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  1. What's the outlook on POD for these? While I recognize a lot of the pre-/early- desktop publishing era titles in the Vault would require significant preflight labor for a respectable quality POD release, I'd hope the Moon Design era titles would just be a matter of tweaking @Rick Meints 's old layout files for export to whatever specs DriveThru or whomever require. That's a step that would take some of the sting out of being left behind by the new hotness, as well as support current releases like The Coming Storm that heavily rely on those out of print titles for background.
  2. That's why she suggested hiring a professional or equivalent expert.
  3. In addition to retaining a proper Elmal, my Gloranthas have more chariots, because the Tain is rad..
  4. ^ Yeah, I can never quite square all the talk of justice with Sun Domers' misogynistic mercenary serf-oppressor ways.
  5. There have been myriad changes to the setting over the decades. What I find frustrating is the retcons that contradict the select works that Moon Design explicitly put forth as the foundation for new materials going forward. SKoH and SC are both set only a few years before RQG, and the picture they paint of the Sartarites perspective on the whole thing is materially different from what we are getting now. @daskindt lays it out pretty thoroughly in this post. Whether one prefers the new approach or not is a matter of taste, and Jeff has certainly earned his position as the one whose taste guides what goes in the books many times over, but let's not pretend that contradictions and revisions/retcons to the HQ2/G era materials aren't being made. The new assertion that "Yelmalio is the Sun God of Dragon Pass" and Elmal is some minor niche cult (in addition to contradicting the many things daskindt sited) is out of step with 1kE:3kY in that if perhaps 2/3 of that ~3k is in Sun Dome County, and half of the rest are in Alda-Chur, that leaves ~500 Y's scattered around everywhere else. If you similarly put half the E's in Runegate, the balance most places that aren't a stronghold of either cult starts to look about 50/50. Change my distribution assumptions and you can reasonably still say 2Y: 1E most places if you like. However, if you then add Redalda's ~1k initiates to the Elmal-is-our-Sun-God side of the scale (because ain't no Redalda daughter gonna put up with Sun Dome misogyny) you've definitely got at least as many E+R as Y initiates anywhere that isn't a Yelmalio strongold, and probably more. Who then is the Sun God of Dragon Pass? Further ~1k initiates across Sartar isn't small for any cult that isn't Orlanth or Ernalda. SKoH also counts Humakt, Lhankor-Mhy, Urox, and Yinkin as having ~1k initiates, and we never hear about how they can barely staff a shrine or are inconsequential to the cultural landscape. Let's not further side-track the discussion of changes to the setting in general with E:Y particulars though. For the purpose of this thread, it's enough to say that it represents a change to how Sartarite culture and religion had been portrayed in recent materials. (We can awaken the thread I linked to above, if you'd like to go further down the sun god road.)
  6. How big a deal the Elmal thing is depends largely on how much use you've been getting out of Elmal as presented in Sartar - Kingdom of Heroes and the Runegate chapter in Sartar Companion. ( From the SKoH , "What Sartarites think" on Sun Domers: "The Sun Domers are a strange cult who betrayed Elmal for the Cold Sun..." is very different from what we're getting now, as is the 1k Elmali & 3K Yelmalions in Sartar figure from SKoH - especially when you figure that most of those Yelmalons are in Vantar.) While no spirits of retribution are going to come and steal those books away, future releases conflicting with what you're currently using makes both new and old less useful.This is doubly frustrating if you like to keep your Glorantha varying to local/personal or otherwise self-contained matters and otherwise rely on the published works for the bigger picture. Suddenly, your game is now out of step with what's coming out when you intended the exact opposite. Further, what are Yelm's runes? Or Storm Bull's, Issaries's or Waha's? Guide and HQ books say one thing, RQG says another (though letting Orlanth keep Mastery, but not Waha or Yelm, interestingly.) Sure, one can work out mappings and such, but it's another instance of something you thought you knew and could trust suddenly not being the case. Things once considered reliable, suddenly are not. I'm not trying to edition-war here, but I do feel there is a difference between taking creative license in one's own games, fan works, or even officially blessed deliberate alt-takes (presented as such) vs outright contradictions to established reference works.
  7. I'm a big fan of everyone making a setting what they need or want it to be for their own enjoyment. I get frustrated when official works are contradictory, because they become less inter-operable, and thus less useful/valuable then they would be as part of consistent whole. When I came into all this, this excellent article at glorantha.com was very useful to me in getting a handle on the baseline from which one's Glorantha will vary . For all that it deliberately included ambiguities, contradictions, and insoluble mysteries, there was a common point of reference from which variation could be recognized, appreciated, and understood. Maybe it's just an accident of the timing of my arrival that it even seemed like such a thing existed, but I nonetheless feel its loss. I used to be unbothered by future HQ releases being recast as (more profitable) RQ titles, thinking the setting information would still cleanly fit with what I already have. As the worlds they describe increasingly diverge in more ways than just the time-period though, this becomes less true. As the posture for published works moves away from a common Glorantha among many games to each game line having its own branch of the tree, I hope that means we can see more diverse concepts get attention and support. Let's see some more of the cartoony Glorantha from Khan of Khans. Let's get notes on how to integrate ideas from Six Ages into your tabletop games. If the Guide is no longer etched in stone, let's see about a less stereotype-laden East. While I miss the knowability of what seemed to be a stable corpus, embracing variability also brings opportunity.
  8. My experience has been fewer fights occurring in RQ games, but those fewer fights end up taking more session time at the table than several HQ dustups do. Where a HQ game falls on the gritty <-> high-adventure spectrum is very much a playstyle/social-contract choice. Interestingly, I have of a few occasions run HQ with very gritty detailed injuries and after affects ( including swelling, shock, etc.), realistic healing times, lasting impairments, and the like. As expected, the PCs got properly gunshy, and became more prone to things like arranging ambushes rather than risking fair fights. In a given game, losing a limb or being seriously burned might be Major Defeat or Pyrrhic Minor Victory consequences, as long as everyone at the table understands the stakes.
  9. Say, @John Wick , would you be open to blessing a Houses of the Blooded genre pack for QuestWorlds? I was reading HotB tonight and was struck by the parallels with extended contests, community resources, and so on.
  10. JonL

    Obsolete Ability

    No, he wrote it right. It's just that his love for his mother can move mountains, literally. 😅 Yeah, there's an implied one after the M we dont usually state. If we were being super rigorous, we could start abilities with the also-mplied M0, but that would confuse more than it would clarify, methinks.
  11. JonL

    Nature of Metals

    I'm just going to leave this right here...
  12. JonL

    Obsolete Ability

    Moving points around between adventures is common in many Fate-based games, giving players the opportunity to decide which abilities they wish to highlight in play.
  13. JonL

    Obsolete Ability

    Jajah nailed it: They don't become obsolete, they evolve into so.ething relevant to the new fictional context. The connection to Kallyr becomes a connection to her hero cult. The secret identity becomes an opportunity to leverage the super identity in mundane contexts.
  14. I suspect there is room for more than one supers game. Cosmic Zap is aiming to genre-emulate a very specific niche in comic book fiction, . If someone made a game that was optimized for the style of 80's X-Men soap operas or goofy Silver Age puzzle mysteries, they wouldn't necessarily be competing head-to-head, and they are selling very different experiences.
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