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  1. Given Chaosium have just shelved the SPL, it would be a nightmare IMO - under the fan use policy / licensing you cannot distribute via DTR / Lulu etc, nor charge, so there's no way to recoup any production costs (so art etc will be solely amateur / unpaid for / at ones own expense, and no easy PoD options). And frankly, doing the whole "lalala I'm not touching you" thing of "for D100 games such as Sorcery Realm" rather misses the point of supporting Magic World - if one wants to do generic D100 fantasy there are plenty of options already.
  2. Technically I only added one: the “just pick thirteen skills” option is in Elric!, it just isn’t numbered separately as a fifth option. 😉 As Questbird points out, the core Elric! Rules were written to evoke the feel of the Elric saga: yes, a brutal dark fantasy setting, but also an epic, grandiose affair where gods and destiny are challenged and, literally, worlds end ... and Magic World is a refinement and evolution of that rule set. Ben’s changes added nuance and detail, but there’s no huge structural changes: Magic World is an engine designed for quite exaggerated, bold, broad str
  3. Must.. resist... urge.. for Duck.. puns... GAH!
  4. Free League have tweaked their approach to skills in the Year Zero engine (the underpinning rule set for Coriolis also used in their Mutant: Year Zero games, Forbidden Lands, Vaesen, Aliens, Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood and, heavily tweaked, Twilght: 2000) - but in general have stuck to the basic idea of sixteen skills, and in more recent games linked to one of four stats such that there are four skills for each stat... IIRC WotC were similarly restrained / abstracted with skills in the edition of Gamma World they did based of D&D 4e.
  5. According to Kickstarter update: “3. An Online SRD which I’ll be looking to get done by Easter 2021.” I assume the offline version therefore would be before that, but I could be wrong?
  6. Genuinely curious - what's your evidence for this?
  7. Ben’s original plan was sound: a compact, elegant layout focused on producing a concise book that would retail at less than $30, possibly $25 and which used the final submitted MS would, even with the re-used art and the (relatively few) typos and errata and bland title, have gained more traction. Then Chaosium botched it (used wrong ms file, targeted layout for a big book to justify an inflated price tag that made the reuse of art more problematic and over-printed the core book) and saddled nu-Chaosium with unsold stock of flawed execution of a strong concept. *shrug* we are where w
  8. Um, in BGB BRP they don’t, if it’s a weapon in _category_ they are familiar with, or even just similar too: ”Each specialty in Melee Weapon applies to weapons from that category of weapon only: to learn how to use a different weapon category, your character must learn a second Melee Weapon skill and specialty. At the gamemaster’s discretion, your character can wield a weapon from a related or similar weapon category, with the skill roll being Difficult.” ”The descriptions for the Heavy Weapon, Melee Weapon, and Missile Weapon skills in Chapter Three: Skills all refer to weapon specia
  9. All true - but this thread is in the Magic World forum, and started from observations about the Magic World rule for creatures without CON and poisons, so Glorantha's not hugely relevant here... 😉 I quite like the idea of "blessed" / "holy" water as poisons / venoms against undead (or Otherworld) creatures... But my main point is that in a broad, non-setting specific game like Magic World I do NOT think this is a mistake - one may prefer in ones OWN setting to define a rule that what ones rules recognise and model as Poison can only affect creatures with a CON score, and that no creature
  10. *meh* the game includes diseases that attack the soul; the idea of poisons / venoms that might affect at least some undead seems perfectly fine in a fantasy game to me.
  11. Make it a skill, based on POW, probably in the Mental group. Occupations that expose an Adventurer to live combat situations would allow increases. Roll it for morale, possibly roll at the start of combat for possible bonuses (and penalties for poor rolls) to DEX for combat timing as well.
  12. Given how important the personal dimension is to my Roleplaying I cannot imagine the circumstances in which I would do such a thing. Role playing is something I do with friends, not strangers. I can think of few things more unappealing than trying to roleplay with a group where I do not know anyone else.
