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The Sword and Helm of Vingkot


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3 hours ago, Martin said:

Anyone care to speculate what happens to White Hilt and the Helm of Vingkot (plus the other regalia of the Hendriking High King) once Broyan is dead?

My feeling is that they are consumed or taken by the demon and returned to the God's World.  Anyone seeking to become King of the Vingkotlings must quest back to the Godtime, prove their lineage to Vingkot, and regain them.

As for the other regalia of the King of Heortland, it's unclear whether Broyan ever had them.  The Governor of Heortland under the God-king probably had them.  Rikard may have gained some of them, but what happened after that is unknown (and of course an opportunity for valiant adventurers).  The Lunars may have found or taken those that Rikard had (perhaps even taking them north out of Heortland), or maybe lost what they found at the Battle of Milran (and now in the hands of a Wolf Pirate).  Or they may be hidden in the Temple of Belintar in Durengard - and no one really wants to enter that place...  Or perhaps pieces found their way to Mount Passant or Refuge (or even Casino Town!).

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