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  1. Martin

    Lunar Hell -Underworld

    would anyone care to speculate on what happens when a follower of a Lunar (or Dara Happan) entity dies? who is the Lunar psychopomp? Where do the dead travel to? do they go right to the deep underworld? who is the judge of the dead?
  2. Martin

    The 9 stars of Lorian

    thanks for this...i also note in the guide illustration of Lorian there are more than 9 stars
  3. Martin

    The 9 stars of Lorian

    We know fron the Sartar Companion that Lorian, the Skyriver titan has 9 stars... Does anyone care to speculate on the names (identities) of these 9 stars ?
  4. Martin

    Tell me more about Queen Leika

    We know that Leika was exiled in 1615 and took refuge in the hall of King Broyan with her close supporters. Following the Colymar tribal rebellions of 1615 and 1616, many exiled and outlawed Colymar followed her path to Whitewall. What happened to her during and after the Whitewall siege? What did she do in the Great Winter? Did she join Broyan in Esrolia? What did she do before the Dragonrise? Does she become the Chieftain of the Blackspear Clan? What does her harp Jeweled Note do?
  5. Anyone care to speculate what happened to the infant gaint inside the cradle...after it goes down magasta's pool and through the Underworld does the cradle survive and reach the dawn gate? what happens to the infant gaint? whose child is it...does it becomne an important gaint?
  6. Does anyone know the Dara Happan name of the Great Celestial River Hippopotamus God?
  7. Martin

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    I still think that the issue would never arisen if the OP was working at work and not reading the PDF... that aside i can understand the concerns mentioned...but...these seem to be based on a very "western" contemporary viewpoint (perhaps neo-feminist or anti patriarchial) which seems to say exposed nipples of a woman relate to sex...this isnt the case in the ancient world or in many other cultures.... are we to say we should whitewash the ceiling of the sistine chapel ? or paint a censorr strip across the Birth of Venus or chip away the marble of the Venus de Milo? I think not...
  8. Martin

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    The Immersion Principle: Ensure, stimulate, and foster a feeling of an immersive heterotopia for your Players—focusing upon thinking and feeling “as their Character” in the moment so that the social frame of their characters remains dissociated from their “real life” selves—and to avoid bleed-in or bleed-out of out-of-character emotions, thoughts, physical states, and relationships. The Play Space Principle: Acknowledge and nurture your “play space”—the merging of the imaginary world of the setting, game rules, and real-world location defined by the spatial, temporal, and social boundaries—the ritualized actions and agreements of Players that create another form of self-delineated “otherness”—a heterochrony that is adopted temporarily during play. It is your duty as a Gamemaster to oversee the layering of elements: characterizations, locations, and the use of sounds, smells, and color, and combine these elements to best create the mise-en-scene and enhance the Player’s emotional involvement. The Inclusivity Principle: All genders of the antagonists and protagonists in your games should be portrayed as psychologically complex, vibrant, or sexually transgressive, or ideologically ambiguous, flawed, expressive, and intimately grounded in emotions. Ensure that Players realize that they act in a world that is suffused with social meaning, which both makes their activities meaningful and is itself transformed by them. Remember don’t eschew tragedy and cynicism; not all stories have happy endings!
  9. Martin

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    i had no intention of being patronising just seems to be the obvious solution to prevent others being shocked when he reads it
  10. Martin

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    @mechashef I know how it could of been avoided ...simple...while you are work...work and then read RQG at home
  11. Martin

    Orlanth the Abuser

    I would suggest not trying to interpret any myths through a lense of modern viewpoints with al the accumulated cultural associations we as modern people have
  12. Anyone care to speculate what tribe King Saranthos leads in 1627?
  13. Martin

    Bow prices

    My opinion would be...does it REALLY matter...if you want to change the price do so...i mean what actual difference does it make, if your story demands someone can have or get a bow then do it....
  14. Martin


    I agree, i ran Chasing Kites over 200 times for groups of high school kids (ages 12-17)