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  1. Poor guy. Best romance ever ^^ The tournament was well done, and I love how you managed to portray Aggravain as a vilain. Did you players enjoy their journey into the wastelands, or did it was a missed opportunity? Funny. When I played the Grey Knight, I used the same trick (the intel given by the paramour of a PK)
  2. I don't think an archery tournament is a good idea for knights in KAP. However, if you want rules. 1) 3 unopposed rolls in bow (^^). A success, 1 point, a crit 3 points, a failure 0, and a fumble -1 (did you hit someone?). You must have 3 points at least to go to the finale. 2) Final. 3 opposed rolls against all finalists (as chosen by the GM). If equality occurs, go for an extra round.
  3. No. Not during Uther's reign. Nobles are not commoners. You don't sell your lands. During the Anarchy, everything is possible, but usually, it's cheaper to take the land by force. During the last years of the reign of Arthur (Tournament Era, I believe), it's rare but possible. In the third edition, the cost of a simple manor (ie 10 £ in the modern rules) was 50 £, if I remember correctly.
  4. She lied to her king, murdered a lady, showed no remorse... If I were Arthur, I will have put her in a trial, with a possible beheading at the end. By the way, it was a big insult to give nothing to the king. Otherwise, nice little tale. How do you manage to play the 3 little solos with your party?
  5. I am not sure there is an honor loss. After all, you only loss 1 honor point if you killed the man in the field. From my understanding, it was a way to neutralize a man without any execution, waiting he dies on his own "naturally". Vengeful, sure! Cruel, maybe, but honor loss? I don't know.
  6. And Arthur felt in love with his fair daugther... Do Ysabel have a passion (love) for Arthur? Will Arthur have the guts to tell her she was just a one night stand? How will she react? ^^
  7. You forgot the obvious "I do not ask for any ransom, so I can keep you forever in some jail, because I hate your family!". Another great hook for a missing brother 😉 I do not play enough with ransoms in my game. Ransoms could take years to be collected.
  8. It's Osenain Coeur Hardi in french 😉 He became a minor recurring character in my campaign ^^
  9. Nice year. It's not you, but I am not a big fan of "The Brown Knight of the Wilds". He was created by Greg Stafford, and does not fit well, IMHO, in the GPC. I don't know what purpose he serves. Do someone have an explanation?
  10. Thanks for quoting my opinion about it ;) You do not cap combat skills with horsemanship when your game is about knights. It's an abomination. ^^
  11. Did your players enjoy this session ? They were for a major part only witnesses after all... What a cliffhanger ! I love how Pellinore looks badass in your campaign. It's a good idea to make him a special NPC in the GPC.
  12. Great Idea! It would be difficult to implement in my campaign now, of course... @ Genser: the RAW are already very lethal, especially if you are stingy with glory and the use of passions (As you should^^). The norman chainmail is only ten. So against 3 saxons with 5d6 damage, no PK is feeling at ease, trust me (And Morien, of course ^). Maybe you should first test the rules as written, before making any change.
  13. I was also thinking about Banin in the Vulgate. This guy was crazy ! I don't remenber the subtility of the oath, however. I love that part of the Vulgate with Claudas, Pharien, and the crazy one (aka Banin).
  14. Like Morien said. Never forget the new count will probably ask counsel to his vassals. Maybe Robert is inclined to follow Arthur, but maybe he could be convinced otherwise. It's great drama ! Force your characters to choose beetween their liege and their family. Clash of passions! It's the heart of KAP ^^ Your players are free, remember. Yes, it could be a bit dishonorable to go against his lord (even if I should mitigate the losses by half because they have good reasons). According to the legends, there is one honorable way to do it. You give back your lands to your lord
  15. Yeah, it makes little sense, and I did not follow the GPC on that either. For the record, the involvement of Tristan with Arthur's court is much older than the Prose Tristan. It's a shared universe even in the time of Béroul or Thomas. In Beroul's work, Yseult swears an oath in front of the king Arthur to "prove" she is faithful to her husband for example. It's the infamous ambiguous oath. https://www.timelessmyths.com/arthurian/tristan.html#Oath Tristan (and Yseut) could both die in the 540' without altering the GPC. Maybe 544 (in his 33th year ^^) or 545.
