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Chaosium Interviews: Side Quests and Sandboxes in TTRPGs, with Jason Durall


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On 7/20/2022 at 10:48 PM, MOB said:

What’s the coolest sidequest your TTRPG table has ever embarked on?

Escaping a Lunar army camp by being swallowed by a Trickster.  They discovered there was a door in the esophagus just above the acid pit of the Trickster's stomach and decided to go through rather than wait to be regurgitated.  Where exactly they ended up (Underworld? Gods World?) was always a mystery, but they had to avoid the worms of the Boneyard, a ghost and demon haunted plain, and pass through the Fog of Ignorance where they found an Ivory Tower under attack by red-clad, masked figures.  The Ivory Tower turned out to be LM's tower of knowledge, and after trying to find their way through the endless stacks, they finally emerged within the Jonstown Library.

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