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[Id, Ego, and Dice] A character focused live play podcast starting our run-through of the Great Pendragon Campaign!

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Hey there and welcome to Id, Ego, and Dice. A weekly live play podcast where I get together with friends and loved ones to play tabletop roleplaying games. We play everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Mork Borg to King Arthur Pendragon.

Why the name Id, Ego, and Dice? Well besides it being lazily evocative, and the only name suggested that wasn’t already taken, our game and stories always tend to focus on the player characters themselves. Personal conflicts. Their relationships with other players, the relationships with non player characters, or their relationship with the world itself.

The conflict of what they decide their character’s instincts are (the ID), the reality or world the character inhabits (ego), and the little plastic symbols that turn and twist their fate (the dice).

Fast and loose is the style of Id, Ego and Dice. Do whatever we can to avoid getting bogged down in rules and minutiae. All in service of the fun and the rule of cool.

What system represents that better then Pendragon! We have just released our first proper campaign episode of the Year 485 where we join our young squires on the hunt of the man-eating Bear of Imber! You can find us on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and most other podcast platforms.






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