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  1. Esrolian Trade Road

    Does anyone care to speculate on the route of the Esrolian trade road from Bastis to Nochet? I am guessing it crosses the Malthin at Pennel and the Gorphing at Jorsh? Is there a spur off to Storos or to Rhigos?
  2. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Perhaps Orlanthi and other cultures play aerophones too like those in this article. Communing with nature, the ancestors and the neighbors: ancient ceramic musical instruments from coastal Oaxaca, Mexico Guy David Hepp, Sarah B. Barber & Arthur A. Joyce World Archaeology Vol. 46 , Iss. 3,2014
  3. Healing Plants

    Does anyone know more about the following plants, or what real world plants they are based on? Inipris Agipith Kokolonni Missle Root Irontree Pine
  4. Sword and Helm

  5. Esrolian Coins?

    What are silver and gold coins called in Esrolia? and are they like the clack also square?
  6. Lunar Taboos

    worship of Vivamort or stuff to do with vampires in the Upland Marsh or duck vampires
  7. Corruption in the Lunar Army

    this misses the nature of how local communities gain their "batle magic"...i would postulate very few ever actually pay in cash...most will be gained as "blessings" for temple duties, labouring, etc.....clear that debris after the winter storms, help plough the temple fields, build new homes.....
  8. All I know is that they have a sacred site "the Scho-field" where they gather for their annual "Market of the Greene"
  9. I concur thats its the Lunars (or Tarshites) directly that try and influence him,... so any postulations on who they sent an emissary to Greymane...I too wonder what he was promised...land? treasures, a (ritual) wife?
  10. Wyrms Footnotes Returns!

    This is why i asked to know what submissions would be sought
  11. Wyrms Footnotes Returns!

    What are the themes for each of these coming issues?
  12. Does anyone know or care to speculate on the identity of the Queen-Priestess of Ezel?
  13. Deities of Beer and Wine

    I know a myth about how they tricked Eurmal ...
  14. Deities of Beer and Wine

    The Daughters of the Vine, Keranna and Vuranna, are twin daughters of Ernalda and Flamal.
  15. Does anyone know if the city of Dolzar in northern esrolia (soiuth of the Lyksos river) is still standing in modern times? or it is now a ruin