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  1. Yes, good catch! As I said, it's highly unlikely that an official errata for 5.2 will ever be produced. However, we can make sure to check the new 6th edition for this specific error, now that we know it exists. šŸ™‚
  2. Since the 6th Edition has been officially announced as forthcoming, I don't think we'll see any update to the 5.2 edition, nor any official 5.2 errata. However, this is the right place to discuss and receive advice on any problems or errors within current rules. Can you describe the editorial error you wrote about?
  3. My idea of Passions is: they are a source of really extreme emotions, which can range from positive, very encouraging and inspiring, to disheartening and despairing. When you are a "passionate" human (.i.e, if you have any Passion at all), you can experiment both sides of your Passions. The positive, "inspiring" effect is mostly a psychological effect that drives you to gread deeds; in a similar way, the "disheartening" effect is a psychological effect that drives you to despair and eventually madness. So, when you fumble your Passion roll, you become Mad from despair and do crazy things,
  4. Ok, so thanks to the kind collaboration of MOB, the Italian translations of both #WeArAllUs / #SiamoTuttiNoi adventures are now up on Chaosium's itch.io page: - La Grande Caccia (2020): https://chaosium.itch.io/the-adventure-of-the-great-hunt - La Cerca della Lama Rossa (2019): https://chaosium.itch.io/the-quest-of-the-red-blade In both cases, scroll to the bottom to see the download link. Hope that some fellow Italian GMs and Players will enjoy these two items! I sure had a blast translating them. Roberto
  5. Are you interested in translations to other languages? I'd love to try my hand at translating the quickstart & preview to Italian. Although, no Italian edition of KAP exists right now...
  6. People have noted, in this thread and elsewhere, that IRL the average woman tends to have lower strength than the average man. This could possibly have a (negative) effect on the female knight's effectiveness in combat, also possibly leading to some form of "discrimination" on the part of liege lords. However, again in this thread and elsewhere, it has been noted that women warriors are historically common in several cultures. Do we have any data or documents on how female warriors were evaluated in these cultures? Were they thought of as equal to male warriors? Or, did they tend to have
  7. Good choice, @weasel fierce! I always feel Paladin is a ā€œlittleā€ wonderful gem of a book that still gets too little attention and excitement...
  8. Thanks for the summary, @redmoongoddess! By all means, do it for the new rules as well! The book of magic is called Codex Mirabilis, and if I recall correctly, thereā€™s also a book on religious magic in the works, called Codex Sanctus or something similar. This latter one should be at a much earlier stage of completion.
  9. Needless to say, being the "original" proponent of 50/50 male/female knights, I'm 100% in agreement with Morien here. Morien, thanks for your detailed analysis: I like it A LOT, and will use it for sure in my KAP game! IMO, the matters of knight pregnancy and female inheritance should be treated as sources of possible interesting events and incidents, not as some sort of hindrance to the inclusion of some groups of people: i.e., as an ENRICHMENT of the setting. Roberto
  10. I would like to chime in to say my 2 cents. I'm one of those "small subset of players". I'd like to have about 50% female knights in the KAP corebook. Heck, I'd like to have about 50% of the kings, rulers and other nobles be female. I'd like to have LGBTQ+ characters sprinkled all over the place. I'd like to see some female knight apply fine amor to a male househusband. I'd like to have Dame Lancelotte have an affair with Queen Guenevere Pendragon, and even weirder things. Right there, in the corebook. Will they be there? I don't think so. Would it be a good thing to have them there? I think
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