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  1. From the myth of Elmal Guards the Stead (from the KoDP game)... Orlanth said, “I do not neglect you, Bright Friend. It is to you that I entrust the greatest task of all, which is the protection of my people when I am away on this dangerous quest.” The Two gods traded shields to make a bond of love and allegiance between them. Even if that myth is not canon, I am guessing just as the items in in the Arming of Orlanth have names , that the things Yelmalio wears and carries each has a mythic name?
  2. Does anyone know if Yelmalio's shield (the one he exchanged with Orlanth's shield, when Yelmalio stayed begind to guard Storm Home when Orlanth went on the LBQ) has a name?
  3. I imagine there are also those wines like a Georgian Amber Wine produced from white grapes in Sartar?
  4. This sounds like part of the origin story of a now famous and influential Sage of Sartar?
  5. thank you some nice ideas there 🙂
  6. So do we have any ideas of the treasures that are in her Secret Vault under her seat? The unique treasures like the Green Basket that have a power of their own and a divine sentience decide who they serve? Or does she bring out a few treasures from their each time to stake in the dancing jar?
  7. Yes i already took account that some of those came from her, what i am wondering is are there more or ones she never gave out or gave to other people?
  8. We know that Asrelia gave many treasures to mortals, like the Green Basket for example... Does anyone care to speculate on the other treasures she did not give out, or ones she gave out that were lost or taken back?
  9. Why does the sign in today keep saying my password is incorrect? I have had to use the reset pasword option every time I log in using the same password as before is is a glitch?

  10. The Red Sun is the Blood Sun the meta plot that Livia Tarinda and Dech Oru are part of has little to do with the Red Moon.
  11. Not at all, yes she was created an an Essence Nymph
  12. Just as aside I wrote the White Chapel of Purity but dont recall doing Saint Bertorl. I just made up the stuff about the Oshjalaba The stuff about the 3 divisions of water was based on a whole load of texts i was workingon at the time about the merfolk and the origins of the waters of the Mudane World ...bascially the 3 waters were trying to become one ever since there were divided. FWIW I just checked Greg's master map and there is for sure a Monestary near Owlflfight Crest at the head of Lorthing Valley
  13. Does the ancestor red-headed woodpecker of the Colymar Orlmarthing clan have a name?
  14. An accuurate translation of Old Persian cuneiform of course depends on many deductions of Anquetil-Duperron and Antoine Isaac Silvestre de Sacy, and later conformations and clarificatios by Eugène Burnouf whuch remain open to debate by scholars
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