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  1. I think that the cultural keyword will imply a species in most cases. I also don't think that Ducks, Minotaurs or the like need the Beast rune any more than Humans need to take the Man rune.
  2. Those crewes hauling an Orlanth Adventurous idol around in the back of a wagon like a carnival float are crazy like a fox.
  3. Re. Painted Ships: The Rule of Cool says painted ships are great, so various sailors' cults, Waertagi, Vadeli, and so on have ritual practices that maintain the decorations their ships need need to embody sea spirits, appease Magasta, etc.
  4. It wouldn't take much work to just invert the success ranges; criticals starting at rolling your rating exactly (or 95 for very high ratings) and going down from there, specials from the bottom of the critical range to 80% of your rating. In addition to being a more pleasingly consistent blackjack/price-is-right approach, it also makes higher rated rollers more likely to win ties on crit-vs-crit & special-vs-special opposed rolls, since their elevated success ranges will be farther along the number line.
  5. I'm very much digging the way that augments & passions have been back-ported from Heroquest & Pendragon. The passions in Pendragon are one of the best things about it, but they tend to be a bit of an all-or nothing "I Win!" button or not get used (since the stakes for failure being quite high lead one to only risking rolling very high ones), or turn things into rocket-tag if opponents are both inspired. Crossing that with the RQ success grades and consistent application of the principle across Passions, Runes, Skills, etc like you see in HQ is a very slick design move. I still find rolling-low for better success grades but rolling high to break ties within success grades on opposed rolls to be a bit incoherent, but I respect that maintaining fidelity to classic RQ approaches is also a design priority here. High roller winning when success grades are tied does at least privilege higher-rated abilities much like a more consistent blackjack approach would, especially in the case of large mismatches where the higher-rated roller's special range is eating up a lot of the lower numbers that might otherwise present an opportunity for an upset. I like permanent POW sacrifice to gain Rune Points but regular worship & sacrifice to replenish them quite a bit. It makes them something that can't be trivially replenished in the midst of an adventure, while also providing more access to the cool toys than the old POW economy did, especially in shorter campaigns.
  6. I could see using HQ1 if you wanted the sort of game where you have more quantitative and granular measures for strengths, speed, etc. I think HQ2 is better if you want to follow more Comic Book Logic where The Flash doesn't effortlessly defeat guys like Captains Cold & Boomerang. Both approaches have merit.
  7. I'm using the framework I posted last year for characters, and will have some ready to go Sidekick, Community, Ally, and Enemy (Flaw) options specific to the setting on hand-out index cards for anyone making new characters or customizing the pre-gem ones. I'm tweaking the Group Contest rules slightly to incentivize switching foes mid-battle and assisting/augmenting teammates somewhat - as that's very de genre for comic-books. We're also going to use the Flaw/Ability-polymorphism and Flaws as Heropoint Generators options put forth in Nameless Streets. The (currently full) HQG games will be the "Red Moon Rising" scenario from Pavis - Gateway to Adventure and the debut of a new Red Cow scenario from The Eleven Lights.
  8. Well, that was quick. As of this writing, the two Glorantha games are full, but there are three seats still open for the HQ2 supers game. Thanks, all.
  9. I'll be running three HeroQuest games at Gen Con this August. Two will be set in Glorantha, and one will be a supers game. As they were late additions to Chaosium's programming, they only hit the catalog the night before registration opened, and as such they are wide open for players even after the big rush. I hope to see you there.
  10. You know what, I wish I'd thought of it before, but my (free, and thus worth what you're paying for it) advice to @Ian Cooper and @Jeff is to hire Chris Chin (Bankuei) to do a Kralorela book. He has deep knowledge of both Glorantha & HeroQuest He has run Kralori campaigns. He has shown the ability to critique problematic racial aspects about Kralorela that most of us may not otherwise notice while remaining constructively engaged with it. His output is good and conduct professional. The Blood Monsoon is rad. Much as I'm itching for a Ralios book, Chris's critique that the further away from Dragon Pass you go the more shallow and stereotypical the cultural presentations become is on-point. That's not to point fingers, there's a ton of practical and historical reasons why it ended up that way, but the opportunity to do better is there. Hopefully it can be seized.
  11. It would be legal. It would only be just is he deserved it.
  12. It strikes me that this is part of the point of breaking from the RQ6 branch and making RQG stat-block-compatable with the RQ2 classics. They don't need to publish RQG versions of those supplements, since they're largely usable as they are.
  13. This kind of got lost in all the edition warring earlier. I'd like to not only reiterate but broaden it further. For those of you who played it, are some things about the Second Age as a setting made for particularly good game experiences for you? Somebody mentioned enjoying Blood of Orlanth, that's a very Second Agey concept from what I read about it. What are some things that the Second Age brought to your table that you wouldn't have experienced otherwise?
  14. Lots of interesting concepts there. I'm imagining using it for something like John Carpenter's The Thing, or maybe a murder mystery playing out on a space ship falling towards the event horizon of a black hole. WRT Glorantha, it might be a neat way to play out a Heroquest where you're supposed to "lose." Hill of Gold is an obvious one, but even something like the Lightbringers' Quest involves everyone failing at what their best at one by one. The recording feature wouldn't be appropriate in all contexts, though letters left to be found, notes drawn in blood on cave walls and such could fill a similar role.