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  1. It's in the hands of Mr Newt at the moment. I'm sure he'll post here when there is an update. :-)
  2. Hi - I can double-confirm this - I have 2x adventures that have seen several outings at conventions - one of which was also the playtest adventure. Then there is a mini-campaign (3 parts written, with a 4th in the pipeline) which is designed to introduce players to the default campaign setting. These adventures all work as self-contained one-shots if required. :-)
  3. If you want a taste of the game I'm hoping to be out and about at several UK gaming conventions this year running River of Heaven adventures...
  4. There are no FTL ships. There are torch ships though yes. There are also high-tech ships called 'Step Ships' that utilise a 'stellar-tap' - one end of a wormhole in a star, one as an engine exhaust, to provide limitless (or as good as) reaction mass. The technology to manufacture these engines is beyond the capability of human civilisations though, as they are acquired tech from an apparently long-dead alien civilisation. The Machine Civilisation has developed wormhole tech, and for their own reasons one machine faction has provided several to the more advanced human civilisations. RE: weapons - I have tried to keep weapons generic, classed together as things like 'slug pistol', 'slug rifle', 'plasma rifle', 'standard infantry rifle', 'smart rifle', 'needler' etc etc rather than have lots of makes and models.
  5. Hullo, Yes - Frank Herbert’s Dune is a great example to me of an advanced non-Singularity interstellar human civilisation, and the feudal make-up of the Houses definitely is an influence on the political structure of the Kentauran Hegemony (which is the default campaign setting). I also draw on the Byzantine Empire and several other sources, including the Crusader states of the middle ages. Likewise the Guilds. There are several guilds controlling space travel though, rather than one. There is no interstellar empire, no big worms, or spice melange though ;-) As Newt has said, I wear my influences on my sleeve, and try to list them all at the back of the book.
  6. Hi AikiGhost. Thanks for the comments and kind words, they're really appreciated. The blog you commented on was originally for me to put ideas as I thought of them until the structure of the book was in place and I began writing the manuscript instead. The most up to date blog on River of Heaven is the one Newt asked me to write over at D101, which you can view here: http://riverofheaven.d101games.co.uk/ As to how many pages - I'll have to refer you to Newt for that, as he is handling editorial duties. Thanks again for the comments, I hope you like the finished product. ps - glad you describe it as 'mid-hard' scifi - it is hard scifi up to a point!
  7. Hi Nick,How's things? Did I mention I got Outpost 19 and love it?John

  8. Steampunk English Civil War? This sounds awesome. I know some people in the Sealed Knot who will love this kind of thing too.
  9. Yet to get hold of the Laundry RPG yet, which is a terrible oversight on my part, considering I love the novels (I pretty much love all of Charlie Stross' novels, Laundry and otherwise). is it a recommended purchase?
  10. Hullo, I can confirm I've passed the last two chapters to Newt. Public playtest completes at the end of this week too, and the feedback I have had has been very helpful indeed. Thanks for all the kind comments. Sorry for not being around on the forums of late. Between finishing River of Heaven, and other pressing personal/family/work commitments, I've had to maintain a lower profile than I'd have liked here this year.
  11. It's been a lot of fun. Reminded me how much I love swords and sorcery!
  12. Glad you like it - I am in the process of providing some files to Chaosium to support the monograph (location maps, handouts etc) which you should be able to get for free from their website if you have bought Jovian Nightmares. I will post a message here and on the Cthulhu Rising website once I have sent the files to Dustin.
  13. Quick update: Dustin has been in touch to tell me the print version is now available: Chaosium Inc. Thanks again for all the positive feedback and offers of scenarios. :thumb:
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