  16. What happened? Disorganised unit? Sounds nasty anyway... I don't remember if it is the same guy or a new one ^^ I have no idea where you are going with the 13 treasures of Britain, but it's intriguing... The 5 godesses were under the shape of a lady, or of an horse?
  17. Lou Carcolh, or the Carcolh, is a mythical beast from French folklore. It's described as a large, slimy, snail-like serpent with hairy tentacles and a large shell. It is said to live in a cavern beneath Hastingues, a town in the Les Landes region in southwestern France. The carcolh's slime could sometimes be seen long before the creature itself arrived. Nobody dared to approach the creature, as unwary persons would be grabbed by its tentacles, dragged into its cave and devoured whole. So, it’s a giant serpent with the shell of a snail and a few tentacles. What’s not to like ? Ta
  18. Yeah, it's very tricky. If you lack time, I would say: Read Malory, especially the Grail Quest, and the few adventures in the GPC. In Tales of Magic & Miracles, there is one or two christian adventures you can throw to your players. I would say "be unfair". A little mistake, and bam, you're out of the quest. You are unworthy. The Grail Quest should be very frustrating. Kill their horses, their friends, their foes, etc. until the players want to quit the quest. If your devout knight want to continue, even alone, fine. Maybe, after a few another moral tests, he will see the Grail
  19. It is said that the castle is built on the same site as the old lair of Tarasque. It is a magnificent castle and I envy you for having been able to visit it ... *** Magical horses in french folklore We can distinguish the Blanque Jument(white mare) in the north, Cheval Mallet (Mallet Horse) in the west, and the drapé in the south of France. A link (in french) about the Blanque Jument: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevaux_légendaires_du_Pas-de-Calais A link (in english) about the Drapé: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drapé_(legend) Basically, the Blanque Jumen
  20. I like your 510 adventure, especially the tournament. Did your players feel railroaded, or did they enjoy seeing a page of history? Looking forward for the battle of Carlion... Why did your players pledge their loyalty immediately? Was it the "Arthur effect"?
  21. If KAP is lacking about something, it's about the Grail Quest. We are in need of good material. I don't now exactly how I will play the Grail Quest. I don't like Galaad either (very bland), and Perceval is my favorite character, especially in the unacheved Conte du Graal. So I intend to keep the arrival of Galaad, the sword in the stone, the Perilous Seat, the grail feast, the oaths, etc. And... The first dead quester they will found will be ... Galaad ^^ I think it's a great way to tell your players there is no destiny, and it's deadly serious. Go Away if you are not up to the
  22. Alas, I wrote it a few years ago with a pencil ^^. The Cat of Lausanne is basically a retelling of the Cat of Paulag from the welsh tale, about a devilish monstruous giant cat eating people, except it's Arthur who slayed the beast during his campaign of Rome. The fun fact is there is no local tale in Lausanne (in modern Switzerland) about this Cat. But, in the Lake of Bourget, west of Lausanne (in modern France), there is a local legend about a devilish Cat. Its Lair was the Dent du Chat (Cat's tooth), a mount close to the lake. Basically, during the passage of the Alps, the players
  23. In my campaign, I created a few monsters from French folklore for KAP. These are typically the kind of monsters you can slip in when the PKs venture to France for a change of scenery. First, an iconic monster, the Tarasque of Tarasquon. The wikipedia link in English is rather well done to learn more about this folk dragon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarasque The Tarasque Tai 50 Dex 10 For 50 Con 35, Speed 6, Dmg 10d6, Healing Special (1d6 HP/rd), Armor 25, HP 85, Valorous -15, glory to defeat 500 Bite 15 and scorpion’s tail 15 (+ poison, Potency 20, If Con roll fa
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