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Sorcery Book, please!


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So I just bought the 7th Sea Core Rules 2nd Ed. and I have to say that I'm enjoying it.

I played the game way back when [First edition] and have some fond memories of it, mostly based on my excessive arrogant and pompous Castilian duelist 'el Rodrigo Grande' [tagline: "But of course! *I* [strike a pose] am Rodrigo!"], and I like how John moved the meta-story along.

The rules are good... they're not getting too tied down in number crunching and parsing percentages, which can really slow down a swashbuckler game.

But what I'd really like to see is a sorcery book that deals with the missing traditions... the Leshiye of Ussura, Seidr of Vestmannavenjar, etc., the Unseelie of Avalon and so forth.

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A lot of those are covered in the Nations of Théah books.  They don't add a bunch of new powers to the existing sorceries (no new, secret Hexenwerk powers), but they do add lots of background materials that add loads of flavor, plus a few tweaks and alternatives to what's already there.  I highly recommend them.


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