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  1. There is also Enferalda, the aspect of Ernallda who is sick of your bullshit and will smack you upside the head, possibly with a frying pan.
  2. I now imagine an Illuminated Lanbril Ring in Safelster infiltrating various Arkati sects to cross reference their lore in ways that God Learners would envy, all to facilitate heist heroquests.
  3. As a semi-related aside, I love than Lanbril is so sneaky that his name only appears in the Guide once, and it's not even on the list of gods. Just enough presence to establish his continued existence in the setting, but not one word more. I like to think that Lanbril's followers have their own versions of other gods' myths where some side character (charioteer, minion, bearer, healer, advisor, guide, etc.) to the main god or hero was in fact Lanbril in disguise, using whatever the central conflict of the myth is as cover to make off with some choice loot (especially things that might otherwise be thought to be destroyed or lost-forever in the less-informed version of the tale). I bet they smuggled the tech behind Whumpers and such out of The Fall of Zistorwal by heroquesting to it as Mostali who confiscate contraband items to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.
  4. Reference image: (Original comic panel without infinite beard, because everyone should get to check out Kill Six Billion Demons, it's outstanding. )
  5. You might perhaps inquire as to whether they might be able to transact privately to liquidate surplus legacy stateside inventory that they can no longer advertise for sale since selling the trademark. I recall Palladium selling all their Robotech minis in bulk to Miniatures Market when they lost that license, and a well regarded maker of dice has been quietly selling surplus new-old-stock copies of a classic RPG's 3rd edition which they published back in the 90's at cons for decades. It never hurts to inquire.
  6. I'd look closely at QuestWorlds, Cortex Plus/Prime, and Fate before trying to hack Pendragon into something that can mechanically highlight the themes you're looking to center. Pendragon was groundbreaking for integrating things like Personality Traits, Passions, etc. into the classic RPG mechanics of its BRP foundations, but other games have gotten to stand on its shoulders for decades now, and have tools better suited to engaging with conflicts around identity, love, acceptance, and so on. Rather than working out how skill bonusses should differ between a shopkeeper's son in Boston and a farmer's daughter in Oklahoma, you could be deciding things like "OK, my stress tracks are going to be Safety, Acceptance, and Pride."
  7. This feels like the truth. Further, the nomenclature for rotational directions is likely something like Skywise and Windwise (though the Lunars no doubt seek to supplant Windwise with something like Phasewise).
  8. Of course, for all their sound and fury, the heart of the conflict was a love that their pride would not admit. Many lives would have been spared if only they could have faced one another in honesty.
  9. Being flat, Glorantha's sundials would thankfully all go the same direction, though in Pamaltela, you would read it from the bottom of the dial rather than the top, clearly. Perish the thought.
  10. Thus did the people rejoice, for their wonders had not been lost after all, and the benevolent gaze of Queen Bey did once again shine upon them.
  11. We should start a separate thread for the tales of the Pop Star Captains. I wish Jeff had moved those into a different thread rather than deleting them. Their good natured playful collaborative fun was a refreshing change from heatedly debating the fine points of whether Yelm's beard braids curl clockwise or widdershins (which can also be fun, but still).
  12. Is it a frog who hustles at pool?
  13. Be wary. Geat is her mirth, and greater still is her wrath. Few can say which is sharper, her tongue or her blade.
  14. Behold, Katiperi astride her Great Golden Lion, blazing forth to defend the Sky Realm. The epic of her great friendship, feud, and reconciliation with Tay-Tay the Swift has great power to weave peace among mighty foes who could be even mightier allies.
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