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Brainstorming: Sorcery, Allegiance, Summon

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I just started a fantasy campaign. Running some old D&D modules with an hodgepodge combined ruleset of BRP, Magic World and Classic Fantasy.

I decided to use both the Magic and Sorcery powers. Magic being for Wizard and Sorcery being for cultist, priest, racial powers and boon from magical entities.

I used Allegiance for the "faith" value and use that to somewhat limit sorcery access. Additionally I curated the available spell depending on the divinity followed.
What struck me is:
- with the list I made I limit myself to quite a small subset of sorcery spell, it's sad.. but enlarging the list wouldn't be thematic, so I am undecided what to do
- I am not sure how to increase Allegiance... XP roll doesn.t seem right...
- I'd like to give access to summon,.. but the cost of "1" is.. preposterous... I guess I could make a list of summonable being and a cost for each.. any other ideas? (it would be for a short 8 round apparition, I am thinking)

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34 minutes ago, Baron Wulfraed said:

I'd probably have reversed magic and sorcery... "Wizard" getting sorcery as the typical fantasy system has them spending lots of time studying to learn spells, cults/priests getting magic (aka "miracle from the god").

Haha. we are thinking opposite way! 😄

The Magic spell list has more bang in it... (i.e. spell are more powerful and varied and you can also always power them up, up to INT levels!), Classic Fantasy use it as main magic system as well.
And the sorcery description does mention that sorcery powers comes from (page 124 in "how do I learn sorcery") "be given the information by a powerful supernatural being".
Those facts together are what motivated me.

looking at it again, page 124.. does suggest that supernatural gift is only one way to learn the power...

How about sorcery that can be learn from (relatively) common tome (for weaker spells, cost 1~2).. so maybe all spell can be learn everywhere.. but the more powerful one, those I will (mostly) limit as only being given from deity (i.e. as a religion / allegiance bonus). For common magic learn from a tme the hard limit of 15 POW need be enforced and work out nicely, I think.

and that solve the problem that I want to give magic to more NPC (so they can keep up with players)...

As a side note I think limiting weapon and armor bonus to sorcery, works quite well for me... 🙂

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I am mostly using the BGB (Big Gold Book of BRP).

Not using Mythras which has it own 5 magic systems which are... quite different to the 2 in BRP (BRP also has psychic power, mutation and superppowers, don't discount it! 🙂 )

Classic Fantasy (the old BRP supplement, not the new Mythras inspired one, by the same person!) has plenty of Magic spell ideas (100% compatible with the BRP Magic system, and 100% inspired by D&D) and Magic World (& Advanced Sorcery) has plenty of (BRP) Sorcery spell.
There is some overlap of course.. but Sorcery does have its own flavor...

Anyway what I like with the BRP Magic & Sorcery system is they are both quite simple and quite limited in scope (fixed range, short duration for most of them).

But you remind me... I might want to use Mythras' Folk Magic. Which is basically a long list of minor 1MP spells which are easy to cast and fair game for most NPCs if more magic is needed to fight off the PCs! 🙂
Might just add its spell to Sorcery spell list.


Though inspired a bit by Mythras combat effect and tried to blend the (BRP) combat resolution table with Mythras effect, with what I called an effect light and weapon specific system.. I think it requires a bit of tuning...

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