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  1. I second @David Scott's suggestion: just use the KAP 4th Edition's magic rules, which are flavourful, really entertaining and explicitly tied to the background. Simply reduce the time/aging requirements/costs until you obtain a system that works for you.
  2. As @albinoboo said, it's my Kickstarter reward from a some time ago: August 2017, but with estimated delivery by april 2018, so it's just a year late. Nothing strange, compared to mean production delays of this industry, and it was worth every day of waiting! I confirm that the PDFs (of both books) are avilable both on Drivethrurpg and on Chaosium's website: https://www.chaosium.com/paladin/ Hopefully, Chaosium will start selling the physical books once the kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled, so everyone can feast their eyes on these beautiful products!
  3. They exist! I've just received my backer copies of the Paladin Handbook & the Adventure Book. Really gorgeous, two stunning hardbacks! The gilded page edges and fabric bookmarks are two really neat details of superior production value. Very happy of this purchase (or should I say "funding"?). Thanks Nocturnal and thanks Chaosium!
  4. Hi Scotty, if Chaosium wants to acquire a copy of the first edition book, it seems to be available from AbeBooks: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=30262819994&searchurl=sortby%3D17%26tn%3DKing%2BArthur%2Bcompanion&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title1 at the VERY cheap price of 3.78 $, good conditions, free shipping within the USA. It's also available here: https://www.threegeeseinflight.com/product/21741/The-King-Arthur-Companion--First-Edition-Hardcover-Phyllis-Ann-Karr but not so cheap, 45 $, very good+ conditions. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi there! Basically, Scotty has just posted the two files that I had posted on the old Nocturnal forums (Book of the Warlord and Book of Uther name conversion lists). Combined with the other two lists (which include the Book of Estate and another list, don't know form which book), they should cover most names needed. It should be trivial to combine them in a sigle list/file, I can do it if there is interest. I fear that producing the reverse list, from modern to descriptive names (is it needed?), will be more difficult and error-prone, but I can try this too. At home, I should still have an old file of the Pendragon Atlas with two big name lists, one for the descriptive --> modern conversion, another for the reverse modern --> descriptive conversion. IIRC, Greg gave it to me for completion but I probably never got around to really finish the task, due to the general reverting to previous names (thus the task became basically useless). Again IIRC, it contains a lot more than simple name lists. So, if I find the file(s), I'll send it privately to Scotty, who will then decide if Chaosium wants to post it here, or to post just any name lists included there, or to use it in any other way. Best, Roberto
  6. French scenarios included in magazines: - Backstab Backstab 03 - Qui va a la chasse Backstab 08 - Le roi se meurt - Casus Belli (2nd series) CB 040 - Anciens Mysteres CB 074 - Premieres Armes CB 099 - Le Loup dans la Bergerie CB 103 - Gout de cendres CB 112 - Enfant des fees CB 114 - Quatre filles CB HS08 - Chasse au blanc cerf CB HS15 - Chant des loups CB HS24 - Meute doree de Saxemord - Tatou 1 or 2 scenarios/articles per issue between issues 10-24 Please note that I haven't got EVERY issue of Backstab, Tatou and CB magazines, so some scenarios could be missing from those lists. Spanish scenarios included in magazines: - Nivel 9 Nivel9 10 - La Dama Misteriosa Nivel9 12 - Do ut Des
