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More Inspiration From Agatha Christie


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BRP fans are always looking for the next globe-trotting mystery campaign for Astounding Adventures or Call of Cthulhu.  But Agatha Christie has already written two of them for you, complete with exotic locations, tangled conspiracies, and ruthless but colorful villains.  And they're even set in the right era.

"The Man In the Brown Suit" (1924) is crammed with murder, hidden identities, sea voyages, mysterious NPCs with shady agendas, and colonial adventure in South Africa.  "They Came to Bagdad" (1951) has very much the same action -adventure feel, only this time set in the Mideast with a bit of James Bond flair thrown in.  No spoilers, but a GM could pretty much read these novels, stat up the major characters, and run a game.   Both are available as audiobooks online.

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