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GPC with 6e Battle Rules?

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So just as I started a group on the GPC after having it unplayed for years, I get a copy of the Starter Set in the mail! The battle system seems to have changed a bit. Is there a simple guide for converting the expectations of the battles in the GPC (at least the first one) into the new 6e system? 

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Nothing published, so you are going to have to make it up. I don't think it is too hard though as the basic structure of battles hasn't changed but you will need to come up with a "Morale Loss" for each opponent and you will need to prepare more "Opportunities" as they come up more frequently with the new rules.

For Morale Loss, judging from the existing cards it looks like a rule of thumb is:
commanders/elites: -3d6
knights: -2d6
foot: -1d6 +a bit
missile/skirmish: -1d6

As for Opportunities, just use the examples in the Starter Set to inspire you and have several available. I don't know what other rules you have available to you. The 5e Core book has a table of "Special Events" and the Book of Battles has a table of "Opportunities" which are all less special than the Starter Set Opportunities, but I imagine you could use them too.

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I'm in pretty much the same place - I ran the starter set for a group and they are very up for more Pendragon but I can't wait until the new rules get published whatever year that might be, so I'm trying to start a GPC run using a hybrid of the starter set and 5.2.

On the subject of the battle rules I'd been thinking a lot about Intensity.  My reading of what is in the starter set suggests that Intensity really measures how likely it is that the PKs can shape the outcome of the battle in any significant way.  The rolls against Intensity are all about whether the PKs get to pick an encounter, get a chance for an opportunity, or get locked into a pre-determined event.  Because of this I'm thinking that Intensity here is less about the size of the battle and more about how established the events and outcomes of the battle are in the lore.  The battles in the starter set are very well established and so tend to have high intensity scores, but as we start our own campaigns I would think less well-known battles or ones we create specifically about our PKs would have a much lower intensity score and so would be much more open to opportunities or choices by the PKs.

In terms of some stock encounters for future battles, the stats from the starter set encounters look like a nice assortment of potential enemies.  It wouldn't be that hard to just use the numbers and change a few details to get a good set of Saxon warriors or something by using the stuff from the 5.2 core book as inspiration.  I think this is going to be fun.

Just some thoughts that might help.

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My two denarii...

The 6e Intensity is, by RAW, how likely are the players to get a choice what enemies their PKs are fighting against. Whether they manage to do something with it is a matter of luck. It has much less to do with the general railroad of the scripted battles, since those battles seldom say anything what is happening to the PKs. The one where I think Intensity should be pretty high is the Battle of Eburacum, since it is an ambush where the PKs have to fight their out of. Less of a chance to fancy maneuvering, just hack and path and hope for the best.

Mind you, I am also of the opinion that the Battle system would be more fun, if it were Intensity vs. Unit Leader's Battle, rather than just Intensity unopposed. Which would require higher Intensities for the same effect: Since unit leaders should have Battle 15+, Intensity 15 is about 50/50, where as unopposed Intensity 10 is 50/50.

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