  7. Here it is. Original French scenarios included in official books: Editeur Oriflam - Le roi oublié (with the GM screen) Editeur Icare - Chroniques de Pendragon 1 (one scenario per year, 486-492): Le linceul de Noctua (8 pages) qui voit les chevaliers en quête d'une relique dérobée dans un couvent saccagé, L’honneur sauf (7 pages) où ils doivent mener bataille contre des saxons avant d'être confronté au véritable problème, L’Enfant des Marais (8 pages), épisode dans lequel les héros se dressent face à des créatures habitant des marais, Triste Muse (9 pages) avec une étape au coeur de l'hiver dans un chateau à l'atmosphère lourde, Chevalier, Pilleur, Bourreau (8 pages) où les chevaliers tentent de retrouver de leurs frères faits prisonniers, Nos Maudites Chimères (9 pages) centré une Dame enlevée à délivrer, La course de l’Enchanteur (7 pages) qui met en scène Merlin lui-même pour les envoyer rechercher un chevalier retenu dans une forêt par un voeu. - Chroniques de Pendragon 2 (one scenario per year, 494-507): L'eau des morts (11 pages) où les Chevalierst doivent découvrir l'origine d'une malédiction et la lever pour convaincre un souverain de faire alliance avec Uther, Trésors d'Anarchie (8 pages) qui se déroule avec en toile de fond une invasion saxonne, la mort d'Uther, et le début de la période d'anarchie qui s'ensuit, Veilleur & Soudoier (10 pages) qu voit les Chevaliers rechercher l'allégeance d'un de leurs pairs pour le trouver mort, et rechercher ce qui a mené à cette issue, Les adieux du sorcier (10 pages) où les Chevaliers doivent respecter une dette, repousser des saxons et remplir une mission pour un vieil allié, Morgane (10 pages) se déroulant en Cornouailles où les Chevaliers ont été mandés en ambassade et où ils vont devoir libérer le prince capturé pour être livré à ses ennemis, Il était une Foi (12 pages) qui voit les PJ aider une alliée de leur suzeraine à retrouver son père puis à reprendre son fief à des chevaliers félons, L'aube derrière les brumes (11 pages), s'étendant sur trois années, et permettant aux Chevaliers de nouer de nouvelles alliances, d'en découdre avec les saxons jusqu'à la bataille de Cambridge et la libération de Londres - Rédempteurs (in La Rose et l'Epée, translation of BoK&L) - La Mariée Cambrienne (with the GM screen) - L'Abondant Fils Ainé (with the GM screen) - Les cendres de Dieu (in Fiefs et Manoirs, translation of BoM and BotE) - La Bête de Tilshead (in Pendragon rulebook)
  8. The French publishers of Pendragon have produced a notable amount of original, official material for the game. If you can read French, I can put a list here for your perusal. Also, the French magazines Casus Belli, Tatou, Backstab and Descartes Magazine included several original Pendragon scenarios over the years.
  9. Well, if you like income ranges as a function of pay (the latter rounded off to the nearest £0.5), you probably also want to round off a bit the income range figures too. For example: (of course, instead of 451-650 and 651-850, you could write 450-649 and 650-849, and so on).
  10. My suggestion? Round the revenue to the nearest hundreds of libra (here, to £1600), then follow this table: It was obtained from the best Excel fit of the data provided, with this function: pay = 1.736 * ln(revenue) - 6.9625 In this instance the officer pay would be £5.8, or £5 16s. I don't know how this relates to any court costs, however.
  11. I just discovered that Chaosium is debuting a whole host of new convention scenarios this year at GenCon, and... ...DRUM ROLLS PLEASE... ... there will be tables to play both Pendragon and Prince Valiant!!! Here's the link to the news, directly from Chaosium's blog: https://www.chaosium.com/bloggen-con-preview-2-new-convention-scenarios-debuting-at-gen-con?mc_cid=1c38f85966&mc_eid=18d84ef2aa Unfortunatley I live in Italy, so I'll not attend GenCon, but all fellow KAP forum members can rejoice in knowing that KAP and PV are again under the spotlight! Is anyone in this forum planning to attend?
  12. +1! Even just the book covers of all editions and supplements would make for a beautiful book! Let's keep on dreaming...
  13. I know I'm probably over-enthusiastic, but I really like the cover art of ALL KAP editions... Maybe you could sell good-quality prints of all of them???
  14. Where does the "Pugnacious" bonus come from? I think I've never heard of it...
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