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Community based update to BGB?

Barak Shathur

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Here's a thought, don't know if it's realistic. What if we, as a community of BGB users, put together a kind of compendium of tweaks to BGB that we all voted and agreed on? Like a third party hakpak. The emphasis would be on tweaking, not changing anything fundamentally. For me, for example, I would like weapons to have stats more similar to RQ3, i.e. with less AP/HP, and for parrying to absorb damage equal to AP rather than deflecting all damage. I would like to make shields make more of a difference in melee, for example by penalising both attacking and parrying with the same weapon with -30% cumulatively, to stack with multiple parries. I would also like each point of SIZ to correspond more to specific units of weight, again more like RQ3. 6kg per point for the humanoid range, then maybe larger weight units per SIZ point at higher ranges. I would also like to develop the simplified stamina system sketched out in BGB a little, so that you make CON rolls maybe every minute, modified by ENC, with failure giving some kind of penalty, maybe 5 or 10 per failed roll. I would tweak the point buy system so that attributes become more expensive the higher they go, and also have some lower cutoff to avoid dump stats (maybe 6 for 3d6 range). Suggestions like this could be put in lists and voted on, and then we could have a kind of community update, an unofficial BGB 2.0 if you like. Is this possible? Thoughts?


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