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  1. I think it's kind of the point, especially since (IIRC) parts of Ars Magica were designed with influences from Glorantha and RuneQuest in the first place. IMHO, playing actual full-time sorcerers (e.g. Zzaburi) would require large time jumps, or AM-type troupe play to be playable, since sorcerers spend days and weeks in preparation for any one big adventure or battle. So yes, I agree. Another option is to treat the sorcerer as a shared patron PC/NPC between the players -- you play the hirelings and servitors and such, going on dangerous adventures all the time to find herbs and items
  2. Woah that's the clearest, most helpful summary I've ever read on this topic in my ~2 years of Gloranthology. Thanks a lot Nick!
  3. Yeah which is why I think there's some confusion between being *actually* a noble, and being someone with a *noble standard of living* or belonging to a *noble family*. I'm just trying to understand all this so I might very well be wrong, but based on what Jeff wrote, the "lowest level of nobility is clan chieftain", so for instance Harmast is clearly not a noble, but he has noble standard of living, ransom, etc. Most of the time, I suppose you get a noble standard of living by virtue of belonging to a noble's household (Harmast's case), but I suppose you can also achieve it by just being
  4. In that case there's only one actual "noble" and that's the clan chieftain, no? The previous Clearwine Earth Priestess, Beneva Chan, would have been a "noble" on account of being wife of the previous clan chieftain (Kallai), but the new one, Beneva Chan, is "just" a super (most?) important priestess. I'm not sure she's initiated into the Rex cult except as a lay member, for instance.
  5. Interesting... I thought other "nobles" might have included leaders of notable temples and guilds... I guess maybe they have the lifestyle and wealth of a noble, but not the "noble" title then? And maybe many of those people fall under the "priest" label instead? That is: they're leaders of some kind (Earth priestess, Issaries priest, etc.), but not part of the actual "nobility" (a bit like a Bronze Age version of bourgeois vs nobles?). A note for other players: parts of what Jeff has been sharing about the upcoming Sartar Homeland book are actually heavily hinted at when you read the "No
  6. I vaguely remember reading this in some HQG book, yeah, like S:KoH or the Red Cow. Back in HQG, it seems like "thane" was a title that meant you have some kind of sway in the clan and/or tribe. But it could be anything I think? Either a mounted warrior ("weaponthane") or a non-combative member of the community (priest, god-talker, etc.). Probably most "devotees"? (HQ rough equivalent to Rune levels) With RQG, I get the impression that "thane" is now reserved for the military people (previous known as "weaponthane"). The thane of Apple Lane is specifically there as a military and judi
  7. There might be some occasional reasons to negotiate the price down. For example, if the captive lost a limb during the fight and the captors didn't heal it? Or if an important item was lost? Would these considerations factor in the negotiations?
  8. I wouldn't use species max INT either, it doesn't make much sense to me. But @jajagappa's simple "INT minus spirit magic" makes indeed more sense to me than RAW. I have the same reservations as @davecake about Free INT. It's maybe the entirely wrong analogy, but in music, knowing more songs doesn't prevent me from improvising new parts... if anything, it actually helps me improvise more. It is, however, quite possible that Lhankor Mhy PCs have less discipline when it comes to forming memory palaces for sage sorcery. Maybe Free INT will end up being higher for actual wizards? (and therefor
  9. Oh nice, I had glossed over some of those conditions in the rulebook, but you can do some interesting (i.e. munchkiny) things with them! Thanks!
  10. I'm confused about this... Multispell is a Rune Spell so you can't put it in a Spirit Matrix Enchantment AFAIK. Also, Multispell doesn't speed up anything (it takes effect at the highest SR of all spells), nor does it prevent you from rolling (you still roll under your Rune to cast Multispell, and I *think* you need to roll POWx5 for each spell? I'm not sure about that). A Spirit Matrix Enchantment likewise doesn't prevent rolling, you still need to roll POWx5 to cast the spell inside. You can't store multiple spells in a matrix without doing multiple matrix enchantments AFAICT.
  11. That's what I thought too. I think it comes from a liberal reading of this text (emphasis mine): If it says "ritual enchantment", then possibly the "conditions on enchantments" (p250) apply. But my understanding (from the first paragraph of that section p250) is that conditions can only restrict, not expand the requirements. So I'd say inscribed spells are only for the sorcerer and not anybody else. Plus, we already had a thread before about this, and that for instance opens up a can of worms about which spell skill percentage to use when you cast the spell... (I had my own ideas about
  12. Also: Lyserian Goodpseech, mayor of Jonstown (Sartar Companion) Eliardo the Plasterer, mayor of Alone pre-1625 (Dragon Pass Gazeteer) Harsandra the Quick, Alone's "interim mayor" post-1625 after the previous mayor fled the city (Pegasus Plateau) Tarnak, mayor of Weis, a small villlage in Prax (Borderlands) Hauberk Jon, first mayor of Jonstown a long time ago
  13. Firefox blocks Facebook ad trackers by default (which is good). The OP linked to the Facebook image directly (instead of copying it and uploading it on BRP), so Firefox sees that the page is trying to load a resource from Facebook and assumes it's some kind of tracker or ad-related thing... so blocks it. No pretty picture for you. You can see that this happened if you can see the "Facebook Container" icon on the left of your URL bar (unless you customized the Firefox UI). It will show an exclamation mark when it blocks stuff: You can temporarily disable the blocking by clicking
  14. lordabdul


    No so much wrong as quoting from and outdated source, i.e. the HW Dragon Pass Gazeteer (p20): This stretch of forest has been dead for 550 years. When Lord One Ex died and was refused burial, his dragon-self spoke, and the life essences of all the trees sacrificed themselves to allow his passage. His body, miles away, peeled away from the supernatural fires and he went on to transcendent successes. The woods have never re- covered from that mystical burn; this is a lifeless forest of molder- ing, blackened trees. We've had a few exchanges of ideas with Shannon over on Fac
  15. Some magic systems in GURPS work like that (like, say, the "magic as super/psychic powers" flavour), while others don't (like, say, the "schools of magic" flavour where spells are skills). Depends on the flavour, basically. Frankly, the OP could ignore the spell lists in RQG and re-create everything from first principles: Roll your Rune ability and if successful, describe something appropriate for your deity and roll for damage or narrate the outcome or whatever. Put some cap on it if needed. Go and capture spirits (or ask a shaman or Rune Lord mentor to do it) and come up wit
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