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Sieges in Glorantha


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I expect prolonged sieges in Glorantha frequently end with magic providing an out-of-context solution to the usual stalemate. The Crimson Bat shows up. Jaldon eats his way through the walls. Belintar turns a picket line into a Hadrian's Wall-scale fortification. Of course if both sides have enough resources, things can escalate to Castle Blue scale madness.

This does provide an incentive for each side to perhaps try to break things up via storm/sally before the opposition marshals sufficient resources to escalate to epic-level conflict. If Sun Dome Templars besieging a Castle of Lead escalates to the level where amped-up champions heroforming Yelmalio and Zorak Zoran  get into a grudge match  before the gates, there's a decent chance there won't be much left of the battlefield for the victors to claim.  

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