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Crafting artifacts and glory *Obsolete*

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Hi Adaras, to which books exactly are you referring? I only remember magic rules for KAP in 4th Edition, but they don't explain in much detail how to make magical artifacts. I don't know of any KAP "book of magic", as you call it. Is it a French language supplement?

In any case, it makes sense that artifacts from the stories are few and far apart, are very important, widely known and grant exceptional abilities: they are the matter of legends. So, whoever gets them receives Glory, since the PK becomes "the famous knight Xyz, who wields the legendary sword Zxy that can kill any giant", and so on. Artifacts made by player magicians, OTOH, shoulnd't usually be so powerful and shouldn't grant such superhuman powers, thus getting them does not grant any Glory.

Of course, no one is stopping you from letting your player manufacture a legendary artifact granting Glory to the owner, but the character should be an exceptionally powerful magician, they should forfeit most of their magic power permanently to produce the artifact, and there should be high chances of failure. And it should be the accomplishment of a lifetime. My 2 denarii, of course!

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