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Favorite moments from a BRP game?


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what's the best, funniest, or most memorably moment from any BRP game you've played in or ran?

For me, it's in my current Cthulhu campaign (as this is the only BRP game I've played to date). One of my players is an inveterate power gamer; this is most noticable in D&D, where his 3rd level Monk will do approximately twice or three times the damage of a 5th level raging barbarian with Power Attack and a greataxe. He is attempting to power game in Cthulhu, which itself strikes me as amusing.

So he juggled his stats so that he had a 17 POW and everything else was under 10. Starting SAN was 85. Then, once his character found out about the Mythos, he did everything he could to collect every Mythos tome he could find, keeping them to himself. He currently has Cthulhu Mythos 25%.

I'm running the Shadows of Yog-Sothoth campaign, and in one room of the lodge in the first chapter there are four Mythos tomes: Nameless Cults, Revelations of Glaaki, Cthulhu in the Necronomicon and I forget what the fourth one is. He declares that he's going to search the room for Mythos tomes, and I tell him to roll four Library Use checks. He fails three, and declares, "08, that's a success!" for the fourth. I'd mentally associated each check with a specific book, so he finds the Revelations of Glaaki, which is a 12-volume set. I'm not going to give him the whole set, so I roll a d12 to see which he finds. He gets volume 12, which, if you're familiar with the book, has a spell woven into the text that draws the attention of Horrible Icky God-Monster Y'golonac to the reader.

The character is now slowly becoming possessed by Y'golonac, who makes it seem like a good deal -- let me in, and I'll teach you spells, give you forbidden knowledge, etc., but cross me, and I'll make your life a living Hell.

I later found out from one of my other players that the power gamer fudged that last Library Use check. I'd noticed him fudge a die roll before, and so had asked this other player (who is also my roommate) to keep an eye on the power gamer's dice. Turns out he rolled an 80 for his last Library Use check, and declared it an 8.

So if he'd been honest, his character wouldn't be slowly mutating into an avatar of a horrific being from beyond time and space.

This is why I haven't said, "Hey, I know what you're doing, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop," because his actions are screwing his character over more thoroughly then anything I, as GM, could do to him.

"A DM only rolls dice for the noise they make." -- Gary Gygax (attributed)

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Well, when he doesn't follow Y'golonac's instructions (which so far, are little things, like, "kick that stupid looking dog") his palms begin to itch horrifically. Eventually, he's gonna just scrape the skin off his palms, revealing mouths with nasty sharp pointy teeth. Then the mouths start moving in unison with the voice he hears in his head.

"A DM only rolls dice for the noise they make." -- Gary Gygax (attributed)

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The first time I ever played RQ3 I created a dwarf. I encounted a slaver in the wilds. He fled from me and had taken up hiding in a cave. I decided to start a bonfire at the cave entrance to smoke him out. I executed my plan, and it worked. I waited behind cover near the cave entrance with a crossbow. The slaver came to the entrance. I shot him in the head with my crossbow for maximum damage and killed him instantly.

I find out that he had a human woman as a slave in the cave. However, we didn't speak mutual languages, so we couldn't communicate properly. I confiscated the slaver's horse and gear. I put the woman on a horse and we started traveling together.

Sometime later (I can't remember specifically), we were traveling, and she was in front of me so I could keep an eye on her. Suddenly, she yelled something at me and kicked the horse into a gallop and took off ahead of me. It appeared to me that she was trying to steal my horse and gear. I took out my crossbow and shot her in the back; killing her from the damage and fall off the horse.

Unbeknownst to me, there was literally a giant behind us which she noticed and I hadn't. She actually had yelled a warning to me, which I couldn't understand. I had failed the Scan and Listen checks that the GM had called for to notice the giant behind us.

After I killed her, I eventually noticed the giant behind me. I was able to elude the giant on horseback.

That was my introduction to the RuneQuest rules system, the GM has been one of my longest friends that I have gamed with for over 20 years.

I was hooked on RQ after that experience. The tactical options and lethality of the system was a welcome change from the abstract combat concepts of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Unfortunately, that character is lost in the mists of time. I wish I had the presence of mind to keep all my characters sheets from those early years of role-playing.

BRP Ze 32/420

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