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  1. Those are her RQG character sheet runes. Her in-fiction Runes in the Guide are Light and Harmony. (See also: Stasis, Mastery, and Fire for her husband. )
  2. Part of how Dara Happan acceptance of the Lunars works is that they don't necessarily see "Moon" as a distinct thing from a Sun. They know that Sedenya was of old the Changing Sun of Mernitia, whom Antirius brought to heel during the Darkness. Yelmgatha acknowledged her place in the world as the Changing Sun of Pelanda, but she remains within the Air with the other inconstant beings and does not contest the holy Sky above. The HeroQuest Voices entry for Dara Happa does a great job of presenting their parochial perspective on their own identity, even if frustrated by your mother and her exhasperating Lunar ideas about "equality."
  3. There seems to have been a significant cluster of written Ogham sites in Dyfed. I could see such representing a minority population obscured by the quantization of boundaries in that map though.
  4. It's always a delight to have an expert weigh in, thanks. How do the Ogham inscription sites in Cambria fit into this picture?
  5. In pondering this dynamic, an interesting modern point of reference is that the country folk of Britain in the late-4th to mid-5th centuries have had their previous henotheism suppressed/supplanted by Christianity for only about half as long as modern adherents of Santeria/Lukumi/Vodoun have today. The "old gods in saint-drag" paradigm is strikingly parallel. In that context, I expect strict monotheism reigned only within earshot of the nearest Bishop.
  6. Fun with names! "Vortigern" in in Old Welsh/Cymru is "Guorthegern," meaning "Great King." "*Arto-rīg" in Brythonic means, "Bear King." "Ard Rí" in Goidelic (which was widely spoken in West & Northwestern Britain in the 5th Century), means "High King." Neither "Arthur" nor "Vortigern" are likely to have been personal names, but rather tiles or cognomen. Might a leader among the Britons at Badon have carried such a title? Seems reasonable. (Gildas, born the year of Badon, does not name principal combattants in his account of the battle.) Later historians and fabulists mix earlier chronicles and (often syncretic) oral lore in languages at centuries of remove from original accounts. Unfamiliar once-titles in archaic tongues get interpreted as proper names, family trees and deeds get shuffled around to flatter current monarchs by proxy, fashionable romantic drama is inserted, etc. - eventually bringing us: A tale wherein the wicked High King Vortigern and his noble yet tragically doomed son Vortimer rising in rebellion after his father's fraught marriage to the latter's step-mother casts the realm into chaos. A tale wherein the wicked noble yet tragically doomed High King Vortigern Arthur and his noble yet tragically doomed wicked son Vortimer Mordred rising in rebellion after his father's fraught marriage to the latter's step-mother casts the realm into chaos. At such far remove, these tales could very easily describe the same people and events, descending from the tales told by those who reviled them on the one hand, on those who revered them on the other.
  7. Mordred's got a legitimate beef or few.
  8. I much prefer a game where Lancelot is just a high-powered veteran PK from someone else's long-running campaign, potent but not beyond what a PK could attain with enough time and a little luck, rather than a superlative fixed point you're wrong to even try to chase. Similarly, I dig the Percival Grail stories much more than the Galahad ones. Galahad is basically the Virgin Mary with a sword, born perfect and destined to deliver the goods, and that's about it. Percival's stories look like something your PKs could experience.
  9. JonL


    Know that your many years of hard work and passionate commitment to excellence in these projects and others like them is greatly appreciated. While I'll admit to now and again grinding an axe in frustration over a few decisions on direction or prioritization I wish you'd made differently, any criticism I make is coming from a place of gratitude and extremely high regard for the remaining 99%. I'm glad that you & your colleagues are taking the time to realize these projects in the manner they deserve and executing them in a fashion that keeps the company & its employees healthy. I'm proud to run your games for my children, and your face lighting up when you saw the pics of my players in their Red Moon Rising masks is my favorite memory from Gen Con 50. Thank you.
  10. However much that should be something of a given, the repeated bad experiences many people had that led to the development of explicit safety tools demonstrate the value of spelling such things out. If everybody always handled this stuff as well as we might like, we wouldn't be having this conversation. It is giving one's word. No more, no less. Oathbreakers may find themselves unwelcome in places and groups that care about these things though.
  11. This, very much. The GM is saying, "If you say something is bad for you in a significant way, you can trust that I will stop it, no questions asked. I respect and trust your judgement regarding your own well being to the point that you don't even need to explain or justify it to me. In sharing this power over the game with you, I am also trusting you to use it responsibly, just as I strive to do." That's a powerful pact.
  12. If the GM has to think for more than five seconds whether including Lolth or Randy is more important to the campaign, once again - the problem is not the X-card.
  13. Or, the GM could accept the minor inconvenience of swapping in Tsuggtmoi whomever for Lolth, proceeding with the overall adventure as planned reskinning spider monsters as fungus monsters, everyone has a good time and Randy doesn't have to suffer.
  14. With skills over 20, you've got a broader range. That's where this matters.
  15. (This is how I look at Barntar & Vinga.) This is my favorite new phrase!
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