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Pirates & Dragon question Medicine Bag


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I may have missed this in the book, but how does the medicine bag effect MAG score?  The rules say


A medicine bag is a magic item created by shamans to boost their magical ability.

But no where does it tell you how?


Also the Spell Disrupt Spell is listed in the index, but not in the spell descriptions.   Any help with this?   The Disrupt spell listed is for tearing apart the body.  



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Disrupt Spell, Looks like its the evil option magic wise being a Dragon one and rips the target apart if they fail a Resilience roll, doing 1D6 damage and it could cause a Major wound if it does enough damage. So a pretty nasty spell over all especially as armour doesn't do anything. Though from A G.M's perspective it is a pretty cool spell to describe and gives you some nice options story wise, they roll a one for damage the target losses a finger or an eye but their screams attract attention.

I've not run P&D so hopefully I've not messed this up too much.


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