would probably restrict this to automatic weapons only, and roll normal damage for bolt or semi weapons. SDLeary