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  1. You mean that our recording of Pelorian Rhapsody's introduction for Episode 4 of Wind Words doesn't qualify as "professionally recorded"? I'm HURT
  2. There's always a Rune-Level person at a CA temple so that should be irrelevant. However, I think it might have been a one-use spell back in RQ2/3 , and therefore much more expensive to purchase from the temple?
  3. I'm sure that at least one of my players would raise a finger and say "technically...", pointing out that the table is really just a handout for the real mechanic, which is "50 + (Active - Passive)*5". So for example POW 10 vs POW 22 would be -10% (which shows up as "-" in the table), but which you could potentially augment to +10% or +20% if you're lucky!
  4. What did the Resurrection rules look like in RQ3? It seems fairly doable to drag the body out of danger and get to a Chalana Arroy temple within the next few days... if it was a lot harder to get resurrected in RQ3, that would explain the need for a hero-point house rule. Of course, getting resurrected still adds a whole (dramatic/narrative!) hurdle, as opposed to just hand-wave something quickly and carry on, which might be the main goal here, instead of "not dying". Did you look into solving your problem without introducing a new currency? (since that indeed creates the problem that you need to "phase it out"). For example, getting a re-roll or avoiding death by sacrificing 1 POW, or spending all your unspent RPs, or something like that?
  5. Oooh interesting, now I may have to look into this Kitori business since they might walk by (or near) my Bachad tribe home-base... I'm wondering how these troll caravans travel through Sartar by the way? I assume they need extremely diplomatic Argan-Argrar priests in the front, take detours to avoid Sun Domes and Heortling clans that are notoriously anti-Darkness, and whenever possible travel under mountain ranges where existing troll tunnel networks are navigable?
  6. Btw I just caught up with @Crel's campaign log and saw that the NPC's Sever Spirit was cancelled by the house rule to use "hero points" to avoid dying.
  7. Haha yes I've thought the same thing many times I'm not. FWIW that was my initial reading of the rules. When the whole debate started around it and people argued otherwise, I shrugged and figured oh I must have been mistaken. I think I might be immune to a couple of the weird things in the rules because RQG was the first RQ ruleset I was exposed to, so I have no precedent or bias with any of this. I do agree however that the rules aren't clear and Chaosium didn't handle it very well to clear this up. Spending 14 RPs that are going to be held up during an entire season (no replenishing) is a weird thing to do, but sure, why not. IMG, a bunch of evil spirits (disease spirits, etc.) would look at that character and think: "oooh, look at this nice little safe bubble... if I can get in there, I'm going to have a fun time! Maybe I'll call my friends to help". Any clever-enough NPC might also change their tactic to, say, lure the PC in a cave and create a landslide to trap him there, or some other way to disable the character without direct harm... I might even go the other way, let the PC have fun with it for the season: they just go through any encounter in this season with absolutely zero problem... and that attracts a lot of attention. Maybe their chieftains and priests are super happy with them and that creates jealousy... Maybe all these successes create shifts in the nearby monster population -- maybe the local Uz call for reinforcements, or they leave their caves altogether and that creates a vacuum that has a bunch of social and political and even mythical repercussions. Whenever the players come up with something crazy I ask myself how that can be used as an opportunity to take the story in a cool direction, whether it is by pushing back, or following along and ahead. If you're into house rules you could also change how Extension works, and make it a multiplier instead (cost x2 for one hour, cost x3 for one day, etc.). That might make spells way too expensive to extend, but I can't tell exactly which aspect of "Shield 10 for a season with 60 defensive MPs" is problematic for you. I personally like that you need to sacrifice some Sword Trance MPs to allocate to defensive boosting. That limits a bit the insane levels you can get to.
  8. The Shakers actually broke off from the prior Quakers group... that's why I'd rather call the Maran Gorites "rumblers" (plus, it gives them a "wrestling / lucha libre" vibe! Imagine playing with a fancy mask!)
  9. Storm Bull: "berserkers". Maran Gor: "rumblers". Babeester Gor: "shredders"
  10. Oh I had never noticed this, thanks! (p281, not 181, for anyone who wasn't aware either)
  11. Oh wow I didn't expect the French edition to do any changes to the rules... I was already surprised to see an additional adventure in the preview PDF, when I thought these (along with any "original content") would go in separate books. My first reaction was to go check the occupation skill bonuses for the Hunter in the French version and YES, PEOPLE, WE DID IT (let's take credit for this shall we? ). The Hunter went from 140 points in the English version to 200 points in the French version. I haven't checked what other changes have been made, and frankly I'm not sure what I can share at this point anyway. I'm wondering @PhilHibbs what's your relationship with the French edition? Are you just a multilingual guy who backed the crowdfunding campaign, or are you involved in it in any way?
  12. It's one of those things where I'm really wondering what's going on behind the scenes. For instance, Well of Daliath says, about the Bad Man: What made the designers think that it's "more correct" to add 10%?
  13. Thanks. So back in RQ2, the "end game that's hard to achieve" was getting to Rune Lord level.... is Hero level the new "end game that's hard to achieve" thing in RQG? I wonder if there are cool mechanics tied to the Mastery/Fate/Infinity/etc. Runes.
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