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  1. While we wait for the first episode of the God Learners podcast to drop (this should happen in a bit less than two weeks), we have resumed our Gloranthan news program -- now named "Journal of Runic Studies". The first one is out now! I hope you find it useful and informative -- we're open to suggestions and, of course, news tips. You can subscribe by email or RSS, follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts, or just wait and see if I'll post every week here (it may get old quick unless you people find it worthwhile, however). And just for kicks, here's a fake cover that has absolute
  2. It's pretty common to do that (at least the smell part) when you play horror games like Call of Cthulhu. In fact, it's even recommended in the Keeper Guidebook IIRC, along with other details. I like @Joerg's idea of different smells per seasons, and of course they would smell slightly different based on the type of apple (but that may be somewhat irrelevant at the table). I think they would also smell different based on strong emotions -- there's some research showing that plants can emit airborne signals and secrete different compounds based on what's happening to them and around them
  3. Indeed, thank you to everybody who gave their support, small or big, to Wind Words. Especially those who contacted us since last October -- it was very much appreciated. If you want to know what's next, there is something in the works. Stand by while we power up the crystals, suck magic points from the servants, and prepare the ritual ingredients. If you're still following/subscribed to Wind Words, you should be notified automatically when something comes out!
  4. Yes, sorry, I pictured all this happening in the spirit world indeed. Although there could be some more-or-less subtle side effects in the real world like some weird breeze or whispers or whatever... maybe more on a High Holy Day or Sacred Time when boundaries between worlds are thin. It makes for a nice visual. Worst case, someone (NPC or spirits) casts the necessary magic or uses the necessary ability to render many of these spirits visible.
  5. Ah nice, thanks. I could picture some Orlanthi priest summoning an entire cumulonimbus of air spirits, bringing the vortex down to the tribal ceremonial grounds during a High Holy Day. This could be a nice alternative to casting 20 Summon Spirit Cult spells in a row for such a big occasion... it might even be a cool way to bring a host of cult spirits from which a select handful will leave the vortex to ally themselves to newly promoted Rune Priests/Lords, or get bound to ceremonial items made that day. Kinda like a lottery where the big spinning wheel with numbered balls is in fact a tornad
  6. Are spirit vortices (RQG p374) always some kind of "fixed" landmark, or can they come and go like some kind of spirit world weather phenomenon? If the latter, can anybody think of cool reasons for a spirit vortex to appear or even to move around?
  7. That's super interesting -- it never occurred to me to add all those things together to see how high it can go. How long has your group been playing? I wonder if the Reputation gain mechanics would benefit from something like the CoC SAN rolls. For instance, to gain Reputation, you first roll on your existing Reputation. On a failure, you get the normal Reputation gain (like, say, +1D3%). On a success, you get the minimal Reputation gain (in that case, just 1%). The reasoning here is that as you get more famous, your new deeds just add to your resume in a way people expect, and so they do
  8. Please do tell! Were the players particularly lucky with the Reputation gain rolls, or was the GM particularly generous, or was it just that they played for a LONG time? Or all of the above? Also, I'm curious how you play with PCs who are absolutely known everywhere by everybody... Were they known for generally heroic deeds? Or was there a mix of good and bad stuff (or, at least, all relative depending on who they visit) ? How did you handle that? Were there crowds routinely gathering anywhere they went, a bit like what happens any time a pop star shows up in a public place? What kind of
  9. I doubt this will happen very often since even NPCs like Queen Leika have "only" 85%.
  10. Nice, thanks @MOB! This actually makes me wonder about something I thought of while looking at the list of things that get you a Reputation bonus (RQG p238). Some of them are good, some of them are bad... so someone may know you primarily from any of those things you're known for! With this new sheet, instead of writing the modifier on the right-hand column, you could write each total as it goes up. Now you have basically a table of Reputations: whenever someone rolls to determine if they know you, look up the rolled number on that table, and the next entry (nearest higher number) is what the
  11. Not much officially, although Jeff has shared a bunch of stuff in the thread linked by Jape above. There will be more info in the upcoming Sartar Homeland Box. Is there anything in particular you want to know? I've done a fair amount of "research" about it.
  12. Good idea, and I had a similar problem with my group of Gloranthan/RQ newbies. I just extracted the couple pages on Runes from the RQG rulebook and posted that on Roll20, but they still ask questions on a regular basis. The reason it's not the case for me is that they don't reason that way -- they reason the other way. So it's like: "I'm trying to do X in this scene... what Rune would that be?" and then they check if that's a Rune they have a good score in. When you add the Power and Form Runes (which you can also augment with), that's a fair number of things to remember. Of note,
  13. But it does give a formula for the deflation: just halve the prices. So why not take the Alchemy pricing table in RQ2 p48 and halve the prices?
  14. Loosely related but interesting: the next page about the Dragon Pass timeline lists Harvar Ironfist crushing the Righteous Wind Rebellion in 1611 based on KoS and WF15, but the Guide to Glorantha says it happened in 1610. I made it happen in 1610 for my campaign (no big deal if I'm one year off) but I'm wondering which one is the "right" date?
  15. Oh and FWIW, the two times I ran Broken Tower, both groups ended up negotiating with Idrima, with on PC each time stepping forward to propose worshipping and propitiating her. In both cases, the players were totally new to RQ and Glorantha, and they really like that aspect of the setting. These were just one-shots, so we didn't follow up with a campaign, but if we had, I would have indeed written her up as either a Maran Gor subcult or a Spirit Cult, as is recommended in the book. Probably a Spirit Cult associated with Maran Gor, so the PCs have an incentive to go talk to the scary ladies in t
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