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List of Chaosium Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition publications

Rick Meints

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Here's the list from our Master SKU List:

23107-H   Pulp Cthulhu
23124       Canis Mysterium
23125-H   Two-Headed Serpent
23128       Terror from the Skies
23129       Secrets of Tibet
23130-X   Horror on the Orient Express
23130-H   Horror on the Orient Express (two book set)
23131p1   Call of Cthulhu 7e Quickstart (stapled)
23131p2   Call of Cthulhu 7e Quickstart (perfect bound)
23132       Dead Light
23133       Nameless Horrors
23134       Ripples from Carcosa
23135       Keeper Rulebook 7th Ed.
23135-H   Keeper Rulebook 7th Ed.
23135-L    Keeper Rulebook 7th Edition (leatherette)
23136       Investigator Handbook 7th Ed.
23136-H   Investigator Handbook 7th Ed.
23136-L    Investigator Handbook 7th Ed. (leatherette)
23137p1   Keeper Screen Pack 7th Edition
23137p2   Keeper Screen Pack 7th Edition (tuck box)
23138       Petersen Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors
23138-H   Petersen Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors
23139       Keeper Deck Set (4 decks)
23140       Gateways to Terror
23141       Grand Grimoire
23142p1   Dark Ages 2nd Edition (used 23143)
23143       Cold Harvest
23144       Horror on the Orient Express Keeper Screen
23145p1   Alone Against the Flames
23145p2   Alone Against the Flames
23146       Cthulhu through the Ages
23147       Sense Impacts (CD)
23148       Doors to Darkness
23148-H   Doors to Darkness
23149-H   Reign of Terror
23150       The Derelict (free RPG day)
23151-H    Down Darker Trails
23152-H   Petersen’s Abominations
23153-X   Masks of Nyarlathotep 5th edition
23154       Alone Against the Dark
23155-H   Terror Australis (2nd edition)
23156-H   Shadows over Stillwater
23157       Scritch Scratch (free RPG day)
23158-X   CoC Starter boxed set
23159       Deadlight
23160       Order of the Stone
23161-H   Secrets of Berlin
23161-L   Secrets of Berlin (leatherette)
23162-H  A Cold Fire Within
23163      Shadow over Providence
23164      Alone Against the Frost
23165-H  Dark Ages 2nd edition
23165-L   Dark Ages 2nd edition (leatherette)
23166-H  Harlem Unbound
23166-L  Harlem Unbound (leatherette)
23167-H  Mansions of Madness
23167-L  Mansions of Madness (leatherette)
23168-H  Malleus Monstrorum V1
23168-L  Malleus Monstrorum V1 (leatherette)
23169-H  Malleus Monstrorum V2
23169-L  Malleus Monstrorum V2 (leatherette)
23170-X   Malleus Monstrorum slipcase set
23170-XL Malleus Monstrorum slipcase set (leatherette)
23171-X   Malleus Monstrorum Keeper Deck
23172      Does Love Forgive
23173-H Children of Fear
23173-H Children of Fear (leatherette)
23174     Alone Against the Tide
23175-L  40th Anniv. Keeper Rulebook (leatherette)
23176-H  A Time to Harvest
23176-L  A Time to Harvest (leatherette)
23177-H  Cults of Cthulhu
23177-L  Cults of Cthulhu (leatherette)
23178-X  CoC Starter Set (2nd edition)
23179-H Regency Cthulhu
231798-L regency Cthulhu (leatherette)
23180-H Nameless Horrors 2nd ed
23180-L Nameless Horrors 2nd ed (leatherette)
23181-H Alone Against the Static
23182-H Arkham
23182-L Arkham (leatherette)
23183 The Shadow over Providence (color)

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Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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