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  1. Travel in the Spirit World Leaving a shamanic circle is an extraordinary and extremely dangerous act. Doing so means entering the phantasmagorical Spirit World, a vast region without direct connections to the physical world and with ever-changing features. At first the Spirit World seems gray, vague, and indeterminate—as if floating in a dream. There is no sense no order or arrangements. Vast, amorphous things float about seemingly at random, occasionally coalescing or splitting. Some landmarks can be discerned, but the landscape shifts and changes; flowing and melting like ice under the hot sun. The Spirit World is like a fever dream or hallucinogenic experience; a place of ever-changing manifested possibilities. It is almost as if every dream anyone ever had would become tangible—at the same time. The Spirit World is semi-consistent in places, insanity inducing, or inspiring in others. Journeys in the Spirit World can be very confusing, but at the same time revealing. The Spirit World is especially dangerous because it does not have any firm or easily recognizable boundaries that separate regions where incredibly powerful and dangerous entities dwell. The spirit landscape is formed from embodied spirits—embodied life forms and spirits of nature, but their distribution seems random and irregular. For instance, sometimes a single tree is an entity, while sometimes an entity takes care of a whole grove or forest. Sometimes an entity is of a little pebble, sometimes of a huge mountain. Spirits are visible everywhere and they are often frightening to see. It is common to see wispy, snarling illness spirits, smell the unburied dead, hear the wail of ghosts, and sense large, formless things that feel like curses. Time passes in the Spirit World at a highly variable rate and distances are also highly variable. While there are eddies and back-currents of time in the Spirit World, one cannot reliably use them to return to a specific time or place. Shamans avoid such time streams, as they are exceedingly dangerous and unpredictable. Moving through the Spirit World is a very dangerous navigation of the demesnes of spirits. Some of these are hostile to each other, causing waves of danger and devouring pain; some are cooperative, moving like schools of fish inside larger fish.
  2. Not sure if they were mentioned before but Crocodile Games has some great figures that maybe of use https://www.crocodilegames.com/store/
  3. I know of an example where a mortal did interfere with the initiation of boys into the Orlanth cult...his name was Lokamayadon
  4. Martin

    Yellow Bear?

    Yeah i just found it 😀 ) Am now wondering if there was anything more in print or unpublished
  5. Martin

    Yellow Bear?

    Would anyone (maybe @Jeff) care to tell me anthing about one of the (last?) children of Androygene (The) Yellow Bear?
  6. Does anyone know anything about the Blind Bird's Tree in the Underworld, where the dwarves beat the trolls in the gods age? Do we think this maybe the roost of the immortal part of the Half bird? or could it be the dead mate of the Halfbird?
  7. Does anyone have any guesses or speculations on the names of these six goddesses? I see one of them is Aran Deruila (God Forget) but what about the other 5? Esrolia- The Land of 10 000 Godesses tells us: "Belintar went into the Barren Womb, prayed alone and in silence. After he came out there were six new goddesses standing outside. This six were the goddesses18 of the Sixths of Kethaela, each of which reinforced the connection of their lands to Ezel and to Belintar. The goddess of the Sixth of Esrolia was a new daughter of the Ernalda (or sometimes Esrola) that nobody had ever seen before, but she escorted Belintar to the Palace of the Universal Queen."
  8. Martin


    This demonstrates the point I was making...yes in the "rules" (which are just a way for us to explore and game in Glorantha) you call it an "Objective fact" (whatever that actually means and with what ramifcations in a game) Dont forget the people in Glorantha dont read the RQG rule book...they expereince Glorantha and its enitities through their lives with their (often non-linear, non-sequential, or indeed contradictory) experiences and understandings.
  9. Martin


    FWIW i feel that some of those who struggle with the whole Yelmalio-Elmal-Yelm issue (or indeed with other Gloranthan myths) is that they have a fundamental and deep seated misunderstanding of Mythology...it is never intended to be an objective world view in either an ontological or epistemolgoical fashion.
  10. Martin


    I would like to support this postion 100%, when Greg asked me to collate the existing Orlanthi myths and also flesh out some others or write new ones that "fitted" it was one of the things he stressed to me, that it was not intended to ever be a final or definitive version more an exploratory tool
  11. What is the three bladed item Orlanth is holding? Is it some kind of Vajra "Thunderbolt"?
  12. Hey guys Yes i am well aware that the effects and things happen i asked about I asked the questions more as a jumping off point . hoping for people to suggest some cool examples
  13. What does magic look and feel like in glorantha? Do people chant or waves their arms about? Do their tattoos glow or does light tingle from their fingers or lips? Does magic derived from diffrent runes have different colours? Is using magic tiring?
  14. We already know that Ernalda Temples have a special sacred field, (maybe where special grains are grown to mill into holy three grain bread used in ceremonies) and lots will have gardens surrounding the temple (maybe growing special plants like the bitter herbs used in ceremonies)
  15. Martin

    Queen Samastina

    So why did it happen Jeff and what did she do?
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