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Vithelan Sky World - Questions, Explorations, and Runes


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Namaste all:

My explorations of Vithela continue to proceed apace.   We've been trying to introduce players to the elements of the world via centering each session around telling one or more myths, each one thematically resonant with a story theme or a character's backstory.   This upcoming session involves introducing the Vithelan Sky World, and discussing which of the Parloth live there.

I'm going to collate things between Revealed Mythologies and the appendix A of the Guide, and ask some questions here.

My first question - which star corresponds to Tanye, goddess of Speech?   

Here's my first pass at correspondences, using the order listed in Appendix A of the Guide for sanity reasons.   Many things are blank, and things with question marks are my correspondences, rather than found in either the Guide or Revealed Mythologies.

Celestial Areas
Celestial City - The Palace of the Parloth, Throne of Vith, Govmeranen, and so on.
Celestial Forest
Celestial Desert - Bits of this section were cast down during the Demigods Cycle.
Celestial River - Watery Antigods invaded using this path during the Gods Cycle.
Celestial Marsh

Celestial Bodies
The Sun - Maluraya, Viceroy of Day

Sunpath Planets
Entekos - Mitenkos, the Nourisher
Lightfore - Sentharu, the Steward
Lokarnos - Lomarthalonos, the Server
Mastakos - Ombalavor, the Lover

Southpath Planets
Shargash - Unvoreth, the Guardian
Twinstars - The Rich Twins?

Red Moon
Blue Streak

Dayzatar’s Eye
Polestar - Kendarmin, the Sage

Bagog - Keltari?
Dragon - Dogsalu, the Dragon
Hunt - Hensarava, the Archer
Lorion - Prosandara, Mother of Animals
Sword Stars
Tree - Yothbedta, Mother of Plants?

Seasonal Constellations
Ice Palace 
Pamalt’s Spear

Kalikos - Mendoroko, Entertainer of Midnight
Rausa - Ferenthomenta, Entertainer of the Evening
Theya - Deshelda, Entertainer of the Morning
(Erindamus) - Fothamaroko, Entertainer of Midday

Special Phenomena
Boat Planet - Finzalvo, the Fisherman?
Dark Spot - Sheng Seleris?
Kalikan Lights
Lonely Cry
Lost Rocks
One Night Wish
Orlanth’s Ring - Farsanrana, Viceroy of Night
Sky Storm

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17 hours ago, aumshantih said:

Twinstars - The Rich Twins?

More like Istes and Yothenara/Majadan and Erdires.  They represent the original twins and their much faded stasus (on the Gods Wall they aren't even stars!) is a sign of how far the world has become removed from creation.


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I've been continuing my explorations of this in my game, as the heroes are now heading to the Sky Dome for their first "real" HeroQuest.

My current interest is in what the Vithelans might think of the Blue Moon.   It's runic associations (Water / Moon / Darkness),  seem to imply that its firmly an Adpara / antigod, but its place in the heavens implies that it has some claim to Parloth or Sheradpara status.   

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Your Vithela will vary, but our intrepid heroes have discovered the Tanyen name of the Blue Moon is "Watalbu".

(In "Revealed Mythologies", Watalbu is the last listed child of Vith and Gebkeran, and no details are provided about them in the in Glossary..)

After exploring the ruins of Artmali Brutalist architecture, they have come across the dread realization:

:skull:աǟȶǟʟɮʊ ɨֆ աǟȶƈɦɨռɢ:skull:


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A myth from Vithela, from the Creation Cycle

The First Planet and the First Star,

How Kendarmin was made

First was Sound.
Next was Music.
Last was Dance.
Korudel, the First Sound, became fascinated with Oorduren. The Final Dancer, who, despite the tumult of creation, remained motionless and Still. The Other Sounds, Musicians and Dancers whirled about, joyously continuing the act of Creation.
But Oorduren stood in Stillness. So Korudel, gazed down upon them. They gazed down at them for 10^10 years attempting to discern their motives.
Korudel’s great gaze was so strong, that it burnt a hole through the Firmament of the Sky.
The first hole in firmament became Kendarmin, the Pole Planet, Celestial Sage, the Parloth Who Knows. (Truth / Law)
For another eternity, Kendarmin applied his gaze down upon Ooduren the Sage. Creation moved tumultuously, gloriously unfolding between the great dualities that danced and made music to the cosmic sounds. Through it all, Ooduren stood at the Center, unmoved.
Kendarmin realized that within Oorduren’s Stillness was Freedom, and in that moment, knew Liberation. He uttered the first Word. “Tanye!”, and with it, became the Second Sage.
Korudel opened another eye to gaze at what their son had realized.
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