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Lazy kids these days...

Different Worlds Publications - Valus

Now, that wasn't too hard was it? >:->

All that googling just wears me out! ;)

Valus does look good at a glance yes. Would be a simple D&D conversion, or just scrapping the rules all together, using only the fluff. But what kind of quality the setting really has is difficult to know before you buy it.


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All that googling just wears me out!

Poor little enlo! they just don't make trolls like they used to :) Praise unto Nysalor, the Illuminating Light!

About Valus, I guess I basically just liked the map :) But reading a couple of the reviews (some of the links actually did work) it seemed interesting and quite a bit different from most of the D20 stuff (not that I really know). But I'm not going to buy it any time soon.

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