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  1. JonL

    Gunda the Guilty

    The Vadeli realized that Law 0 is, "THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW MUST GROW OLD AND DIE." By systematically breaking ALL of the Law, they can also break Law 0.
  2. JonL

    Gunda the Guilty

    The Brithini angle is interesting in that raping Gunda's mother was likely an act of suicide, if a slow one. Consensual sex with outsiders ought to blow immortality, let alone rape.
  3. If you've got French nomenclature in-setting in 5th Century Briton, your game has gone in a very different direction.
  4. Ideally, this would be presented in a sortable big table with Modern Name: Roman Name: Cymru Name:Saxon Name: Descriptive Name : Other/Alternate Names like: Salisbury | Sarum | Sorviodūnum | Searoburg | The Rock | Caer Caradog Winchester | Venta Belgarum | Wenta | Wintan-ceastre | White City | Caer Gwynn London | Londinium | Llundein | Lundenwic | Thames Mouth, Lud's Dun | Caer Lud Andover | Levcomagus | Onn Dwfr | Andreferas | Anton Ford | Great Shining, Ash Water Chichester | Noviomagus Regentorum | Caeau Newydd | Cisse-ceaster | New Fields, Cisse's Fort | Dinas Regeni ...and so on.
  5. If they're indistinguishable from a regular human or troll when in either shape, there may be a few (or quite a few) hiding in plain sight. Eliminating a cult entirely is much harder than merely driving it underground/to-the-margins.
  6. To my formerly-a-professional-printer's eye, the helms, the Duck's sword, the shovel head, and the axe-head all have a lot more red in them than the spear-head does. Backing that up: here are some color samples taken from highlights in the spear-head vs highlights on the Duck's sword, both of which are facing the Sun in their respective frames:
  7. A gold-headed spear that stays perfectly rigid when used as an oversized bindle? In the Zola Fel valley? She totally punked a Sun Domer. I'm thinking she wrestled him for it after he said something chauvanistic.
  8. You know who could cure the curse? Dark & Light heroquesters tag-teaming Night & Day as both Kyger Litor and Dayanserus, playing both sides to engineer their desired outcome. What sort of benefit to the Light side of such an unlikely alliance would make it worth their participation?
  9. Gbaji was at Night & Day, whispering in the pro- and anti- Bright Empire champions' ears, saying. "Go for it, all out! This is your moment! Don't worry about the consequences, you've got this."
  10. When I run con games, I usually start off with a quick "wandering monster" warm-up encounter to get newcomers used to HQ's mechanics. I recall fondly an astonished player remarking, upon the party dispatching overcoming a Scorpion Men ambush, "Last week, in my Pathfinder game we ran into some goblins and the fight took two hours." I'll still enjoy a crunchy grind every now and then, and had great fun doing the Pathfinder 2 playtest last year, but my overall preference these days runs much more towards lighter fare.
  11. Shadow weakness? Nay! The twin tragedies of the Eldar are Hubris and Fate. If I ran a Beleriand HQ game, any Firstborn characters would chose one of those two as their high-flaw, and tie the other as they wish. Any who swore the Oath or otherwise fall under the Doom of Mandos would get a +M to those flaws when it rears its head.
  12. I very much agree. For example, I dig how in this illustration of the Holy Country, a very hazy Kiero Fin is visible in the extreme distance:
  13. You have the right of it. While it won't have as large an impact vs High Resistance and lower, the impact vs Very High and Nearly Impossible will be quite significant. Part of being M2 worth of awesome is that you can often prevail over lesser challenges even when hindered. However, dropping from 2M2 to 16M vs 14M or 14M2 is a big deal. If you wanted to sort-of scale it, you could do something like make bonuses and penalties proportional to the ability rating. Perhaps something like: Fixed Proportional +M 3/1 +9 2/1 +6 3/2 +3 5/4 -3 4/5 -6 2/3 -9 1/2 -M 1/3 I would find this awkward in play though. If you do something along these lines, perhaps consider a handout with the values for bonused/penalized ratings already computed for easy reference.
  14. I think it is, with Movement. That's from whence the "No one can make you do anything." axiom arises. You could also make a case for Power, given the way Pamalt defied the doom of the world, the Doraddi have a society without heirarchy and empires, and the opposition to Ompalm. It could also be absent from the runes because they are such co-beings to the gods themselves. The gods are timeless and gave up their volition as part of the Compromise. People within Time are not so constrained. Note that Time has no rune either, not even on the big ol HQ1-era list.
  15. Fate is a Condition rune, not a Power rune. It's not in opposition to anything.
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