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  1. Does the ancestor red-headed woodpecker of the Colymar Orlmarthing clan have a name?
  2. An accuurate translation of Old Persian cuneiform of course depends on many deductions of Anquetil-Duperron and Antoine Isaac Silvestre de Sacy, and later conformations and clarificatios by Eugène Burnouf whuch remain open to debate by scholars
  3. Martin


    Here is some information I did for the clan dated 1618. The Rendestanding “The Rost Oak Clan” The Rendestanding live in and around the hill fort of Stagswood, nestled in the Neutral Hills to the west of Forthan’s River. They are a composite clan composed of those Orgorvaltes survivors who were driven over the Dragonspine by the Stravuli and Ergeshi that capitalized on the succession crisis following the death of Monrogh, Count of Vaantar, in 1585 and fled the oppressive rule of the Sun Dome Templars. Currently the clan holds the tribal hill-fort at Stagwood, which they have hel
  4. What do magic roads look like, both from an internal quester and from an external perspective? Can they be seen my the naked eye or only visible magically? can the transits of questers be seen by flickering lights and strange feelings? What it is like to travle of such a road...is it a glistening path, a tube?> a passage way a webstrand linking holy nodes? can you step off the road at any pint or only ay "way stations" or is it point to point?
  5. Does anyone know any of the twins birthed by Ernalda among her many sons and daughters?
  6. Does anyone know more about these Lunar agents...how are they dressed, what magic do they use etc?
  7. Good luck in killing Harrek :) After all doesnt he have the Death Rune Affinity twice? he is Death incarnate...i would think once he gets going not much survives
  8. Well of course it is :) Its Belintar's memories of his past lives
  9. Maybe @Jeff could share some more details (if any) on the Keeper of the Book?
  10. Its one of the entities mentioned in Greg's noites when a group takes a tribute to the God-king
  11. Does anyone know anything about the Keeper of the Book that lived in the City of Wonders pre 1625. I am assuming it refers to the keeper of Belintar's book?
  12. This made me smile as at the very time you were replying i was writing this.... What is Tatius doing? Myth, memory, identity, and ritual performance combine with time, place, and structured understanding of the Celestial Realm, the cosmos, and the place of the Mortals and Gods within it. The carefully selected and constructed religious dancing space in the new Reaching Moon Temple, will evoke the deep time of the mythical past; empowered by divine presence as narrated through enacted myth. In this way, the human space will be temporally and spatially linked with the cosmos; Tat
  13. Anyone care to speculate what happens to White Hilt and the Helm of Vingkot (plus the other regalia of the Hendriking High King) once Broyan is dead?
  14. I read all this and would make a comment that the issue is less about the rules and more about the nature of those using them in games (the players ) as people, or about those of those who use them in world (characters and NPCS)... This enforces one of the fundamental themes of RPGS amd in many respects humans interactions with myth and experiences of the cosmos in which we as humans inhabit and atempt to understand.... For example in realtion to the Steal breath...ask yourelf and your players and their characters ......a "bad" guy has prisoners and is "evil"... so is it "evil"
  15. I was surprised to see the gems look like garnet or rubies are not emeralds
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