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BRP License - just the facts


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Hi all, can anyone tell me more or post a link to info about Chaosium's BRP/CoC license? I can't find anything about it on their website. :confused:

To my knowledge they've not made any public statement about any general license. They hinted a while back they were looking at developing some, but no ones heard anything since. Seraphim Guard negotiated their license for Deadworld directly with Chaosium as I understand it, after Ben Monroe made necessary introductions. Yuo could try emailing / phoning Charlie Krank direct; as discussed elsewhere, he's better at direct communication by all accounts.


Nick Middleton

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This was the reply I got a while back from Dustin about the BRP license:

We don't yet have a "standard" BRP license. So there aren't any details I can give you presently. In general, a license would include some form of advance on the quarterly royalties to be paid once the licensed product is being sold.

To apply for a license, we'd need to know more about your project, which language it would be printed in, how it will be printed, and where it would be sold.

Nathan Baron

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