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    Started with a war game called 'Melee!', I think, in 2nd year of Secondary School. Progressed to AD&D via Bunnies and Burrows, then got into RuneQuest which is still my favourite system. Along the way I also played Traveller and Aftermath at school. Then there was one big gap...
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    Now I'm playing Pathfinder as a PV ina F2F session, have done a one-shot on Roll20 of RQG as GM, and am playing Traveller and RuneQuest 3ish on Roll20 as a PC.
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  1. They don't have INT, they might understand something but replying? A dog will sit but won't be be able to tell you a party of 5 Llama riders passed this way five hours ago. But 'Llama riders pass since last sleep'? Maybe.
  2. I agree. In fact, I'd say that 95% of NPC - all but star NPCs - can be boiled down to maybe six stat sets if you allow 'low, average, high' values for physical and magical characteristics, and then maybe assigning 25 or 50 or 75 or 95% in chosen weapon skills and adding spells to suit. PCs will neither or care trollkin 7 has an INT of 3 and a CON of 12, but trollkin 3 has INT 10 and CON 2...
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This Excel spreadsheet is intended to allow a GM to keep all the details of NOCs handy, especially in combat situations. No reason it can't be used by players for their own PCs either. It is only intended to be used on screen, not as a print out. There are tabs catering for most common hit location tables, and the tabs feature notes to help you get started. Enjoy!
  4. I know nothing about Google sheets so couldn't say but the formulas in it are pretty basic. Good tip about the filter I will try it. Ta!
  5. Here is a finished version of the battlesheet I have been working on. It caters for most hit location tables (in various tabs), and allows a GM to run a group of NPCs in an efficient and easy fashion if you know even a bit of Excel. There's also no reason why it can be used by players. Just plug in characteristics into the salmon-coloured cells and the black cells will automatically calculate. The cells for current HP will change colour to indicate disablement, unconsciousness, impending death or death. There are helpful notes on the sheets to help you get going.
  6. OK, here's the updated version. Available to download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Rgo-diPcwXW5iZnN6xUzjHrd4A_S6dj/view?usp=sharing Lots of changes based on feedback. Current HPs now change colour according to the amount of damage, there's less white space, etc. You can use filter to remove the un-needed lines. The light red highlight cells need input, the black cells with white text auto calculate. Be good if people can give me more feedback.
  7. I’m going to share the next version. This is only envisaged as a digital version to be used on a second screen for VTT or as a laptop on the side for IRL. So thus the landscape format. resurrected duck got me to thinking and I’ve reduced the width by compacting things which means magic is not below but next to weapons stats reducing the row count.
  8. Game Master's Battlesheet So a while back I realized that some DMs playing AD&D in its various incarnations were using an Excel spreadsheet to track NPCs in combat and I thought that this was a rather neat idea. Finally got around to working on one for RuneQuest last night. Below is the block that would exist for each character. Orange cells are calculated by the sheet, MPs and HPs are in yellow cells and the pale highlight is for cells you need to put values in. The column on the far left is designed to allow you to filter extran
  9. They do! I'm just setting up in Roll20 to run Borderlands so this is great. Thanks for your hard work!!
  10. I think the shorter version ("You wouldn’t like me") is probably enough.
  11. I like crunchy. This extends to SIZ too. For me, SIZ of an anthropoid is the presented target area and won't change appreciably if it gains strength. I'm a little shorter than most Running Backs, but 20kg lighter, but it's gonna be about the same chance of hitting me or the Running Back if we'd just stand there and take the hit. But if you have a higher or lower STR than average you gain or lose weight. That impacts things like knockbacks. But here are my house rules. Anthropoid SIZ height and weight. All characters are considered to live active life-styles and ha
  12. If there's an instant resolution, fine. But if people are hiding from them, then they won't know that they passed them three hours ago, or spend twenty minutes stalking a bear. I think a character thinking they've been insulted by someone who asked them to pass the salt plays better if the player thinks their character has been insulted by someone who asked them to pass the salt. And it's hard to play a character that you know has fumbled a knowledge roll and now thinks something totally wrong about the Thanatari they are about to attack.
  13. That’s the entire thing. If you roll and they fumble, then they think they’re tight about what someone said, or a fact. etc., and you misinform them accordingly.
  14. Good question and one I need to resolve before my next campaign. I am paying Pathfinder as a player at the moment and that’s got a Spot roll based on the Perception skill. And the GM rolls it. For RQ I’d make a roll based on the highest Scan skill of the party with a bonus based half next highest Scan skill or 2% x party size > max 20%. Things that were not in plain sight would need a roll of x0.5 of the above. Less obvious things x0.25. I’d treat Hidden things like Dodge to an attack. And in general I am totally down with the GM rolling skills where the pl
  15. I assume Oration-based attempts have been made to convince people. Maybe just targeting the women who were not blood kin, as the women of the village would know if he was a wrong 'un. As far as summoning a spirit goes, if it could be proved it WAS his spirit, even if the abductor was in their right mind, as the OP points out, expecting him to say "It's a fair cop guv, I done abducted her, I deserved being killed" is a bit of a stretch. How do you know if a spirit is lying? Dunno. So I say, isn't this what Divination is for? As there are no witnesses, she can challenge them; "Tak
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