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  1. Yeah, I remember. I was hoping that you had it though, because I missed most of that exchange before things vanished! SDLeary
  2. ... SDLeary
  3. You didn't archive the whole forum did you? SDLeary
  4. Um... Trif... Looks like a spammer got in again. Unless of course you are learning Korean, and just needed reading material. In the Basic Roleplaying forum. SDLeary
  5. For my group it really wasn't a matter of skills; we all had characters at various points throughout our campaign that could have become Rune Masters or Priests (though I might be the exception to that, I'd have to consult records). The issue was really the campaign itself. It took the characters way out of their home districts, and over time created an extremely diverse group who's only binding factor was the mission of the campaign. Everyones character had so much invested in this at different times that no one wanted to retire their characters to have the become something more. That was always something that was to be done "once we completed the mission", which in grand BRP fashion became "if" for many characters. The other issue, iirc, was POW. We had no trouble using our magic when we damn well needed to! SDLeary
  6. A small suggestion on terminology. Kill the term Minor completely (or kill Marginal and use Minor). It diminishes the thought of Victory, and turns the mind negative. Thus we would have the following: Complete (or Major) Victory [Yes, and...] Victory [Yes] Marginal (Minor) Victory [Yes, but...] Marginal (Minor) Defeat [No, but...] Defeat [No] Complete Defeat [No, and...] This way the perception of Victory and Defeat is much more solid. SDLeary
  7. I think this is really really important as it appears from Ricks comments that there will be heroquesting in the new RQ rules. Chaosium can always publish Glorantha material with multiple stats, or systemless (as the Guide), which will allow play across the two or three "Gloranthan" games. Please seriously consider things outside Glorantha. HQ would be a good core for Superworld; find a replacement for Nameless Streets; utilize the Gateway process. HQ:G should become the Heroquest book on how to play in Glorantha, not the core book. Revise and expand the third edition book. HQ and RQ are different games, but what is Chaosium trying to achieve with them? SDLeary
  8. Seeing as you asked about settings, and essentially had an "other" category (More "exotic" locations), I'm going to take this in another direction... Superworld A Nameless Streets replacement More along these lines For all intents and purposes, you guys have two competing game systems at this point. If you want to grow things more quickly (beyond the Glorantha Guard, or nostalgia purchases) you have to also expand your setting portfolio. Now this is true of either system really, but Heroquest would be a seriously good fit for the first example above. We have had discussions on this board about Worlds of Wonder... perhaps this time around, WoW uses HQ at its core, to show its play diversity. In sort, think Heroquest, not just HQ:G (imo, this is simply a bridge-book for those that want to use the system in Glorantha). As for power levels, I'd love to see more examples of low powered play. Not that I don't like high powered stuff, but I'd like to see characters start from humble beginnings and become high powered. HQ has the ability to scale in this fashion, but tends to focus on those that are already heroes. SDLeary
  9. What about simply giving the opponent a penalty to their next action? They have been placed at a disadvantage (tripped, bad footing, poor positioning, etc) by the action of the attacker. Say –25%? This, combined with the damage of the lucky hit, might yield interesting results. SDLeary
  10. Yes! That fits much better. SDLeary
  11. I would say Spot more than Search. Search is much more looking in drawers, turning over furniture; much more an action than something sensory based. I would say Jump, Run, Wrestle, just because I'm a contrarian. Engineer should really be a different skill. Someone who knows how to set traps, repair a barrel, doesn't know how to build a tower, or design a siege engine. An Engineer is unlikely to know how to properly build a trap (I envision Trap as including the ability to camouflage or conceal the existence of a trap). Its like the difference between First Aid and Surgery in other games. Manipulation implies the use of hands, which Move Quietly probably doesn't do often, other than to gently move branches or impediments out of the way. I would shunt this into Physical, perhaps even combining it with Hide and simply calling the resulting skill Stealth (moving quietly often also includes hiding; and hiding often includes getting to your hiding point without being detected). I have issues with a universal "Medicine" skill to, but this has been around for a while, so I'd keep it. SDLeary
  12. I would keep Cultures and Professions. IMO lifepaths can be too fiddly. You could ways keep options around for a change of profession at some point, or even just a simple point buy. Point allocation, with die rolling as an option. Two different point totals; one for "normals" and one for "heroes". Same with die rolls, 3d6 for "normals" and 2d6+6 for "heroes". This gives a bit more variability for both characters and game type. I would be inclined to keep the modifiers, but I'm willing to take a look at what a new Aptitude system might look like. I would also keep MWs allotments, with Allocated points as an option. (Lots of sidebars in my version!) Swim and Climb do not belong in Athletics, though combining others would work. Being a good runner doesn't mean you know how to swim. Being a big and burly football player doesn't mean you can climb well. In fact, I would be inclined to allow this version to function as a Grapple/Wrestling replacement. Do not go overboard with skill renaming. Repair/Devise is much more focused; if you rename it Engineer, then you might have a hunter trying to build a ballista. Yes, agreed. SDLeary
  13. Last weeks score...
  14. Sorry, Eclipse Phase. SDLeary
  15. I like some of its ideas, but hate the needless complexity. How did you pare it? SDLeary