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  1. Martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    Ok...so what makes a hero a demi god then...its it in terms of a certain leavel of mastery over a certain rune, creating your own feat, and having followers who you can grant magic to? In game terms would it be like having a pool of Heropoints that you as a demigod can reward your followers with for doing things that emulate your deeds/feats?
  2. Martin

    House Rules from Veterans

    so what does full ability to manipulate the rune mean in game terms, a certain level of Mastery?
  3. Martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    Mastering the Infinity Rune the only option? I think not as harrek is a superhero and he has instead mastered Death...but I am more thinking what magical things can mortals do that makes them gain the identifaction of superhero? are they imune to non magical dmage, live forever, never age? ofr is it some cool things associated with the Rune they focus upon?
  4. Martin

    House Rules from Veterans

    Does any one have any mechanics they use to distinguish Superheores from Heroes in Glotantha? Is it a matter of having a certain number of Feats as a certain level ? or banking heropoints to purchase Superhero abilities for huge amounts?
  5. Martin

    Heroes to Superheroes

    So what makes a Hero a Superhero? What do those individuals in Glorantha said to be "Superheroes" have or what have they done to be identified as such?
  6. Martin

    Who are the Tamali

    Either that or I am a Hero of Lhankor Mhy
  7. Martin

    Who are the Tamali

    The Tamali were an ancient Darkness Race, "Iflfador" (Mortals) powerful in the Darkness Rune. (Think of this in the same way as Agimori are powerful in the Fire Rune) Some have survived into the Third Age by being isolationist and secretive. Their bloodlines have been kept been kept relatively pure over the ages through their isolation. Some of them used to live in Seshnela and then Ralios in the First Age. They hide in the cities of men, in dark dank basements and holes, hiding and stealing to exist. They are feared and hated by humans and called Demons, but t hey as much men as any other mortl races of Acos
  8. Martin

    The Earth Twins

    As i though we seem to agree they are not connected to Varstapoor and his sister Vestenbora ,...so who are these twin female demi gods?
  9. Martin

    The Earth Twins

    Argrath has a unit of warlocks who use the powers of the Earth twins: two young women: one corpse blue and garlanded with skulls; the other rosy and angelic. Does anyone have any ides on who these demi-god Earth Twins are? Are they connected to Varstapoor and his sister Vestenbora, the children of Arim by an incarnation of Sorana Tor, of the Third Wane who displayed the awesome power of their cult in the Battle of Falling Hills? or is the name just a coincidence?
  10. Martin

    Prince of the Solanthi Vale

    We know that the mother of Greymane the Lion king was a daughter of the prince of the Solanthi vale. Does anyone have any ideas on who the Prince of the Solanthi vale was? Was he a shapechanger who could become a lion, or was he a daimon lion? or something else? perhaps a Heroquester who gained lion powers from the extinict Pendali...or was he a far removed decendant of the Pendali?
  11. Martin

    A sense of scale

    I would be very interested in speculating on both these issues: #1. What trappings of status and prestige ? what dress, titles, foods, accessories, hair styles, organisations etc? #2. Which trappings of heroism and martial prowess?
  12. Martin

    Clans of the Dinacoli

    Blue Boar Fort is the heart of the Rainblossom Clan
  13. Martin

    Casualty rate in Gloranthan battles?

    Hehe...Look what you could of won....a speedboat... sheesh that would of been useful to escape the zombie whale... and no I am not Martin Laurie...or Martin Crim...or Martin Helsdon...
  14. Martin

    Esrolian Trade Road

    Does anyone care to speculate on the route of the Esrolian trade road from Bastis to Nochet? I am guessing it crosses the Malthin at Pennel and the Gorphing at Jorsh? Is there a spur off to Storos or to Rhigos?
  15. Martin

    Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Perhaps Orlanthi and other cultures play aerophones too like those in this article. Communing with nature, the ancestors and the neighbors: ancient ceramic musical instruments from coastal Oaxaca, Mexico Guy David Hepp, Sarah B. Barber & Arthur A. Joyce World Archaeology Vol. 46 , Iss. 3,2014