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  1. Isnt this what the God Learners did and we all know what path that leads to I have a mindset whereby in some places and cricumstances ithe barrier to the other side is permeable and wavering so you can get pulled in or wander in by mistakes plus there maybe a face dander or whatever you like to call it that drags you in , and visa versa you could be doing a quest and change your path and then drag in an unexpected foe oir somebody could be doing the same and you get pulled into a myth where you have no idea what is going on.
  2. yes
  3. Would anyone care to speculate on the style of game play and the nature of Finval's Magic Game called "God's Eyes and Fingers" ? We know that the game is played in sets of five, with the winner being whoever wins three games but nothing more i can find on it.
  4. Does anyone know which fort (to the north of the Vingkotling lands) Jareena, Vingkot's mother, was from?
  5. My reply for every case is STORY FIRST!!
  6. I did a quick mononchrome version in JPG that i can easy adapt
  7. what format do you want it in?
  8. I for one am reassured by these comments....I vividly recall at the time being VERY unsure (thats the polite version) of what Mongoose would produce and mentioning this to several folk and what they did produce confirmed my perspective.
  9. Would I be right in thinking that many "original" (now heirlomm) potato types in our world were blue (purple tinted) skinned and "blue" fleshed rich in flavonoids. If so maybe these are the kinds in Glorantha...hence their association with the Blue Moon ?
  10. That is of course: Joseph Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces"
  11. Anyone know who Fadakiko is from "Fadakiko's choice" on the Early Storm Age map in the HM book? Looks Like his Rune is a combination of Law and Illusion?
  12. I would say Infinity... understanding that all are linked is a realisation of the All
  13. Would I be right in thinking that on Reaching Moon Day the magic that maintains the Glowline is refreshed with sacrifice. The rites begins at dawn, and continues all day and night, culminating before the next Dawn. Does ayone know or care to speculate what these rites look like? Who performs them? what do they sacrifice? what does the magic look like?
  14. Mea Culpa I see what you mean about her mastery
  15. I am not so sure on that as she is powerfull even to be mentioned in KoS in the final assault on Whitewall ...she is the one that crushes the Heart of Orlanth hidden under Whitewall I am tending to think she is Illuminated at the very least