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A question for Rodney...


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I love your work, Classic Fantasy has been an amazing addition to our gaming collection. Any thought as to when Vol. 2 will be ready? I know projects take time but my group is jsut so damn excited!

Also, I checked out your Fallout character sheet. That was a good one. Wish I had that when I was running my post-apocalypse game. Did you by any chance have any material peaced together for the world?

Thanks again, and really great work!

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Hi and thanks for the kind words.

I'm not sure on the time frame of book 2. Right now I'm going through the monster chapter and rewriting them where needed. For example, many still say Alignment: Chaotic Evil, instead of just Evil. A hold over from a much earlier version. After that I have some major changes for the treasure chapter and I only have the very beginnings of The Realm chapter detailed; Spot Rules and NPCs is finished however, and most of the monsters are written.

I have recently returned to work after a layoff and overtime is crazy, so that's cutting into my time as well. I'm really hoping to have it submitted before the fall but can't say for sure.

The Fallout sheet is for my brothers Fallout conversion, of which he has most of the weapons, armor, equipment, and critters converted. But getting him to post it is near impossible, he's too much of a perfectionist and it's never good enough. I'll try to coax him again however.

Thanks again,


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Totally understandable. I cannot wait myself! And my group absolutely enjoys the first volume. BRP and Classic Fantasy have really made our fantasy games what we've always wanted. As for Fallout, I hope your brother posts some things....it sounds like he's put alot of effort into it.

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