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    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    Pretty sure only Soltakss did, actually - I said “Lots of people post stuff in the forums or to the downloads section.” Which has a somewhat different meaning. What I’m getting at is I don’t think we (in a general sense) are making the mistake that there’s some huge untapped market for Magic World - I think precisely the issue is the general awareness of how niche it is, and difficult a prospect making a success of any sort of support product would be. *shrug* Depending on how things go this year with real life ™ I may finally get round to doing something with what I have left from the unpublished Magic World projects I was previously involved with. What I couldn’t say, and it’s equally likely that work or other commitments will eat my time. But MW (or my personal hack of it for SF) is pretty much the only D100 game I play or run these days, so I’m likely to always be lurking on the fringes at least.
  2. NickMiddleton

    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    Well, speaking purely for myself, having actually read the section on Chaosium's web site on Commercial Licenses, I had taken the tenor of conversation here so far to be entirely of the order of a few fans / former contributors get together to get some previously unreleased material out. Chaosium's own thinking on Commercial Licenses (https://www.chaosium.com/commercial-licensing/ ) indicate that for such a license they are expecting (and only interested in entertaining) substantial serious and credible proposals.
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    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    One cannot use DTR ( or Lulu or similar distribution platforms) with the Fan Policy - it specifically prohibits them. So would have to be full commercial (I think we can all agree largely beyond the scope of what we are discussing here right now) or the Small Publisher Limited License. That has a flat $100 per year up front fee (or $200 for the full three years if paid in advance). Not a huge sum - but it is per project.
  4. NickMiddleton

    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    The SPLL iirc is time limited (3 year period - I assume it could be renewed if both parties wished) and limited to a gross revenue of $2000 per year and a fee of $100 per year (or $200 for full three year period upfront)... the logical consequences of that is a project needs to sink that $200 plus any costs for art / layout etc. Not insurmountable, but non-trivial by anyone's standards. Indeed. But the allure of "proper" "real" support (PDF / PoD books via DTR at the very least) is very strong. A substantial portion of gamers have always had this weird obsession that a game is some how less valid of there is not active provision of new material from some sort of official endorsed source.
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    Allegiance: how do you define light, balance, & shadow.

    Loosely and largely descriptively rather than as a specific mechanical thing when I ran Southern Reaches games. I could see myself using it more in some settings and even less in others, just as with Elric! the whole Law / Chaos thing was quite central in the Young Kingdoms but far less so when running something set in Hawkmoon's World. I largely took the MW Allegiance rules as illustrative of how one could conceptualise and reinforce such a metaphysics for a setting, rather than a required part of the rules. But that's largely how I treat all "rues" anyway.
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    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    Lots of people post stuff in the forums or to the downloads section. Doing something under the Small Publisher Limted or Commercial licenses would be a more substantial commitment: the former has an explicit upfront fee associated for example.
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    Let's talk about Cultures

    From the MW rule book: "The occupations are a listing of suggested typical occupations associated with that culture." I always rad it that if the Chronicler & player agreed a player could have ANY profession irrespective of culture, the list of occupations against each were a prompt / inspiration. I vacillate between trying to capture the feel of a polyglot and exasperation with how easily it can become a frustrating and pointless extra faff that fails to add anything worthwhile to the game. I worked quite hard on an interacted language tree for my Ulfland setting; there's basically ONE active human language (and one dead one) in the current fantasy campaign I'm developing. I had started looking at the idea of a Solitary / Solitaire culture for my SF games, but never wrote it up in any detail. Very elegant, like this a lot. Note sure I have hard and fast rules, as things can be so setting dependent. For example "...species cannot interbreed..." is a setting specific assumption - in one setting I have the "Tall" species (Humans and Elf / Melnibonean like Shanescue)can interbreed, as can the "short" species (Meldek and Brotan) but the short and the tall cannot. In another setting, each "background" is tied to s specific species and culture - so there two very distinct Elven backgrounds (one state, one tribal) to describe the two very distinct cultures of Elves in that setting. It would _theoretically_ be possible for other species to be adopted in to one, but for the other its such a remote possibility I wouldn't allow it.
  8. NickMiddleton

    Veteran Pregenerated Characters

    I rather like this - I am normally wary of this sort of skill (Credit rating, for such a long standing an apparently innocuous part pot Call of Cthulhu has caused a surprising amount of confusion over the years in various groups). But this is a straightforward and elegant way to handle things. I'd want to consider how character backstory and "campaign level" at character generation would interact with it, but that's a minor detail.
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    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

  10. NickMiddleton

    Spell casting, what needs to be done.

