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  1. Martin

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    i had no intention of being patronising just seems to be the obvious solution to prevent others being shocked when he reads it
  2. Martin

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    @mechashef I know how it could of been avoided ...simple...while you are work...work and then read RQG at home
  3. Martin

    Orlanth the Abuser

    I would suggest not trying to interpret any myths through a lense of modern viewpoints with al the accumulated cultural associations we as modern people have
  4. Anyone care to speculate what tribe King Saranthos leads in 1627?
  5. Martin

    Bow prices

    My opinion would be...does it REALLY matter...if you want to change the price do so...i mean what actual difference does it make, if your story demands someone can have or get a bow then do it....
  6. Martin


    I agree, i ran Chasing Kites over 200 times for groups of high school kids (ages 12-17)
  7. Martin

    Herders nerfed?

    Many a time I have had that feeling of "Sheesh this is like herding cats!" does that count? 😉
  8. Martin

    Orlanth's High Holy Day

    As a follow up to these ideas ...what happens to those orlanthi in Dragon Pass during the windstop? they dont have any orlanth magic as he is fettered in the underworld...so when they gather for his HH Day....i guess nothing happens the magic and prayers fail and nobody flies to kero fin?
  9. Martin

    Orlanth's High Holy Day

    We know that on Orlanth's High Holy Day (Windsday, Movement Week, Storm Season) that the souls of all Orlanthi worshippers for hundreds of miles fly to Kero Fin Mountain to commune with Orlanth. So my questions are: What does this ceremony look like? what does the Chief priest wear, say in prayer, and sacrifice Do enemy deities attempt to prevent the flight? What does the assemble on Kero Fin entail? Both in-world terms and game terms?
  10. Martin

    Humakti sword fighting ability

    it is best to think of the sword fighting ability rating to derive from the death rune ...it does say the rating is "at least the same rating" Think of it like this: It is an association between the two...the Sword fighting ability and the Death Rune...not a causal link....like many other issues association doesnt imply causation...that is the meaning IMO of the word "linked" in this case
  11. Martin

    Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death

    so...to reiterate my question... Do we know any of the NAMES of the winners? or are they forgotten when they "become" Belintar?
  12. We know there have been 21 winners of the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death. Does anyone (Jeff?) care to speculate on any of the names and origins of the winners? Or are their names forgotten as they become the latest incarnation?
  13. Martin

    Prince of Sartar webcomic

    Does anyone have any suggestions on who the man and woman on the right of the bottom panel are?
  14. We know form the GtG that Before the Rastagar, Vingkot Orlanthsson and his descendants defended Nochet and Esrolia many times.. Does anyone know any examples of who he or his descendants defeated in defending the Holy Country?