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  1. Martin


    This demonstrates the point I was making...yes in the "rules" (which are just a way for us to explore and game in Glorantha) you call it an "Objective fact" (whatever that actually means and with what ramifcations in a game) Dont forget the people in Glorantha dont read the RQG rule book...they expereince Glorantha and its enitities through their lives with their (often non-linear, non-sequential, or indeed contradictory) experiences and understandings.
  2. Martin


    FWIW i feel that some of those who struggle with the whole Yelmalio-Elmal-Yelm issue (or indeed with other Gloranthan myths) is that they have a fundamental and deep seated misunderstanding of Mythology...it is never intended to be an objective world view in either an ontological or epistemolgoical fashion.
  3. Martin


    I would like to support this postion 100%, when Greg asked me to collate the existing Orlanthi myths and also flesh out some others or write new ones that "fitted" it was one of the things he stressed to me, that it was not intended to ever be a final or definitive version more an exploratory tool
  4. What is the three bladed item Orlanth is holding? Is it some kind of Vajra "Thunderbolt"?
  5. Hey guys Yes i am well aware that the effects and things happen i asked about I asked the questions more as a jumping off point . hoping for people to suggest some cool examples
  6. What does magic look and feel like in glorantha? Do people chant or waves their arms about? Do their tattoos glow or does light tingle from their fingers or lips? Does magic derived from diffrent runes have different colours? Is using magic tiring?
  7. We already know that Ernalda Temples have a special sacred field, (maybe where special grains are grown to mill into holy three grain bread used in ceremonies) and lots will have gardens surrounding the temple (maybe growing special plants like the bitter herbs used in ceremonies)
  8. Martin

    Queen Samastina

    So why did it happen Jeff and what did she do?
  9. Martin

    Queen Samastina

    I noticed Jeff mentioned in another thread that Queen Samastina spent time in Dosakayo in Melib. I would like to ask...when and why did she go there? and what happened while she was there?
  10. I would love to know more about Samastina's sojourn to Melib.
  11. Martin

    The Missing God

    Does anyone care to speculate on which deity was the "Missing God"? "In the fortress Lord Kimantor courageously fought his way into the temple of the missing god. He took the clothes and weapons of the missing god and tried them on. They fit perfectly. He got allies and friends, and after great preparations he led them against the enemy. He was called Lord Victory Nightbrother."
  12. I am more than happy to supprt the termminology of Ernalda's Whispers ...the suggestion i made did flow from the Ernalda inititaion document..I admit it may cause offense in modern times but that was not my intent...
  13. so...what would you call the deep female knowledge of the cycle of life-death-life...their ability as creatrix? Far from being sexist or derogatory or somehow "less" than a Star Heart; the term "vibrant womb" is a celebration of their Ernalda earth mother magic.. its a term of acknowledgement of power. If we look at feminist Jungian authors such as Clarissa Pinkola Estes..the embracing of the Life-death-life cucle of the Vibracy of the female creatirix role is paramount, notably in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.. "Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing." The Life/Death/Life cycle moves like this: Think of a circle and at the top, is the Zenith (highest energy), then moving down the righthand side of the circle, imagine stops, like on the face of a clock, each one with a name: Thus: Zenith (at noon) Beginning of entropy (losing a little energy) More entropy Loss of energy/ drying and dying Death into dark Nadir (at 6 o’clock) Then imagine just to the left of Nadir… Spark Of Life In Dark: Conception Incubation Quickening Labor Birth Rising Energy More Rising Energy Zenith (high noon) And again. And again. These are the cycles of all life, all endeavor, all the stars and planets and interests and ideas…all follow this cycle of rising, descending, and rebirth to new energy, fresh life again. So I apolgise if the term "Vibrant Womb" causes offense...and ask what would you call this vitality and vibrancy of innate creation within each woman?
  14. I would suggest something along the line of the following for female PCs.. They seek to awaken the deep feminine of their “Vibrant Womb”—their deep soul that they discovered during their initiation that allows them to know the truth about the rhythms of the Life/Death/Life cycle and understand the ancient secrets of wild nature.
  15. Martin


    "Orendara was killed during the Gods War and buried in the Dead Point, in Esrolia." Does anyone care to speculate who killed Orendara?
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