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Here is a finished version of the battlesheet I have been working on.

It caters for most hit location tables (in various tabs), and allows a GM to run a group of NPCs in an efficient and easy fashion if you know even a bit of Excel.

There's also no reason why it can be used by players.

Just plug in characteristics into the salmon-coloured cells and the black cells will automatically calculate. The cells for current HP will change colour to indicate disablement, unconsciousness, impending death or death.

There are helpful notes on the sheets to help you get going.





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12 minutes ago, PhilHibbs said:

Do you know if there are any features that won't work in Google Sheets?

The filter can be made to work by removing it and reapplying it selecting the cells A8:A97.

I know nothing about Google sheets so couldn't say but the formulas in it are pretty basic.

Good tip about the filter I will try it. Ta!

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