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The Watchers of Medine Campaign (Recordings) (BRP)


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Hello there, my name is Skull, and below are links to a brand new campaign I'm running using the Basic Roleplaying system that is being recorded and posted on youtube. It is the first time I'm playing BRP but I have played CoC in the past, and after reading through the book, it got me hooked to run my renaissance fantasy campaign, where 4 players take the role of Watchers, people who investigate crimes and catch criminals in a fictional city called Medine. If any of this interests you, then go and watch the videos, you might find it interesting xD.

System wise, here's what's going on for BRP:

  • We are using the optional rule of Education, since this is set in a renaissance fantasy setting, education would be a thing, but only to those who can get an education or read a huge amount of books and gossiped with the locals. And since we're using education, profession skills come from Education, equal to EDU x 20.
  • Another optional rule we are using the Skill Category Bonus rule so that attribute have an affect on the skills. Sure, it may seem much but is also makes sense to give characters a bonus based on what there attributes are like.
  • Mages exist in the world, so for those who are non-mages they gain extra skill points from personalized skills, going from INT x 10 to INT x 15. Mages get access to the magic system rules and get access to spells no matter what they're profession is.
  • I prefer combat to go a little quicker, so we are using the optional rule of fast initiative.

For the setting, the campaign takes place in the City-State of Medine. The city is a gem on the continent of Esteria, being a major trading city to its region, Fiordel, home to many artists and scientists who practice their craft, and is run by a representative council voted by the people of Medine in specific classes as they try to keep Medine a powerful city while also solving some minor issues here and there. However, Medine had suffered from a siege of a Morgalian Warlord who swept across Esteria to try and conquer it for his people. He didn't succeed, but Medine lost many good citizens, buildings and there northern wall, to survive the siege. And due to that, crime has been on the rise in the city, and the local Watch has struggled to keep the peace in the Medine. 2 years later, Medine has not reached its former glory, and though the city is stable, new crimes have come up, that no simple watchman can handle. So, special individuals are brought in to take the matter into their own hands, to solve these crimes and catch the criminals.

Announcement video of the campaign.


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