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    Started with a war game called 'Melee!', I think, in 2nd year of Secondary School. Progressed to AD&D via Bunnies and Burrows, then got into RuneQuest which is still my favourite system. Along the way I also played Traveller and Aftermath at school. Then there was one big gap...
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    Now I'm playing Pathfinder as a PV ina F2F session, have done a one-shot on Roll20 of RQG as GM, and am playing Traveller and RuneQuest 3ish on Roll20 as a PC.
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  1. Monty Lovering


    You are now shifting the goal posts. You said: This is a straw man argument. No one said suggested this. And shifting the goal posts is another logical fallacy. No one is bending over backwards. Here we go - you average GM's face when a player want to play a warrior woman: 🙂 No sweat, no strain, no bother - no bending over backwards. As numerous comments have illustrated, it doesn't upend things or send society into population decline, only your hyperbole made this appear possible. The only person thinking it's a big deal is you. Relax. 🙂
  2. This is actually a very good and sensitive point. Asking a woman who has had nine miscarriages and three failed rounds of IVF is her character is going to have children would be awfully painful for them. I say this as the husband of such a woman.
  3. Hell yeah! Remove Nausea, 1 pt; Tear Not 2 pt; Soothe Colic 1 pt. I also think Comfort Song should be a spirit magic spell; you can reattach severed limbs with Heal, but not soothe labour pains? Clean (var), Dry (var), Deflect (2pt) (a screen good for midges, snow, sand and rain), Heat (var), Hear (1pt), Scent (1pt) and Tune (1pt) are just some other handy 'missing' ones.
  4. Monty Lovering


    Elmal! Elmal! Throw down the Sun Dome! I have a thing about Elmal resurgent as a true Orlanthi god displacing Yelmalio just as he was once displaced being a plot line for post 1625. Can't stand them. At least you can have a laugh and a drink with a Cacodaemon worshiper before he tries to eat your brains, Yelmalions are all "can I interest you in this informative pamphlet about the great god Yelmalio" if you ask them what o'clock it is.
  5. I'm actually developing Marcher County as an answer to this. The idea is that after Silkinster the Thunderer completed the conquest of the Esulvari and captured Refuge, he instituted Marcher County as a buffer zone, given to those who could have and hold sicut regal (as kings) but still owning fealty to him and his successors. It's ripped off how the actual March was run between Wales and England. Apart from the Count, whom he appointed and would hold Knight's Fort, it was allowed for anyone to claim land, and if they could keep it provided they defended Heortland against raiders from the east. After Belintar's rise, he kept the arrangement, as it was a convenient means of defence and an escape valve for those less suited to the more sedate life that depended upon Heortland as a sixth (and those Esulvari who were unaccepted by Heorlings but tired of caste restrictions after seeing their neighbours live without them). Now it's an area of petty Barons with tenants (and the occasional bloody change of Baron) and freesteaders beholden to no lord unless summoned for the fyrd. There are Bandori Esulvari following traditional Aeolian ways, Heortlings as traditional in their worship as your average Sartarite, Peskalite tribes people, even some Praxians who stayed after their employ as mercenaries. But there are also communities where there has been intermarriage and where some families have blended ways, and where those who've not nevertheless get along well with others. Thus PCs from there can be a wide mix of backgrounds, and coming from a very diverse and granular society where people of three of more clans may regard their allegiance to a Baron before their differences or before blood ties to others owing allegiance to another lord. Being a murder hobo would be very risky though. Just because it's not as structured and hidebound (oh boy, I just figured out the etymology of that word) doesn't mean there are o consequences for acting like an outlaw. But it gives much scope to adventures within the March and for adventuring beyond the March (for example, to classic scenario packs). I'm intending it to be set in 1610 but be usable in 1625 too.
  6. Monty Lovering


    I thought it was obvious I was talking about RuneQuest @Atgxtg. You brought up Pendragon, which proved my point re. the existential dullness playing peasants doing what peasants actually did when there were actually peasants. Literally no one said this. As has been pointed out by @Qizilbashwoman, it is a logical fallacy. What like Heal, Comfort Song, Heal Body, Healing Trance? 🙂 Also, given Gloranthas vary, I find the canonical spells lacking. Where's the 'Clean' spell? Like Glue (but larger areas) cleaned like POOF. And I am pretty sure that Uleria devotees could exercise reproductive control better than Terran courtesans. YGMV. And fertility goddess worth the POW should have magic that makes perineums far stretchier than they actually are. So Barnilisa the Axe is basically able to do everything she does normally for six months of pregnancy, take it increasingly easy for three, has a month to recover fully, and then the temple looks after the child and she's back doing what all Babeester Gor love best, chopping up chaos beings and men who annoy her. Well, anything that annoys her but those two being her favourites. She should actually get a +1 CON for three months or so (the Soviet and allied state's athletics programmes discovered pregnancy boosted endurance, but had to get the athletes to have abortions to take advantage of this; with healing magics available to heal the body after childbirth, then the same benefits could be accrued without abortion). Without being funny, all your reasons for objecting to female adventurers due to 'realism' don't stand up. So there would be cultures with certain biases of genders to roles, and these would vary just like Esrolia and Sartar vary. But in all except the cultures in which its hard to imagine any role-play taking place (e.g. Brithini), any woman who didn't;t want a conventional role would be able to pursue it, just as men would be able to pursue non-traditional roles (with the exception of those requiring specific genitalia or uteruses to do them). And of course Yelmalio doesn't have a female incarnation. He's a Dara Happa apostasy worshipped by inadequates whose idea of battle is imitating hedgehogs.
  7. Monty Lovering