  13. p190: "If your character can perform more than one action in a round (some weapons allow for multiple attacks, and combat skill levels in excess of 100% also allow multiple attacks), each attack should be separated by 5 DEX ranks. The first action is at the full DEX rank; the second is at DEX rank –5; the third at DEX rank –10; etc. Your character cannot act on DEX rank 0 for any actions, so any actions that would occur below DEX rank 1 are lost." My italics. The Attack action clarifies: p190: "Attack Your character can make an attack against a target on his or her DEX rank, in addition
  14. From the errata ( https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/556-magic-world-errata/ ): p. 48 second column: “A critical result occurs on a roll of 01-05” should be “A critical result occurs on a roll of 1/20th of the Adventurer’s skill rating.” p. 63 Critical definition: “A D100 result of 01-05” should be “A D100 result equal to or less than 1/20th of the Adventurer’s skill rating.” p. 67 in the Matrix notes: “If the attack roll is 01-05, a critical success occurs. A critical result represents the best possible achievement with the weapon.” Same change as above. These are corrected
  15. I’d guess the text was copied from the “Big Gold Book” manuscript, and we all missed that reference to hit locations. Looks like it didn’t get caught in the most recent errata doc in the downloads section here either.
  16. I’ve never understood why anyone plays or runs any RPG with such ab approach... but then, I don’t understand why people play RPGs at conventions either. *shrug*
  17. Welcome! Re weapon skills, check the boxed out table at the top of page 15: “Skill Category Modifiers”. That shows which categories which skills belong to, and explicitly lists all melee weapon skills under Physical, and all missiles under Manipulation. A purely corrected table probably wouldn’t run foul of copyright - but best practice would be to email Chaosium (https://www.chaosium.com/contact-us/ - I’d guess customer service or MOB) and ask. Cheers, Nick
  18. DEX rank plus Reflex die (bonus die from INT+CON on same table as Damage bonus). I also occasionally do more fiddly things with a Crisis / Combat Awareness / Sense type skill: everyone has it, you get experience in it from professions / occupations that exposed you to live combat / crisis situations - so veterans generally react quicker than civilians with no combat / crisis exposure. Also used for morale and trauma type effects. Used to love RQ SR but overt the decades my tastes have turned away from the intricate to the more straightforward.
  19. I am biased, as I wrote a piece for the line and did a bit to help Ben Monroe prepare the manuscript for release, but like others, I'd recommend Magic World. It's a single complete work that covers low to mid fantasy really well, it's a rich enough implementation of BRP to cope with a few one shots or multi year campaigns but streamlined and straightforward enough to be easy to explain and grasp. Its HIGHLY compatible with the BRP core book (aka the "Big Gold Book" or BGB) which is chock full of options. And as Soltakss says, BRP is pretty easy to mix and match with anyway. Start wi
  20. Pretty much. No cod 17th Century Coaching Inns (thank you, the Prancing Pony!) - things more like Mansio's / Cauponae; no paper; few horses; the Reaches as described in the core book and the alas never published "Campaigning in the Southern Reaches" borrow a few terms from feudal societies, but don't really come across as feudal: in my Empire of Irwan there's a senate and great houses in the heart of the Empire that act as checks and balances on the Emperor's power but their attention is not on the Reaches. I've always assumed it is a predominantly "bronze age" setting - copper alloy
  21. Hmm, well. Will see if I can come up with something for this idea I’m noodling at.
  22. Magic World, page 221. Offers a simple scheme where NPCs are classified as Minor / Average / Experienced / Heroic / Epic with simplified assumed skills all at one value except preferred skill(s) at another, and typical armour / weapon ratings. e.g.: Minor: All abilities are at 8, preferred skills at 30%, other skills at 15%. HP = Con/2 (4), 1-2 points armour. Weapons always do 1D6 damage.
  23. Anyone ever done a map / sketch layout of Lashingport?
  24. DWAiTaS Skill list: Athletics, Medicine, Convince, Science, Craft, Subterfuge, Fighting, Survival, Knowledge, Technology, Marksman, Transport. The Year Zero Engine SRD has a similar restricted skill list: Craft, Endure, Fight, Sneak, Move, Shoot, Scout, Comprehend, Survive, Manipulate, Sense Emotion, Heal - but several implementations expand that to sixteen. Again, Y0 leans heavily on traits / feats / talents to further detail characters.
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