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  1. The TM business shouldn't require the Vault vanishing altogether though. Really early HeroWars branded stuff wouldn't be affected, and I thought it also had earlier edition CoC materials.
  2. That's one of the very few differences between HQG & HQ2. You'll see that opposed runes section in SKoH's cult write ups, but not in HQG's. You just have the general power rune oppositions in the latter. In either case, the principle still holds for Argan Argar, Etyries, or Dormal. RQG's rune opposition mechanics are gentler still, but a mismatched character could still put you in a frustrating place when it's time to pick up the dice to cast certain spells. WRT the magic in RQG, If I were patching in Communication, I would just go through the spell list and pencil in Communicati
  3. I bet you could do many other cults' heroquests as Lanbril, either as an impostor - Lanbril masquerading as a supporting character in the tale and pulling a fast one without the other characters realizing it, or as a hidden participant acting alongside but unbeknownst to the other characters - helping or hindering them by turns for his own benefit. An Arkatic Lanbril cult in Safelster centered around the divine mystery of just who stole all these other cults' secrets from whom is left as an exercire to the reader.
  4. This sort-of works, but can run afowl of the opposed nature of power runes. A smuggler who is strong in Trade and Disorder works, but not so much if the trader magic is based on Harmony. Similar closed doors arise from replacing Eternal Battle with Death & Beast for Urox.
  5. As the Guide & HQG are in agreement WRT the runes and gods runic associations, their model is largely how I frame the world. I respect RQG having a condensed rune list for the sake of being more managable on the character sheet, spell list, etc. I dislike the idea of bending the setting to match the condensed list (or pretending that it had always been that way), along with some opposed rune consequences that the condensed list has for characters. If I were to run a RQG campaign, I'd let players write in Eternal Battle, Communication/Trade, Light, or whatever they need on t
  6. Chained Simple Contests, Scored Contests, and Extended Contests are all there for supporting finer-grained resolution in various ways. The key is to zoom the contest framing in or out in response to player excitement and interest.
  7. JonL


    The section in the back of the HW players' book that explicitly laid out sacrificing to saints and such comes to mind. It was more expensive in terms of HP spent on advancement to gain magic the "wrong" way, but it worked. HW had playable-level detail on the county, Atroxic church. and the Troop, which is rad.
  8. The reason Chaos got out of hand was that Bjiff's entry into the Underworld drove so many Uz to the surface that the few that remained in Wonderhome could not eat the output of the Chaosium fast enough to maintain the world's proper balance. Also, the roles of Argin Terror and his Mother are both performed by Tyler Perry.
  9. It's just "harsh ax," like "wicked blade" or "dead eye."
  10. Consider how Sorcery works: Close the Seas: Seperate Communication/Trade from Water. Open the Seas: Combine Communication/Trade with Water. The Open the Seas spell is exactly the opposite of Zzabur's spell, just on a smaller scale, for though Dormal may have learned Combine arts at the knee of perhaps the greatest master thereof, he was still no Zzabur. Neither is the magical support of one's crew on the same magnitude as the magical resources of Brithos. For one ship and one voyage though, they don't have to be. They just need to get a conversation going, and provide a bit of p
  11. Good summary. Valley of Plenty is a good example here. It uses the Glorantha IP under the JC terms and targets the QWSRD 0.1 as its reference rules (the version still hewing very close to HQG) - but it doesn't reprint the SRD text or present hacked rules such that the QWSRD license would rear its head. It includes the JC credits & legal page, rather than the QWSRD license text. Where it gets goofy is if you wanted to do some rules-modding. Say you want to write a QW supplement that expands and elaborates rules for package keywords (similar, though not identical to HQ1/Mythic Rus
  12. Beast Valley is populated by Muppets. Only the Puppeteer Troupe understands.
  13. Maybe so. The now-deleted q&a thread on the BRP version suggested otherwise. I try not to think about it much, as the license situation dealt a deep wound to my enthusiasm for a dear to my heart project that has still not healed.
  14. The Johnstown Compendium terms permit use of the Glorantha IP, if you're publishing through there, that's how its permitted. Of course the QW SRD license has a no-other-legal-restrictions term, which complicates the picture. I doubt they've thought that through all the way.
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