    Hmm - that reminds me if some ideas I had for BRP / MW spell casting spinning out of the Jorune conversion I did a way back when... Nick
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    MW vs. BGB - Differences / Comparison

    Not Chris, but I have the Magic Book... it is the RQIII Magic Book translated (not as rigorously as it should have been, alas) in to compatibility with the BRP BGB. Cheers, Nick
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    New Magic World Review

    See MOB's post here: "...we have no problem with ... other MW stuff that was in the works coming out under license, whether as a fan work or by another publisher." That was 2016, but I don't believe their position has changed. Cheers, Nick
  13. NickMiddleton

    New Magic World Review

    I use the rough draft I'd started out on of a "Future*World II" derived from the 2012 Magic World and the original Future World from Worlds of Wonder; I borrow a lot from the 2300AD BRP conversion this in the file section here for one game (that uses the 2300AD setting, so I use Colonial Atlas and Equipment Guides); for my pulp Space: 1889 game I use the GDW 1889 source books and a simplified and pulp-skewed variant of the MW core rules, propped up with borrowings from the BRP BGB. I haven't really run a traditional "planet hopping" BRP game in the style of classic Traveller / Trek / Star Wars - if I did I'd pinch the planetary generation system from FGU's Space Opera, unless I was doing something the required seriously plausible planetology (in which case I do some research). EDIT: Which IIRC is what I did for the Gate Warden setting that I play tested the BRP BGB with and which is another influence on my current "Future*World II" Cheers, Nick
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    New Magic World Review

    Quite possibly - but it is the only BRP / D100 rule set I have any remaining enthusiasm for and forms the basis of all the BRP gaming I still do (albeit mostly in recent years that's been SF based). *shrug* Nick
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    New Magic World Review

    A corrected core book that eliminates the typos, and maybe streamlines the layout a touch would be great, but I would be opposed to any significant change to the core text - it would add unnecessary overhead and part of the games charm is that it is so close to previously published sources. I'd also like to see the Bestiary resurrected and completed somehow - the draft I saw had some great stuff in it, and in the hands of the right editor could still sing IMO. I'd also like to see some support material in the style of Sea Kings of the Purple Towns (Stormbringer) or Arkham Unveiled (Call of Cthulhu) - compelling, well woven and rich but geographically modest in scale settings fleshed out with a few scenarios. IIRC the revised Shillingshead monograph was heading for that; and there are other possibilities within the Southern Reaches. Equally, it is a model that would allow _other_settings to be explored. I'd also be delighted to see a Community Content Program for Magic World. I don't expect any of these things to happen of course, but one can dream. Nick
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    Elric vs Magic World

    Not really - unless you are specifically interested in the setting, or the summoning magic systems. Bother the demon and elemental summoning systems from Elric! are in the Magic World Supplement Advanced Sorcery. Otherwise there are very few substantial rules differences; Elric! Is a paragon of the layout artists craft, but materially bare the setting there’s little difference. Cheers, Nick
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    Hurrah to demon objects!

    The best looking incarnation of this is here: http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/?p=160 Cheers, Nick
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    My point, not really expressed in the previous post, is that all _permanent_ effects in MW have a POW cost, and I'd be wary of changing that in the player facing rules (but as previously indicated, for shaping a compelling villain, all bets are off). One could certainly look at tweaking the individual spells to more closely resemble Demon summoning: so to call up a skeleton / revenant /ghoul etc to serve the Necromancer for a limited service (say POW hours / a day and a night) only costs Magic points, but to make the summoning permanent (Like binding a demon) requires a permanent point of POW as well. TBH, it's a while since I looked at the rules and that is how I _thought_ they worked. Fairly sure I'd make it possible for a Necromancer to repair a Revenant too or making the decay slow if it's "bound"; mind I am re-reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen so my thinking about Undead is rather tainted by ideas about the T'Lann Imass... Cheers, Nick
  19. NickMiddleton


