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Shipping and Fulfilment Update - 29 June 2023: update Canadian fulfilment centre operations


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Chaosium has invested significant time and money setting up fulfilment warehouses across the world covering about 85% of our main Chaosium.com customers, something that is not easy for a company our size.

Last December we announced we regretfully had to suspend our Canadian fulfilment centre operations. This was due to poor service and lack of communication from our local partner in Canada. We fully refunded all customers whose orders were in the backlog of unshipped physical items at the time.

Since then we’ve actively looked at new options for Canadian fulfilment, and have identified several potential companies who could take on this role.

Unfortunately though, we’re still attempting to get our inventory back from the existing Canadian warehouse. This has proven to be frustratingly slow, but we do need to close the loop on that before switching to a new Canadian fulfilment centre.

We know this is not the news our Canadian fans would like to hear, and we apologise.

Please note that our two Canadian distributors, Universal and Lion Rampant, are in no way affected by this situation. They both order directly from our US Warehousing and Fulfilment company Bang/Sheridan. This means Chaosium products continue to be available at Canadian retail outlets.

Please also note our existing Chaosium fulfilment centres in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and EU (Poland) are unaffected.


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7 hours ago, MOB said:

Unfortunately though, we’re still attempting to get our inventory back from the existing Canadian warehouse.

Ouch, that sounds super annoying.  If you need a few of us to fly to Ontario and bring some van and some cutting tools, that can be arranged....  but bad jokes aside, thanks for the update! Fingers crossed.

Ludovic aka Lordabdul -- read and listen to  The God Learners , the Gloranthan podcast, newsletter, & blog !

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