    @Atgxtg Just because they've rolled a bunch of skills up into farming doesn't mean a farmer growing grapes would know which young rams to let tup and which to make wethers, or that a shepherd could make decent wine. Granted, there would not be specialisation like today, but already there was. So, yeah, there's a animal husbandry skill and a brewing skills and a vinification skill, etc.. But as most people don't want to be bothered with all that (arguably as it is a classic roll play vs role play thing), it's 'farming'.
  8. Monty Lovering


    Why is it necessary to defend minimal dimorphism but not five-mile long dragons? I mean if you want, one could posit reduced maternal and infant mortality in a magic-using culture would free women from a life of childbirth and care as they have in a science-using world. Add in extended families providing child care and it becomes easy to countenance a woman taking a warrior path passing a child to a mother, aunt or sister to wet nurse and returning to that path after less than a year “off” (not that childbirth or pregnancy is a cosy sabbatical) just professional female athletes can do today without wet nurses. And Pendragon proves my point. It’s dull role-playing peasants unless you make them anachronistic peasants in an anachronistic society. Nothing to do with ‘snubbing the poor’, rolling a critical on animal husbandry is just not what most people want in a session of role play. its like in the sci-fi RPG, it’s quite possible to run it as a trading game but then it becomes roll-play to determine the success of your trading rather than role play.
  9. Monty Lovering


    Well, at least that's different to everyday life, LOL. As is wonderful about the whole YGMV, I've always wanted that a fantasy society's differences that don't alienate female role-players. So female warriors are known and accepted in any culture, and in some cultures women are just as commonly accepted as the norm in leadership roles as they are seen as an exception in others - which Esrolia always was out of the box.
  10. Monty Lovering


    To be honest I never saw the point of patriarchal fantasy societies. To much like reality.
  11. I didn't know the Only Old One spell. Interesting. I have a non-standard idea re. Spirit Magic in that it is a weak folk magic form based on Runes based on primitive Runic manipulation, as opposed to Rune Magic which is magic granted for devotion by god who is powerful in a Rune, and Sorcery which is the strong an complex form of magic based on Runes cast with casters own knowledge and power. And my god's don't 'own' Runes, but are just powerful in their use as essentially they are apotheosised sorcerers of the greatest power with really good PR and a bottomless pit of sacrificed POW to draw on. For more conventional Gloranthas the question of where the spell would come from is very good. IMG, less so. Which makes me think; Dark Troll sorcerers travelling with a herd of trollkin they tap is a FUN idea...
  12. The fact they mostly have trollkin is the big equaliser for trolls. Kill a human, hah, they breed easy and true, Uz? Most are just uppity food. Udderwize, bro, use and meese, hah! We'd be talkin' mockpork, living' in a pen sky clad an' waitin' 'til uz invite us to dinnah! We be sittin' there straching our arses when head gets kick inna pen from game o' Trollball the big bastids were playing, and we seh "Hey", we seh, "It's Harraeh, wondered where he get to, musta bin dessert last night" we seh. 😜
  13. I know iron weapons are rare, but it strikes me as strange that in literally millennia no counter magic of either Rune or Spirit level has been created by uz or aldryami to give them immunity to iron, even on a temporary basis Like: Iron Immunity, 3 points, 80m range, 10MR duration, passive, focused on others, unfocused on self: This spell allows the target to temporarily be immune to the extra damage that iron weapons have on some species. Or is this inserting balance where none is required?
  14. Monty Lovering


    I think in the original write-ups of Vinga by, IIRC Jane Williams, it was for groups that didn't have female Orlanth devotees, those of initiate status and above would stop menustrating, most would have their hair turn red and those that didn't would dye it with henna, and they had the Spirit Magic spell Droop, which does exactly what you might imagine it does. That in particular is one of the many 'missing' Spirit Magic spells that I include in any campaign I run. Like Clean, Dry, Warm, etc..
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