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6E Battlecards

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I've had a look through the other posts and can't see if this has been answered anywhere else, so I thought I'd start a new thread.

Will there be anything like a Battlecards deck, or additional cards made available through the site? Also, is there a blank template for making our own cards? I love the ones that come with the Starter Set, but as I've just started running the GPC for a group of Pendragon newbies (starting with the Uther expansion) I suspect I may need more than the ones the Starter Set has to offer.

Yes, I could make my own, but they won't be anywhere as pretty as the official ones. 🙂

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I made a spreadsheet template that would allow people to make their own customized battlecards for any enemies. You'll see I already went ahead and made a bunch. Feel free to make a copy of the spreadsheet and tailor it to your own needs!

(Link coming soon)

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Just an update here - now that I've started running GPC for a bunch of newbies I decided to make some Battlecards for the first battle (Salisbury, 480, Book of Uther). Am I allowed to upload the pdfs here? I basically randomly generated half a dozen enemies from the Book of Armies to decide who the enemies are, with a couple of battle-specific opportunities (Raise the Standard for after Aurelious dies, Lead the Charge for the following turn if that's successful), and a few more generic opportunities cribbed from the in-game cards.

I'm slowly going to be doing cards for all of the units out of Book of Armies, though it may take a while.

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