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[Q] History of Wakboth and Kajabor?

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Hi, everyone. I am new to the forum and to Glorantha. One of the things that I like best is the varied (if maddeningly vague and contradictory) mythos. I am interested in using a lot of the cults and deities in my own game, and in particular I am interested in finding out what all is known about Wakboth and Kajabor. I find both of them pretty intriguing theoretically/theologically, but not owning all of the books I have only been able to find very general stuff online.

Does anyone know where these beings come from, why, what and who they are, what happened to them and if they are supposed to be back in some form or another? I have wondered how Yelm would respond to them.

Also, a game question: if Wakboth and Kajabor are destroyed or fractured, what happens if someone worships them; not the Chaos or Darkness gods who may reflect them but directly; as (for example) the Red Empress herself seems to do?

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As far as I understand it, Wakboth is the child of Malia (disease), Thed (rape) and Ragnaglar(one of Orlanths brothers). They became known as the Unholy Trio and after Humakt killed them 'they went to the outermost reaches of the lands of the dead'. Where they did some naughty things, one of which was to create Wakboth the Lord of Chaos.Then there was a lot of fighting, Wakboth destroyed the center of the world! and 'Wakbth and his army dispersed, each pursuing whatever destruction or corruption it wished. In this way the whole world was polluted, and slowly became dead and lifeless.'

I think there's also an encounter with Wakboth and the Lightbringers, of which Yelm is one. So I'd guess that Yelm doesn't like Wakboth very much...

There's also a bit in there about 'the facade of the Red Goddess' and Wakboth being revealed as the God of the Ultimate End, which is quite interesting...

That comes from King of Sartar by Greg Stafford.

I don't see anything in there about Kajabor though, is that a new RQ thing, which is surely a work of Wakboth :)

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Kajabor is in the old books, he is 'the Void' who destroys all matter and spirit of beings he attacks. Supposedly the one who drives people to Wakboth; Kajabor's depiction is to hammer out a gaping ruin in anything. He is often conflated with Wakboth, though himself utterly impersonal.

That comes from King of Sartar by Greg Stafford.

One of my friends has that, actually. I think I'm going to read it.

One of my favorite ways to think about deities is to try and construct a biographical narrative (or one of the many possible), and something that occurs to me is 'was Wakboth ever a child, and if so, what was he like?' or, in the case of Kajabor, who - exactly - decided to find him? Or how did he find the gods?

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Wakboth was always known as "The Devil" and is the one who fought Storm Bull and was trapped beneath the Block in Prax.

Kajabor was the Void, and everything it consumed was destroyed forever.

The Lightbringers supposedly trapped Wakboth in Hell in the Ritual of the Net, but people also say that this was Kakabor and that the defeat turned the Void inside out and created Life.

But that is Gloranthan mysticism for you.

Neither God is now worshipped, for both are dead and trapped/destroyed.

Ogres worship Cacodemon, who is a part of Wakboth, so some of their worship might be directed to Wakboth. Worshipping Kajabor might be a waste of time as it absorbs all worship, in my opinion, or anything sent to him is utterly destroyed.

As to their origins, Wakboth was created by the Unholy Trio (Ragnaglar the Mad God, Thed and Mallia) and Kajabor came in when Glorantha was shattered, he came from the Chaos outside of Glorantha.

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