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Are the Pendragon Starter Set tournament melee lances "Lance, Jousting" or "Lance"?

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In the Adventure of the Sword Tournament, it is specified that the tournament uses rebated weapons, dealing half damage. The starter character folios all list 6D6 for the damage, the same as a Charger (normal) in Table 8.1: Combat Horses. That seems straight-forward.

But in Table 7.1: Melee & Brawling Weapons there are two lance weapons listed, just "Lance" and "Lance, Jousting", the latter specifically mentions rebated damage. Should the tournament lances for the initial tournament melee be assumed to be jousting lances, and therefore also subject to the "breaks on a successful odd-numbered Skill roll" or are these the usual strength lances that have been rebated by modification for the tournament?

Can ordinary lances be made safe enough for tournaments, or should these always imply a jousting lance?

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Here is what I do:
Lance: sharp tip, stout shaft (breaks on an odd successful skill roll)
Early Jousting Lance (BK, Conquest): blunt tip (rebated damage), stout shaft (as above)
Late Jousting Lance (Romance onwards): blunt tip (rebated damage), weakened shaft (breaks on any hit)

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