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Call of Cthulhu meets HBO's Succession

Udy Kumra

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Hey folks! So many of my friends and I are very into the HBO series Succession and I had the crazy idea to create a campaign that basically mashes the show with this game. Essentially, the players would all play adult siblings, the children of an aging and ailing oil baron (who was an abusive father) each competing with one another to become his successor. In a similar way to how the show begins with their father falling sick, I had the idea that the campaign would begin with their father going Indefinitely Insane from extended contact with Mythos entities that he was dealing with in order to strengthen his business against competitors. This being the inciting incident that gets the siblings to get more involved with the Mythos side of the business that involves everyone from cults to governments.

I wanted to ask if you guys had any ideas for how I could run this campaign. I am still relatively new to the Cthulhu Mythos (only been playing CoC a couple of months now, and only read a few works) so I don't know what material I can draw upon and what ideas might be great to use. To be clear, the ultimate antagonist of the campaign should be their father, until the final act where, similar to Season 4 of the show, 


their father passes away and it's just the siblings having the choice to either work together or work against each other in their goals to rule the company.

 (I don't want to spoil Season 4 for anyone, it's one of the greatest seasons of television ever produced.)

Also, what published scenarios might work for this? Obviously this would be structured very differently from many other CoC games, more focus on conflict and drama between the players than the players working together to solve problems—but one of the hallmarks of Succession is that rather than most episodes taking place in an office or at home, they take place in exotic locations at big events, from political conferences to weddings to vacation homes and more. So my idea was to hack scenarios like Dead Light to suit this kind of campaign.

If you have ideas, let me know!

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I recently read Al-Azif Unearthed from Miskatonic Repository, where the investigators are sent to verify and acquire an ancient scroll that's potentially a source text for the original Al-Azif* - in the scenario as written, they're academics, or at least their employer is - but it could easily be a family project as well.

* It appears to the be the first in a series about the Necronomicon's origins, but only the first part has been published yet.

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My first thought are the siblings the investigators or mastermind perpetrators of a large Mythos plot that needs to be thwarted. I have heard of the show but not watched it, I will see if I can check it out for some ideas and thoughts.

The Al-Azif adventure is a fun one with good Roll20 props.

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