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    GM/player since 1986. I began with the old school RPGs (D&D, AD&D, Call of Cthulhu) and still play most of them.
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    Pendragon, CoC, Trail of Cthulhu, WFRP, Ultima Forsan for Savage Worlds, Heroquest Glorantha
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    Rimini, Italy
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    I live in Italy, my main hobby is reading (and hopefully playing!) RPGs.
  1. mandrill_one

    Family history from 480?

    In this page, https://thewildpeak.wordpress.com/tag/riothamus/ the author hypothesizes that Riothamus retires to Burgundy after his defeat in Europe. Maybe it, or a part of it, could be his kingdom?
  2. mandrill_one

    Pendragon Downloads Section

    I second this request! It seems that some fellow forumites (@Morien in particular) have interesting files to share...
  3. mandrill_one

    Before Iron - Pendragon Mythic Greece RPG

    Well, we also have "Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne", or PWC...
  4. mandrill_one

    Feast Question

    I think these suggestions and comments by Morien are interesting and easily applicable (as usual: thanks Morien!). In particular, I tend to play with very few PKs (1 to 3), and of course a 1-PK party cannot compete internally, while competition within a 3-PK party is quite limited in scope... Moreover, I'm a big fan of collaborative, non-competitive play (it was my main reason to start playing RPGs, back in 1984...). Although not strictly needed, maybe some form of these suggestions could be included as alternate rules in future iterations of the book (hint, hint...)?
  5. mandrill_one

    Prince Valiant

    Sincerely, I don't know. However, I'll check at home with my copies of both editions and will inform you of any significant differences I'll find.
  6. mandrill_one

    Before Iron - Pendragon Mythic Greece RPG

    "Prince (King?) Achilles Myrmidon", abbreviated "Myrmidon" "Swift-footed Achilles Thetides", abbreviated "Thetides" "Swift-footed Achilles Pelides", abbreviated "Pelides"
  7. EDIT: Problem solved, it turns out I had an old PDF (I bought it the first day it was available!), and the new PDF I downloaded today has higher resolution maps. Sorry! Hi! I have the Reign of Terror PDF, and I love every bit of it. EXCEPT... The resolution of maps (both in the main file and in the players' handouts) is awfully low, to the point that it is difficult to read the location numbers and names. Is it possible to download/receive higher-resolution versions of these images? Roberto