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  1. Lloegyr is Welsh for "The Foreign Lands". If you look at a map, its generally equated to the area southeast of the Fosse Way, and equates to the area most heavily Romanized. Oddly, its also the area the Welsh thought was most English, and today is the area that considers itself British as opposed to Welsh, English, or Scottish. In other words it really translates to "Them odd folk who don't think like us proper folk". 😉 I have never seen it spelled Lloigor though. Would you have a source? And the Lloigor that I know should be hunted, lest they regain a foothold and enslave us! SDLeary
  2. That works too unless you want to use locational armor. SDLeary
  3. I second this... sounds a lot like Unknown Armies, specifically pre 3rd edition. SDLeary
  4. And that's with the bow that he can "pull all day". I wonder what his draw would look like with a 200lb monster. SDLeary
  5. E-Gads! The Stampede LIVES! 😉


  6. This one?? I don't think there are cars though. SDLeary
  7. Agreed... I'm thinking more of the possibility of the juggling of Hulu's overlords derailing things, or at least pushing them back. SDLeary
  8. Those that read the books... how many of those are gamers is anyones guess. Potentially more in the future, if the Wild Cards TV series ever gets off the ground. SDLeary
  9. Tod, over at Tod's Workshop, got a bunch of people together to conduct a test of archery vs. Plate harness, specifically at the time of Agincourt. The players... An archer who is using a 160 lb bow, An armorer (sorry, armourer) that created a breastplate based upon a French original from 1390, And an arrow smith and fletcher who created the arrowheads based on originals in the Museum of London, and the arrows based upon those from the Mary Rose. Have fun!! SDLeary
  10. SDLeary


    Yup... I had already posted there. SDLeary
  11. Hmmm... didn't fumble... but I did end up with a Jeff rather than a MOB. Like Simorgan I understand the effort being put into RQ:G, and love it even if my pocket book doesn't. And I'm also glad that its still in the "pipeline", but three years is a bit long to sit on a manuscript after announcing that it had already gone to editing and art. SDLeary
  12. Between both of us asking... and the crickets that I hear now... I'm going to say something happened and its not happening. What about you? 😕 Perhaps we need an actual Summoning to get them to look at this forum. Ickity Ackity oop! Oh oh squeak! Ah ah pffft! @MOB SDLeary
  13. Wooo! Nice! That, Mesopotamia, and there was a third... What was its name again? Its been so long! 😉 Status on that one? SDLeary
  14. SDLeary


    Another bump
  15. Which is why I asked the question. SDLeary
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