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    RPG History? Way too many to list (standing at over fifty 'systems' last time I tried to work it out), but it all started with classic RQII back in the mid-eighties.
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    None at the moment, but working on getting a RQ Classic game up and running in the near future.
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    I'm a lapsed role-player getting the itch to roll the dice once again.

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  1. Thanks for all the replies. As it happens I bought and downloaded the Sartar Campaign Pack last night and that has a couple of examples that seem suitable, especially Old Man Village as jajagappa mentioned. I'm not so sure about Apple Lane - I've not seen a map of the place for a long time (still waiting for the pdf to be made available through the Kickstarter) but I vaguely remember it being more quasi-medieval and less quasi-bronze age, though that could just be down to the way the GM we had at the time presented it. Thanks again for the pointers and information - I'm sure it will all prove useful for my planned Heortling-based game. :-) Edited to add: Is there any news on when The Coming Storm is due to hit the store?
  2. Hi all. I'm in the process of getting ready to run a Glorantha game using RQ Classic rules (so many fond memories), and after browsing through the old HeroQuest books I've decided I'm mostly going to be limiting my players to the Heortling-controlled areas of Sartar as described in Thunder Rebels. While I'm impressed by just how much background information is given in this and the associated books, I'm still having trouble picturing the layout of a 'typical' Heortling Stead. Can anybody point me in the direction of some suitable maps/plans/layouts for a Heortling Stead, or recommend a (currently available) publication that contains such maps? I currently have pdfs of HQ Thunder Rebels, HQ Dragon Pass and HQ Barbarian Adventures and plan on purchasing Storm Tribes and the other two Sartar Rising pdfs when I get paid next week. Thanks in advance.
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