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  1. And yet it has a homage within it. A really nice touch, I think. Simon Hibbs
  2. simonh

    Chaosium's Runequest 2 Vs Runequest 3 (Avalon Hill)

    I completely understand that and it's a fun anecdote. The thing is from a game system perspective, should a guy who Is highly competent at fighting with sword and shield, when the shield is gone be absolutely no more competent in defense with that sword than someone who has never picked up a sword in their whole life?* Unfortunately that's the kind of character the old rules often gave us. After all your anecdote can be summarized as "I played this game and the skill system was so fine grained that all it took was for one piece of equipment to be unavailable to the character and the system broke". As I've said before, it really is a matter of pros and cons. Simon Hibbs * Also just because the character always fights with the shield 'on screen', that doesn't mean the character can't maintain a more general capability with practice during down time.
  3. simonh

    Chaosium's Runequest 2 Vs Runequest 3 (Avalon Hill)

    Some nice straw you've got in your man there. You do know swords and shields have different stats in RQ, right? Furthermore, losing or breaking equipment is a real thing that happens and that a competent warrior should be able to cope with. maybe not as effectively of course, but at least at some level of capability above 'never done that before in my life'. My apologies, I must have misinterpreted the below comment from your previous post. From people with HEMA experience, that just isn't how people fight in reality, so the way RQ previously split out the skills resulted in an artificial distinction. A competent warrior will absolutely buffet or strike with a shield or block with a sword when they need to and will be much more vulnerable and ineffective if they avoid it. Furthermore in practice even if you primarily expected to fight with a shield, the fact is shields break or get lost so you would train in fighting without it as well. The artificiality of a game can distort these things (although RQ equipment absolutely can break). Also the fact that a character is optimized for certain equipment can create a perverse pressure on the GM to avoid creating circumstances where it isn't available. It distorts the whole structure of the game experience when characters are highly tuned in the sort of way you described. I just think it's much more satisfying to have characters that are broadly competent at what they do and can cope with circumstances a little outside their ideal comfort zone without breaking. It looks like we're not going to agree on this, which is fine. One of the great things about RQ and BRP in general is how easily moddable it is, so it's not as if splitting skills is all that hard. Best wishes. Simon Hibbs
  4. simonh


    I think CHA affects the Magic bonus. The CHA attribute in RQG is far more important than in any previous edition of RQ. It's seen as at least partly to be force of personality. It affects relationships with spirits too, so is important for Shamans. Simon Hibbs EDIT - Cross post with Jeff!
  5. simonh


    The pre-gens are right about the level of competency I like to start my PCs at (1). Jeff's comment about being able to execute a well planned ambush is spot on. It's no fun playing a character if you only have about a 50/50 chance of doing anything useful. This is particularly important for non-combat skills because usually the outcome of an entire activity is governed by a single roll. At least combat is a bit more of a statistics game. Also, you can tame high skills a bit with situational modifiers. It always seems a bit brutal to impose a -20% modifier or half chance on someone with a 50% or 60% skill, but if they're at 80% it seems more reasonable. After all, the skill % on the sheet only means anything relative to the expected difficulty of tasks. As a GM I find that useful, and more satisfying than handing out positive modifiers to make easier tasks more achievable. If a task is easy, what are we rolling for it? EDIT: (1) http://www.poppyware.com/dunham/glorantha/elric/chargen.html Actually I was a bit more generous, I wanted players to be able to start characters off at beginning Priest or Shaman level. Simon Hibbs
  6. simonh

    Under the Raging Storm

    Of course they can, but just because you can 'win' by killing more of them than they can kill of you doesn't automatically make it worthwhile. In other words, some of your people getting killed is always bad, regardless of how many more casualties you can inflict on the enemy, so the payoff has to be clearly worth it relative to just trading or extracting a toll with menaces, or watching their camp for weak or badly guarded spots and doing a sneak-and-grab of you see a chance, or all three. Simon Hibbs
  7. simonh

    Under the Raging Storm

    I'm sure I have the CD around somewhere in the attic, but I'd buy it again in a hot second. Simon Hibbs
  8. simonh

    Under the Raging Storm

    It’s a real problem, but good options include missile fire and ranged death magic. The ability to inflict even a handful of casualties should be enough to discourage casual attacks. How many of your family and friends lives would you be prepared to sacrifice for a bit of booty? Simon Hibbs
  9. Looking at a preview copy at Eternalcon, even just laser printed in B&W, I can easily see why it took this long. The Organization, layout and way the art integrates with and supplements the text is fantastic.
  10. simonh

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    Magic Point storage is pretty much a must-have asset for any character that casts magic, which is pretty much any character in RQ. The problem is if they're common enough for all or most characters to have one, why can't some characters have more? But that can be seriously unbalancing. For crystals this isn't as much of an issue because you can only attune one crystal at a time, so its's self-limiting. Perhaps that could be extended to all MP storage sources, so you can only have a connection to one at a time? It seems a little artificial, but might do the job. We'd still need a mechanism along the lines of attunement to establish or shift the link. Simon Hibbs
  11. simonh

    RQ3 and Murphy's Rules

    If it’s 3 per day then that’s easy. If you roll on the Urban encounter table, your chances of ending up rolling on the magical terrain table is 1 in 10,000. Since you get 1D6 encounters per day, on average that’s a bit over a 3 in 10,000 chance. Murphy’s Rules was just a bit of fun, and working this out was a nice trip down memory lane. IMHO it’s all good. Simon Hibbs
  12. I’ve also come across people citing examples of Gregging, where in fact they just assumed something about Glorantha and were wrong. Every now and then someone would join the RQ Digest and complain about something “in RQ2” being later Gregged by X, only for it to turn out that whatever it was wasn’t actually in RQ2 and anyway there was an even earlier source for X in WB&RM or an early copy of Wyrm’s Footnotes. Simon Hibbs
  13. simonh

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    I think it just grants skill bonuses and such that help you towards meeting the requirements for becoming a Priest. Yanioth has by far the highest Worship skill of any of the sample characters - about double that of most of them. She has the highest Cult Lore and equal highest Devotion to a god. She's also the only character that's sacrificed for an extra Rune point.I'd have thought all of those things would put her well on the path towards eventually becoming a Priestess and at least some of them may well be to do with her Apprentice Priestess status. Simon Hibbs
  14. simonh

    RQ3 and Murphy's Rules

    It means if you live for 30 years, you've got about a 50/50 chance of it happening to you at some point or other. That doesn't seem completely unreasonable for Glorantha. Simon Hibbs
  15. simonh

    RQ3 and Murphy's Rules

    I think it's extrapolating from the encounter tables in the Gamemaster's Book. Characters (and therefore presumably NPCs as well) in an urban environment roll on the Urban Encounters table 1D6 times a day. A roll of 96+ leads to the rural encounters table. A roll on that of 81+ leads to the Wilds encounter table. A roll on that of 81+ leads to the Wasteland encounter table. A roll on that of 96+ leads to the magical terrain table. Presumably they are classifying some of the magical terrain encounters as occurring on the God Plane, such as 00 - Demonic demigod, 01 - magical ruler of region, etc. Simon Hibbs