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    RPG History? Way too many to list (standing at over fifty 'systems' last time I tried to work it out), but it all started with classic RQII back in the mid-eighties. These days I'm part of a regular Monday night gaming group, with recent experience including Pendragon, RQ Classic, D&D 5e, 13th Age, Cyberpunk and L5R. I'm going to be running a Paladin grand campaign for the foreseeable future (right up to the all-but-guaranteed TPK), and after that hopefully will be doing something with RQG.
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    Getting ready to start running a Paladin grand campaign (starting Mon, 2 Sept '19) with my local gaming group, and spending as much free time as possible in the current incarnation of Glorantha.
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    Sheffield, UK
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    Gaming veteran with over thirty years under my belt, starting with RQII back in the mid-eighties.

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  1. This is excellent news, especially the POD part. It would make filling out the collection easier and cheaper. 😁 Tease!
  2. I'm pretty much the same myself. Would it be nice to have a big campaign that you can sink the players into for several months a la Pendragon? Sure. It would definitely help give the players a strong taste of what the Hero Wars and Glorantha (esp. Dragon Pass) is about, and would be handy for newcomer GM's to get a feel for running a RQ game, but... As you say, it could also set up a situation where players (and potentially GMs) are trying to outshine the big names of the Hero Wars and steal the thunder (no pun intended). At the same time, I *love* the ambiguity surrounding the stories of Argrath as presented in King of Sartar, and can see myself possibly being a little disappointed by anything that attempts to offer a definitive canonical answer to the question of 'who is Argrath?' There's a part of me that would love to see something like this, but another, larger part that would want it be focused around something less established than Argrath's rise to power and subsequent deification (maybe).
  3. Wait, is there really going to be a Grand Argrath Campaign for RQG similar to the Pendragon one, or is this just rumour and speculation at this time?
  4. Hadn't heard of Noble Knight or Wayne's Books (thank you) but have already bookmarked a few items on the other two for consideration.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It's the collecting aspect I'm working on, mainly due to nostalgia - I had quite a few of the old ToTRM issues back in the '90s, and a few Wyrm's Footnotes (plus Footprints) but they went walkabout after giving them to a friend for safekeeping, along with my original RQ2 collection. I've managed to replace most of the RQ2 stuff so now I'm moving on to the 'zines and thought I'd try and get the full set, as it were.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. As it happens I was able to cobble one together from the rulebook PDF after a bit of messing around with various pdf print drivers. Am I allowed to post it on here or are there copyright issues in doing that?
  7. Howdy Does anyone know if it's possible to get a hold of the RQ 'zines, such as Tales of the Reaching Moon (UK) or Wyrm's Footnotes? I know Footnotes issue 15 is available from Chaosium, but I'm hoping to get legitimate copies of the older issues of both if they're available. Ebay's not being very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. Good for you Bill. In my experience most of the so-called barbarians are way more civilised than those city-dwelling stiffs that like to flaunt their superiority complex. 😁
  9. Thanks for the welcome. 😁 Ah, this is because you never met Tribble. He just wanted to be part of the group and play with the shiny dice. And occasionally knock everything off the table for no apparent reason. 😋
  10. Thanks muchly. Unfortunately it's a pretty low resolution image so may not be suitable for printing. I'll see how it goes.
  11. Maybe one day I'll tell the tale. For now I'll just add that whenever I've run RQ since then there's always been that slight possibility the players would run into a Minotaur Storm Khan by the name of Tribble. 😊
  12. Hiya. Going out on a limb here but I was wondering if anyone has a link to a pdf (fillable for preference but not necessary) for the Paladin character sheet? I've done the usual searches but my google-fu seems to be letting me down at the moment. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Howdy folks! A certain barbarian suggested I should stick my head 'round the door and introduce myself, so here I am. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. Some of what I'm about to tell you is classified under the Official Secrets Act and should not be shared with anyone outside this plane of existence. I've been a role-player for over thirty years now, starting with RQ Classic back in the early-mid eighties (just after Games Workshop got the licence to print a UK edition) and since then I've logged a fair few miles in various gaming systems including D&D (BECMI, AD&D, 3.5 and 5e), Tunnels and Trolls, Dragon Warriors, Marvel Super Heroes, Golden Heroes, Judge Dredd, Paranoia, Traveller (in various guises), almost every shade of World of Darkness, Pendragon, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Star Trek (FASA), RIFTS, GURPS, 13th Age, L5R, Serenity and a number of homegrown systems of varying quality - and that's just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I'm happy as DM or player, though I prefer to DM if I'm being entirely honest. I once ran a game of RQIII for my cat - he played a Minotaur. My playing style (both as DM and player) tends to be character and story first, dice and mechanics second, and I tend to come down hard on rules lawyers and munchkins when they put themselves in my line of sight. Oh, and I'm definitely proud to be a grognard.
  14. I ran Classic in Dragon Pass and Prax, with a brief detour via Ravenloft (don't ask). I've got a seriously strong affection for the original gaming area presented in the RQ Classic rules and supplements, so they usually act as the base of operations for any Gloranthan game I run. That said, if/when I run RQG I'm tempted to move the action somewhere else for a change of pace - maybe Kralorela, for some wyrmish fun.
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