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Possible ERRATA: Lover's Solo, Step 7 (p. 235)


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In the Step 7. The Jig Is Up, this doesn't make sense:

"roll 1d20 and subtract the husband’s Vengeful Trait value"

The reason it doesn't make sense is that this makes it more likely that a famously Vengeful Husband will just shrug and go meh (low result), whilst a Famously Forgiving one will demand a duel to the death (after beating, exiling or murdering his unfaithful wife, too). That text was missing in 4th edition, but present in all 5.x editions, which leads me to believe that it was a result of the 5.0 editing (which we know had plenty of mistakes) and then just continued as a legacy error.

I believe it should say this, instead:

"roll 1d20-10 and add the husband’s Vengeful Trait value"

The -10 is there to calibrate the reaction table correctly; someone with Vengeful 10 should still be able to forgive the wife.


Also, if the woman in question is unmarried, the family should be getting involved. If a marriage to the offending knight is not possible (he is already married or unsuitable), the head of the family should be rolling here to see his reaction.

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Yes, this is quite surely an error. The solution you propose is good. Another possibility would be to flip the table and read a 20 result as 1, 19 as 2, 18 as 3, and so on. A modifier is probably needed in this case too for calibration, except it would be +10, I think.

Also, please note that the first and last results in the table should be "1 or less" and "20 or more", since both negative and 20+ results are possible.

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Corrected two calculation errors
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