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  1. I wonder...maybe whether meeting Imarja comes in the area of the Heron Hegemony? She is a bird goddess and that area is ruled by the council of birds?
  2. For those interested in this topic I suggest checking out: Sailing from Polis to Empire: Ships in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic Period https://www.openbookpublishers.com/books/10.11647/obp.0167
  3. Some peotic irony in that the thread on potatoes became "Hot" 😉
  4. Here is a snippet from a project I am working on: Sprites and Pixies Sprites and Pixies are among the so-called “little people.” They are Aldryami associated with flowers, herbs and other small plants made by Shanasse to appease Aldrya. They have limited magical abilities and most sprites or pixies hibernate or die in winter. They have a natural talent to become invisible. The most powerful among them (who look like extremely beautiful small humans with elvish features and, unlike common sprites and pixies, lack gossamer wings) are known as “Flowers” and are divided into several influential families, each named after a different type of flower. Eight great families once ruled over all the Sprites and Pixies: Dancing Apple, Cyanea, Hellebore, Violet, Lily, Crocus, Tulip, and Allium, but the Cyanea are now extinct, wiped out by an alliance of the other great families in the “War of the Flowers.” Other prominent families include Daisy and Heartfast. The families are divided into three factions, those who believe that the Aldryami should coexist with humans, called “Creepers,” those who believe that humans should be eradicated, called “Chokeweeds,” and those who are uncertain what to do, called “Coextensives.”
  5. Does anyone know when the duck Joseph Greenface was killed? or is he stil alive on 1627?
  6. Do we know the names of the tribal kings of the Sambari and the Telmori post 1625?
  7. No I mean the names of any deities that are deemed as his sons
  8. Does anyone know the names of any of Barntar's sons?
  9. Found it, it is Jeset 🙂
  10. Anyone know who the Troll psychopomp is?
  11. I just got this and was pleased to see that several deities I invented and named for Fonrit have made it as "canon" 😀
  12. Do Trolls have Sacred Time rituals? I wonder what they do in these if they celebrate it...
  13. I too recall it was Danny Bourne who did this
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