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  1. I haven't seen anything of it, but the reviews and ratings on the drivethru page are pretty glowing.
  2. This is related to something I was about to say, which is that a modern day Masks-level campaign should devote its effort to using modern tools and circumstancs rather than negating them. Travel is an obvious one - it's comparatively easy to globetrot these days, which means it's much easier to make a globetrotting campaign urgently time sensitive - so do that. On the other hand, it's harder to travel covertly, which means Investigators can't so easily skip out on one location to avoid their pursuers. Communications likewise - rather than contort the plot to disable cellphone (or at lea
  3. It'll be a few days before I can get it, but I will be getting it.
  4. You could always interpret it as "Two elder signs? You're gonna need them now."
  5. I'd certainly be wary of using my laptop if the Colour out of Space started showing up in the font colour palette.
  6. This is a great idea. Make it contemporary to when Ramsey Campbell wrote most of his mythos fiction.
  7. How does Arkham now compare to other modern products? I wouldn't expect Lovecraft's core setting vs a modern extrapolation of it to be very telling when it came to Twenties vs modern in general.
  8. Nobody said anything about wanting an 8th Edition. Keeper's Companion Volume 1. It included artefacts too. And yes, a book devoted to such things would be great. Expanded summaries of contents, and covering some books that just have table entries in the core. The Keeper's Companion also featured places, on Earth and off, which would be a great subject to revisit.
  9. I agree. I'm not really all that fussed about a special edition for the 40th Anniversary. The 50th would be great, especially since Chaosium will probably be thinking about an 8th edition by then. But for now we've got excellent new and updated content coming out, and I'd rather have that.
  10. What's the difference between this version and the earlier 7th Ed one?
  11. Pulp Cthulhu itself has rules for psychic powers and pulp science invention. It's not the same as a witch or vampire, but you could make an Investigator in the theme of the Shadow or Doc Savage.
  12. I'm making my way though this book now, inamidst other calls on my time. I've just finished chapter six, and I wanted to call out one thing in particular that I appreciate: My other observation is that I tend towards "Cthulhu Mythos is the only Mythos" in CoC - human mythology will be a human invention with only a peripheral relationship with anything true. So if I ran this as CoC, I would be taking the options to put a Mythos truth behind Shambhala and Agartha (possibly Zhar-Lloigor) - and also for other mythological beings that appear like pishacas or dakinis. But the other option
  13. There's an Arkham country scenario where a baby deep one has been captured and is being exhibited in a freak show. Some adult deep ones are trying to recover it, but are hampered by not wanting to expose themselves, or attract the attention that slaughtering the entire carnival would bring (I think the scenario is called the Carnival, but I'm not sure). They're willing to work with Investigators if it gets them the baby back without too much fuss. The scenario is written with the assumption getting the baby away from the carival and giving it to the deep ones is the morally correct choice.
  14. INT based skills would average +13%, which is a possible push to be a thinker rather than a bruiser. Something I'm doing in my current 7th Edition games is have the player choose whichever characteristic best encapsulates the Investigator's nature - essentially, whichever would be the key one in a Pulp Cthulhu game - and then making the personal interest points INT+that rather than INT x2.
  15. Prior to 7th Edition, I had a version where I used 2D6+6 for all characteristics, then grouped skills by characteristic, with a modifier of (characteristc -13)*2, for a range of +/-10%.
  16. This is great! (And a hound/baboon look makes me think you frame the "demons" as a lesser version of Nyarlathotep's Black or Dark Demon forms).
  17. Double Post. Although while I'm here, if Tail of Cthulhu is on the table, it has a setting called Cthulhu City, which is on the surface a twisted alternate history of Arkham where the Mythos rules - beneath the surface, it's who knows what?
  18. Chaosium put out a sceneario set in WWI called No Man's Land, while Pelgrane put out a series of Trail of Cthulhu scenarios collected into a set called Dulce et Decorum Est. Between them, they create a possible WWI setting (the Pelgrane scenarios aren't linked to the Chaosium one, but the Mythos forces used in both are thematically compatible).
  19. The description of Lore makes it out to be for the esoteric, so I created a category skill called Field, which is for humanities subjects like theology (technically History, Law and Occult could be considered to fall under it, but they come up often enough to use them separately, especially History). It has a base of 5% rather than 1%. I also have an Administration skill for managing or navigating a bureaucracy. Some of that comes under Accounting, but it needn't involve money. One I've removed is Own Language - I just use a Know Roll for if ever I have to roll that.
  20. Not a huge amount, but quite well used. Sparse for a full campaign, but easily enough for a couple more scenarios than the Soldier's itself. It is very focussed on the war and on Madrid.
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