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  1. Great book, makes feasts real fun. It does take a while to go through though, so I use it for the most important feasts.
  2. As good as these books were, I find them to be a bit of a mess. I hope the new edition gives us a unified, cleaned up version of those, that will be utilized across the whole series
  3. i would say yes, also its kind of silly that you get the same amount of Glory for being a simple vassal knight or a big time baron
  4. Yup, Alexandre Astier, the creator, was an avid RPGer in his youth
  5. I basically set up an Excel doc for every campaign with: -1 tab for PKs & important informations regarding the characters -1 tab for the estates, lands & revenues -1 tab for NPCs & family, allowing me to sort by family, household, PK relationship (wife, enemy, liege lord, etc) -1 tab for the roll of years, with general/important events and more personal events I also keep a simple campaign diary with the main events for each year. All this helps me avoid blanks when suddenly, Bob the Quickly Named Uncle has to pop up on the spot in the game
  6. I think everything sounds very promising & exciting so far, rules cleanup and GPC expansion into 4 distinct era books is a win for me
  7. At this stage we have no idea what this 6th edition will look like, but I think we are all in agreement regarding certain things: -GPC expansion & finetuning is good -Better, clearer setup of the rules (ex: Hunting) will be appreciated -Rules should stay more or less consistent with previous iterations, and I doubt Chaosium will pull a D&D 4th ed on us -More content for Arthurian eras
  8. Cool and yes, makes sense that Edge becomes the French publisher for Pendragon, since they already publish COC & Runequest here. Well, someone needs to work on his CV now
  9. Salut When Icare went down, they sold the rights to BBE, but with Stewart's and later Greg's death, all publishing plans grinded to a halt. Having worked on translations for Icare/Jean-Fran├žois before BBE takeover, I know there were actual plans for a continued publishing. I signed a contract & all. Alas, as with everything BBE (apparently), it was very slow going. And the aforementioned & unfortunate deaths brought everything to an end. I do hope we see a new French edition of the game soon. It deserves to be available to the French audience, which has always supported it ever since Gallimard put out the old box back in the 80's. I hope it finds a new home, where it will be supported as it should.
  10. Indeed, apart from that interview in Cannes, I can't find any info anywhere else. So it's probably French market centric. Having just bought the (gorgeous) 5.2 rulebook, I don't mind if I have to wait a few years longer for a 6th ed, and I suppose many other players do too
  11. Oh absolutely, and if a new edition do come out, I do hope it will finally unify all the different rulesets and add-ons we've seen during the long days of 5E. Not that it wasn't cool, but having 4 or 5 different economic systems over the years took some time to get used to I also hope they clean up the "messy but charming" old school vibe of the core rulebook (Hunting rules spread over three chapters, I'm looking at you)
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