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for those who like BRP Rome


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The link above only has a very low resolution image, but I just did a search for "maquette de rome" on Google Image Search. There are a lot more detailed images of the model available.

I've been fortunate enough to go to Rome several times, but this model realy helps put what I remember of it into context.

For Roman history buffs I'd also like to recommend the History of Rome Podcast. I subscribed via iTunes and have been listening to them for a few years now. I can't wait for each podcast as it comes out every week. The episodes start with the mythic orrigins of the city and each episode goes step by step through Rome's hitory from there. Outstanding stuff, and recently voted best educational podcast of 2010. Witty, informative and entertaining. One of the main reasons I bought BRP Rome was because this podcast primed my interest in the subject.

Simon Hibbs

Check out the Runequest Glorantha Wiki for RQ links and resources. Any updates or contributions welcome!

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I'll second the History of Rome podcast, really great stuff.

I also used pictures of the scale model of Rome in a Roman "film noir" game I ran a few years ago. They really helped get a feel for how the various landmarks and neighborhoods of the ancient city related to one another.


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