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Hello Everyone!

I've just joined the forum and wanted to give a hello to all the folks. I just wanted to share a bit about myself so you know who the new poster is! I began gaming around 1990, thanks to my older brother. And like many, I began with D&D. Along the way we stuck with D&D and its many system changes and embraced it for the most part. We tried many other game systems throughout the years. When D&D Fourth Edition hit the scene we were excited. We tried the new rules and gave it a true and honest run. But we were sorely dissapointed. We stuck with it, even for the next few supplements, but were really let down by the amount and quality of the content.

We've always been fans of Call of Cthulhu, and often used those rules to make modern, futuristic, and western games. When Basic came out as one big guidebook, we got it and were quite impressed. The openess, flexibility, and ability to create without being hindered but having a general rule system to keep things in check made us estatic.

We have not looked back at the other systems. It's true those others brought us years of joy and happiness, but they often came along with alot of headaches rule wise and creativity wise. Basic has won us over hands down.

On a personal level, I currently reside at home, working as a personal health aid, and persue an amateur interest in writing.

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I've been a roleplayer since 1985. Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying are what I've played the most. BRP is the best of all possible worlds. In the past I would buy a game for the background and end up going back to Cthulhu because it's just much easier than anything else. Now with BRP you can play any setting you like with sensible rules.

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