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Recovering Mag points?

Jeff Mindlin

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I don't think you use Mag points as a spendable resource, it's just the amount of power a spellcaster has so it's more of a level thing (Page 122 Renaissance deluxe). Fatigue seems to be the cost of spellcasting the more they cast the harder it gets. So basically they don't need to recover Mag as it's a level not a resource.

Hope that makes sense.

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In my C&C group I have someone who researches and restores old books at the British library (he just found a 17c journal called "The Alchemist" at the bottom of a cupboard🤩), someone with a degree in early modern history (no pressure eh?). But the person who plays the wise woman is not such a history buff and plays more for the fantasy elements. So I'm a bit loose with the components etc. Shes also not keen on sleeping in the stables (and generally being treated like crap as a peasant), so I let her sleep in the house/inn sometimes...



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