    Are you intending on running a campaign of warring Necromancers, where everyone else are merely footnotes in the struggle between the Lords of Death? If so, eliminating the POW cost isn't an issue; if not then I'd be wary of making magic that can put an utterly loyal army at someone's disposal too cheap... The fundamental issue is a number of cool tropes from fantasy fiction (the Lord of Evil with the Legion of Undead in this instance) is one that most RPG's rules don't expect to be a PC. The Necromancy rules in AS (derived from Bronze Grimoire) are intended to allow a PC "scale" Necromancer. They suffer from the inverse issue of the RQIII Sorcery rules - the later were quite good at producing "lone wizard in tower with phenomenal power but who interacts very little with the outside world for huge chunks of time" and thus were terrible for archetypal "murder hobo" player characters; AS / tBG's Necromancy rules are quite good for player character dabblers in Necromancy but don't really scale well to produce major antagonist lords of Darkness with undead legions... On balance I prefer the AS/tBG approach and my solution for "undead legions" would be to create suitable plot McGuffins that boost necromancy e.g. the Cauldron of Annwn which allows a necromancer to produce a special form of Revenant that does _not_ decay, and if used as the focus of a ritual (cast at midnight on the dark of the moon on the mid-winter solstice etc etc) can summon an undyng legion of the dead that lasts indefinitely and is completely loyal to the summoner. In other words, use the _rules_ of AS for "PC scale" Necromancers, and if you need Undead Legions / Evil Dark Lords bestriding the land like a colossus, fudge their power set using enchantments / rituals (basically, Chronicler fiat). Cheers, Nick Middleton
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    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I have a rough outline of a short campaign set in England and the Caribbean in the 1680s to 1690's (straddling the Great Frost Fair, Monmouth's Rebellion, the death's of Henry Morgan and Christopher Monck and Port Royal in early 1690's... Really must finish that some time... which I could say the same about a DOZEN different rough outlines and stray bits of notes I have... Cheers, Nick
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    Damage Bonus Table

    https://www.thediceshoponline.com/dice-sets/153/-Specialist-Dice?view=ALL&FilterDiceSideID=12,%2013,%2014,%2016,%2017,%2033,%2035,%2018&FilterDiceColour=13 https://www.amazon.co.uk/20-Unusual-Dice-Set-Miniatures/dp/B00YLU8PW0 IIRC I was also thinking of doing them as roll 1D(n/2) with 1D2 - if the D2 rolls 2, add (n/2). So D14, roll a single D8 (re-roll 8's) and a D2 to see whether you add 7; 1D8 and a D2 for 1D16 and 1D10 (re-rooling 10's) with the D10 to decide whether your add 9... The existence and (relative ease) of obtaining D14's. D16's, D18's etc removes one big element of fiddliness. Cheers, Nick
  22. NickMiddleton

    Future World

    Mission to Epsilon is a scenario anthology, not all are SF: iirc there is at least one 1920's Call of Cthulhu scenario in there. Oscar Rios' Mission to Epsilon is an SF mission Jeromy M.Schulz-Arnold's A Mortal Coil is a Classic 1920's Call of Cthulhu scenario. Cabin Fever by Richard LeDuc is a Rubble & Ruin scenario. Descent, with Modification by Kevin Scrivner is an "ocean SF" adventure channeling Clarke's Deep Range / TV's SeaQuest DSV R. J. Christensen's Spacejack! is a Space Opera adventure. So they can be adapted, but they are not explicitly or even covertly linked to the settings / assumptions of Future*World. Cheers, Nick
  23. NickMiddleton

    Original BRP

    Note that the BRP QuickStart contains both basic rules, some spot rules, and the balance is made up of multiple short scenarios in various different genres / styles (of which I wrote 2). cheers, Nick
  24. NickMiddleton

    Original BRP

    Several - it was included in various boxed Chaoisium games in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s and reissued in the early 2000’s (in b&w cover, tape bound monograph era) as well iirc. Ah, basicrps.com, in all it’s copyright defying glory... fairly sure that _is_ the text of the booklet, or at least closely adapted from it, but I haven’t done a line by line comparison. In addition to the games Atgxtg mentioned I’m pretty sure it was also in the Elfquest, Stormbringer and Hawkmoon boxed sets, and possibly Ringworld. It was also included in the “... Paths” boxed sets. There was a point when the pamphlet was common, and relatively inexpensive, on eBay. Alas, the collectors seem have moved in with a vengeance. slightly surprised there isn’t a PDF available from Chaosium tbh. Nick
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    Future World

    Only as a PDF from Chaosium (and other PDF vendors) - you may be able to source it second hand from elsewhere. Cheers, Nick