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    GM/player since 1986. I began with the old school RPGs (D&D, AD&D, Call of Cthulhu) and still play most of them.
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    Pendragon, CoC, Trail of Cthulhu, WFRP, Ultima Forsan for Savage Worlds, Heroquest Glorantha
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    I live in Italy, my main hobby is reading (and hopefully playing!) RPGs.

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  1. Thanks Ringan for saving these materials! I for one would be grateful if you shared the files here. Maybe the Forum administrators could find a more "suitable" accommodation for them, possibly in the Great Hall (https://greathall.chaosium.com/)?
  2. I looked again, and couldn't find Goudy in the PDF's font list. However, it could depend on the exact printing you are looking at (I don't know which is mine, but it bears both GS Pendragon's and Nocturnal Media's logos). I'm pretty sure Helvetica is nowhere to be seen, since it's a "sans serif" font that would be very conspicuous among the serif fonts used everywhere. Symbol and Wingdings are of course used for symbols and small glyphs within the body of the text. Times New Roman seems to be the main font used in the whole text. I think that all main titles are written in Buccaneer. However, I haven't found any instance of Windlass, which is a caps-only font (at least in the free version).
  3. I can only answer your off topic question. Adobe Acrobat Reader's Properties menu turns out the following fonts for BoK&L's PDF: Buccaneer Helvetica SymbolMT TimesNewRomanPS Windlass Wingdings Apart from Helvetica, Times New Roman, Symbol and Wingdings, which are all fonts commonly available on most PCs, the remaining two are available as free downloads online: Buccaneer: https://www.wfonts.com/font/buccaneer Windlass: https://www.dafont.com/it/windlass.font
  4. Just looking at this page made me put DIE on my reading list! Thanks for the news!
  5. Maybe what Atgxtg says could be formalized by framing it within the well-known partition of Medieval society into three "orders": those who pray, those who work, those who fight. For KAP, the 3 orders become 4, with the addition of (the very rare) "those who enchant" ("those who charm"?). It does not become one order to actively perform the duties that are typical of another order. So, it does not become a knight to actively produce magic effects, or to celebrate Mass; however, he can certainly attend Mass, or use magic items or benefit from magical effects created by other people.
  6. If the file is REALLY old, the .iwa extension probalby corresponds to an "IBM Writing Assistant" file, not to the more recent "Pages" files from Apple. IWA was a DOS software. If this is correct, I've found this possible solution: it's "File Magic", an apparently free software for file visualization that claims to be able to handle .iwa files: https://www.filemagic.com/it/uncommon-files/iwa-file-extension/iwa-files-what-to-do-if-you-don-t-have-ibm-writing-assistant-text-software/ "File Convert" lists .iwa among the files it can handle and is available as a free trial here: http://file-convert.com/flmn.htm#xl_fmn_pric However, the trial version "introduces spelling errors" into the converted text. So, I'm not sure it's really useful... The "Advanced File Optimizer" webpage claims the following: " .iwa is an IBM Writing Assistant text file. It is a DOS application. A text file stores simple words and text with minimum formatting and no support for images or tables. The file is made up of ASCII characters and they are made up of one byte each. This character set can be read by any text editor." (emphasis mine) They also claim that their (also apparently free) software can "open and fix" .iwa files, here: http://advancedfileoptimizer.com/file-extension/iwa/ As an alternative, if you are able to run DOS software, you can (legally, I think) download IBM Writing Assistant from vetusware.com . It will probably need some amount of tinkering and a floppy disk drive. BTW, Luca, for what purpose do you need the Atlas exactly? If you give us more information, maybe someone here could be able to help you using some freely available resource.
  7. You're very welcome! If I may, you are sorely missing some serious entertainment (and other chances to honor Greg's memory...) if you don't also download and play the other free "We Are All Us" adventures (for Pendragon - by Greg himself! -, Call of Cthulhu, Runequest and HeroQuest). They are available strarting from here: https://www.chaosium.com/we-are-all-us-free-adventures/
  8. Here you go: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/WeAreAllUs/2019/The Sword of Kings - 7th Sea.pdf
  9. Do you want a Don Quixote supplement? Draft a proposal and submit it to the line editor!
  10. Username, this discussion on BoB is very interesting (for me at least). Maybe you could open a new thread? Or continue here, no one has complained yet about trail derailing... 🙂 This community is very courteous (of course!), so feel free to ask your questions wherever you deem appropriate.
  11. I have a directory in my PC, where I put all the books that I feel could be adapted to Pendragon. Here are its contents: - GURPS Camelot - GURPS Celtic Myth - Harkwood (a chivalric adventure/sourcebook for GURPS Classic Fantasy) - All "Daring Tales of Chivalry" books for Savage Worlds (4 books) - "Caves of the Circind" for Mythras Mythic Britain - The Sword and the Loves from Mammut RPG - I, Mordred (alternative setting where Arthur is an usurper and Mordred the rightful king) - Age of Arthur (alternative "historical" setting, includes a scenario and some adventure seeds) - Time of the Wolves (complete campaign for Age of Arthur) Enjoy!
  12. Thanks! Will definitely check this one out!
  13. I second @David Scott's suggestion: just use the KAP 4th Edition's magic rules, which are flavourful, really entertaining and explicitly tied to the background. Simply reduce the time/aging requirements/costs until you obtain a system that works for you.
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