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  1. Awesome! What about those corflu'ed areas and added names like Wolf Hills or Donalf Flat?
  2. Now you're just showing off (but keep doing it! it's awesome!) Nice! Now my framed box covers look lame! (although I do have a spare WB&RM map that I will frame next, once I find a wall to put it on).
  3. There was an informal mention that the website would get an upgrade (from the "problem with the search function" thread, I think), but no actual announcement. And yes, the templates need some love, I'm sure Triff is hard at work on it. Software upgrades are the worst.
  4. ....and also given that paperwork began being filed as early as summer 2019 as far as I can tell from government databases. I think it's a good thing overall: The HeroQuest board game is coming back! Yay! (although I have ambivalent opinions about the new WotC-type cartoonesque artwork, and Hasbro's leadership) Chaosium probably got a big lump of money? Maybe? We will finally see an end to years of subtle distinctions between "heroquest" (lowercase) and "HeroQuest" (capitalized). Now it's just going to be about the activity of going to the God Time! No more ambiguity!
  5. I'd love to see you tackle something based around architecture, from big structures (buildings in Boldhome, the Paps, Glamour, Nochet, whatever) to small ones (Pent huts, Lunar outposts, wahtever).
  6. Physicians will apply real-word (-ish) physics to figure out if the hippogriff can hover or not. Logicians and sorcerers will look at Rune affinities to figure out if the hippogriff can hover or not. Mythologists will look at thematic links in related deities' myths to figure out of the hippogriff can hover or not. Gloranthan scholars will search various books, fanzines, and mailing list archives to figure out if the hippogriff can hover or not. MGFers recognize that all 4 previous people are actually the same, looking for a truth that doesn't exist because it can be made u
  7. I had also interpreted it this way (any level of tie = both damage), but Jason has mentioned in the Q&A thread that the intended reading of the rules was for damage to only occur on a critical success tie. I think I still prefer it with damage dealt on any tie, although I may play around with making it half damage. At least, those 5 consecutive ties in David Scott's example would be a bit more interesting. Are the Wide Plains and Fireground some custom thing you made up, or something from an upcoming book? Is the Fireground a vortice, in which case this hour of travel was the
  8. Ah OK, makes sense. In that case I would probably keep it simple and let them create whatever character they want, but require that they have been part of the Colymar tribe for a certain time (a couple years at least maybe?)... enough to gain a Loyalty passion or something in the same vein. It's also common to use session zero to either come up with how the PCs came to know each other, or for each PC to know at least one other PC (again, as per Nick's idea, you can piggyback off the Family History to find ideas for that). I know several people around here had, indeed, baboons and ducks
  9. You may just be like me : bad at both coming up with challenging NPC stats (I keep under-stat'ing them, regardless of the system), and also bad at actually making them fight effectively
  10. Yep! Session Zero is super important and makes everything easier for a campaign. Yes, as a GM I might set limitations on what players can pick for homelands, cults, and so on. Another way to do it is to put the responsibility on the players: let them choose whatever they want but they eventually need to justify why they're all friends, or part of this clan, or loyal to this patron NPC, or sailors on this one pirate ship, or whatever is the premise of the campaign (or at least first scenario). I think Nick's idea of using the Family History to find times and places to get together is gr
  11. Interesting, I wasn't aware they were going as far back except for rare hardware. I remember as a kid in the late 80s when my computer engineer dad replaced one of the two floppy disk drives on our computer with a hard drive. I ask him "what's that thing marked 'C:/' here, dad?", and he says "ah, that's our new hard drive". "What's a hard drive?", I ask. "It's like a floppy disk, only you can't take it out", he says. With my 10 year old wisdom, I reply: "well, that's obviously completely stupid". That's indeed where I would start for long distance trade between broad nations. I'm a big
  12. I wonder why Chaosium is re-issuing the RQ2 classic resource pack in a collected edition, when they had them as separate booklets since the RQ2 Kickstarter. Is it not practical to do POD with low page counts?
  13. Interesting that someone translated the map title and key (I had previously seen the French version). I love that the shadows give an indication of how high things go. But someone should really go on with the works to rebuild the missing parts of that wall!
  14. I wasn't aware of that post, thanks for the info I might update the RPGGeek database, I don't think they have all those editions listed (I wrote my post quickly only from memory... apologies for making you do the work!)
  15. Yes, as far as the 2nd edition is concerned, I'm aware of: The UK Games Workshop edition (top left) The "fat" and "skinny" boxed sets (top middle), although I think there are other variants of those boxes with different Chaosium logos? Some monochrome standalone softcover books (I think there's one red and one green? Are these the 2 below the 1st edition, top right?) And then some mix of softcovers and hardcovers, with an added mix of the old/new logo (probably the ones on the bottom row?) The Kickstarter reprint hardcover
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